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Maggie PK

About Me [Citation Needed]

I intentionally act androgynous here on the internet because I enjoy subverting gender roles. People often can't tell if I'm a guy or a girl, and I intend to keep it that way. To me, that's how it should be for everyone. Gender shouldn't be an identity. That's why I often refer to myself as both a guy or a girl at any time, don't pay to much heed to it, I'm just screwing with people's brains

I will say I was born on March 2nd, 1995, and I've been writing for a long time. I'm an artist and writer by trade and I plan to be doing it till the day I die. I enjoy all genres from a myriad of styles and eras. I myself have written in Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance, Pulp etc. My time here and the work I share with you guys' occupies only a small portion of my collective body of works.

I enjoy helping others with their work (mostly because I know the difficulty in getting help with writing) and if you are stuck in your story or aren't sure how something should go, I encourage you to come to me, I have extensive experience in fiction and grammar mechanics so I could probably help you on whatever it is you need. I can't say no to a friend in need.

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Rebranding! · 3:22pm Mar 11th, 2014

So I've decided to change not only my username, but the name of my one and only fic, Magical Amicus. To one that fits the parody style, Pinkie and Sparkle with Gummy, or PSG.

I've also changed my name, from Sketch Storm, to Magnanimous PK so that all across the board, you've got the same name...except DeviantART, because they're a bitch...

You can find me on:

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My DeviantART gallery

Kill la Kill and Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt...between the two of them you might get a whole outfit...

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There are loads of us around here, many of my watchers are PSG fans as well, it seems I'm becoming a Mecca for fans to come together.
If you're interested, my only story here so far is an adaptation of Panty and Stocking that captures the essence of the show and distilles it into the MLP universe, you can read it here

Yay! Another Panty and Stocking fan!

The two artists featured on my page (well the stuff that isn't my work) is
TheArtrix, who as far as I know, only has a deviantART
And Kleekay423, who has both a deviantART and Tumblr
These two are my favorite crossover artists, Kleekay423's in particular is a perfect mix of the two artstyles, this one in particular is an awesome mix of MLP characters and moments from PSG

Where did you get so much MLP and PSG crossover art?

Hehehe, remember, Brief spends most of his time being shut down by Panty and getting the snot beat out of him, who from the MLP universe do you think most people want that to be?

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