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New contest rules, to take effect during the next contest! Do not submit stories with more than 200 likes, as it's unfair to the other people who just want to get their story out there. Also, if it has more dislikes than likes, don't even bother. If you really want to submit a story with more dislikes than likes, PM me why. E.g Your story has been disliked by a troll or someone who dislikes you, you've re-written it, etc.

Do you like stories with unique plots? Something uncommon, something that you don't see very often? Than this is the group for you! Add stories, read stories, and even vote for the best stories here!


Here's how it works. There are 5 folders- Main, Unique Stories, Contest Submissions, Contest Winners, and Top Favourites.

Main- Post whatever you want in here, as long as you wrote it yourself. It doesn't even need to be unique, as long as you wrote it. A place to get your story read by other people.

Unique Stories- Post stories you find or write in here if they have a strange or different storyline. Don't post a shipfic about RD falling in love with Twilight, post a shipfic about RD getting cloned then competing with her clone over Twilight's love by fighting to the death with laser guns because there can only be one.

Contest Submission- Whenever there's an active contest, post stories you wrote or found that fit the contest requirements in here. They will be judged and a winner will be chosen. IMPORTANT- Stories with more than four chapters will only have the first two chapters read and judged.

Contest Winners- The winners of contests go in here. Only the admin can post in here.

Top Favourites- The top favourite unique stories of the admin and contributors go in here.

Happy reading!

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299417 ah thank you sir it is appreciated


See the button near the top that says forum? Click it. It's basically a place where people post things, and then others read them and post more things.

299370 forum? i need to learn what these word mean.:rainbowderp:


I'll post when there's a new contest in the forum.

wait how we know when there is a contest

1 day left to submit stories into the contest submissions folder.


Anyway, permission to make a discussion thread?

I love unique writing of any kind :pinkiehappy: :heart:

296475 Dashieshy3597, at your service!


You think you got it bad, well...

Let's just say Cluelessbrony isn't just my username.


Hey, self-promotion is my middle name.

My parents had really strange tastes in child-naming.

I bet twenty bits that I could guess who added 'Number Three Assistant' :rainbowlaugh:

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