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A poem i wrote

The Pain of Father and Sons

At first the father is happy. He holds his new born son; feeling nothing but joy. He watches him grow and learn how to walk, run, and talk. Then another son is expected. He goes through the same joyous time till his new son is five. Then trouble with the mother arises; they only get worse. The family is split. The Father is separated from his sons by their mother. The father hurts; only able to see his sons on certain days. It’s not nearly enough. His two boys miss their father and wish only to get the family back together, but as they mature they know this will never come to pass. Then the sons are taken farther away from their father; now they see him even less, only a few times a year. When they do come to see their father; a countdown is set in motion by their father. When will I lose them again? When time is up the father tries to hold back tears, sometime he is unsuccessful. When they do leave he is left in a slump; taking his frustration and pain out on others. He can only try to remember the good times he had while they were with him until next time. He calls his son when he wants to their voices. His sons do the same. The youngest son is almost grown and his brother is now in college. The father missed out on most of their childhood this fact alone is sometimes enough to bring a tear to the graying man’s eye, and as his son I can say it’s bring tears to mine as I write this.

why not lol

slender man trying to get in my house
Slendy: dude let me in"
Me: "no"
S: "why not its cold and raining"
me: " you got a suit to keep you warm"
S: " but i'm lonely"
Me " and you scary"
S: "I'm a nice guy"
Me: " you don't have a face,and i'm not really sure how you're talking."
S: " I was born like this"(sobs and runs off)
Rake at the door. " can i come i have a face and i don't have anything keeping me warm"
Me: "sure" (opens door have hot coco and watch red vs blue send house guest on his way after giving him a jacket) it was a good night

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I'm alive but here thing guys I was only writing because I was going through a depression, It was a coping mechanism I suppose. Haven't even watched the show sense the movie.
1425802 Hey man thanks for asking about me didn't know people even kept up with me. Thanks for being a Bro.

You okay man? It's been almost a year since you last got on.

426392 yeah my brother Is graduating soon too I barely get to see him , but when he's free we hang. :pinkiehappy: I hope you do well in your studies sir.

Oh no, it's just taking forever because of my school work; trust me, there are few things more time consuming than senior year in college! :derpytongue2:

414950 ok thought that story got abandoned like a sac a kittens. your welcome

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Alrighty I'm going to be back one day. · 6:54am Sep 29th, 2015

Ok wow, I've not been on this cite sense sophomore year... And now I am in college. Quite a long time. I have been rereading my own stories and fixing them and I am hoping to get back too adding chapters soon. College is a little more laid back so after i finish my one needed English coarse i will have plenty of time for personal writing. I hope the new chapters will fit together with what I have right now. Well glad to be back, should probably catch up on the show as well any highlights I

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