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Wubba dub

Well this is a interesting chapter in my life, reading and writing about ponies. it pretty funny when you think about it.

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Yes... ok i will write a new novel maybe a series of
pause for dramatic affect:rainbowkiss:

Project 114

One. I recognize a lot of that from Wikipedia. That's not too bad, though - you had a few factual devations that meant that you came up with it to some degree. Pure dubstep as it is began with, I believe, singles from Horsepower Productions, but there are tons of early-dubstep B-sides. Dubstep became popular through various dance clubs (and I believe Forward>> is a club itself, not an event), but hit huge popularity with Benga/Coki's single 'Night' and Skream's track 'Midnight Request Line'. Personally, I prefer mid-dubstep stylings like those of Rusko and Hatcha, bu I'm not impartial to more modern, dancey 'dubstep'. I also love the dubstep grandfathers, 2-step and dub, and started listening to grime in '89 when I was 10.
And, yes, dubstep and all other chill musical genres keep me happy, as they're a means of stress release. (I'm licensed insane. :pinkiesmile:)

228690>> In 1970's or was it the 80'se earliest dubstep releases date back to 1998, and were usually featured as B-sides of 2-step garage single releases. These tracks were darker, more experimental remixes with less emphasis on vocals, and attempted to incorporate elements of breakbeat and drum and bass into 2-step. In 2001, this and other strains of dark garage music began to be showcased and promoted at London's night club Plastic People, at the "Forward" night , which went on to be considerably influential to the development of dubstep. The term "dubstep" in reference to a genre of music began to be used by around 2002 by labels such as Big Apple, Ammunition, and Tempa, by which time stylistic trends used in creating these remixes started to become more noticeable and distinct from 2-step and grime.:twistnerd:
Anyway you don't need dubstep to be happy

Emerald Flight's Official Dubstep-Inspired-Username Quiz!
1. When was dubstep invented?
2. Who was the first group on record who produced true dubstep sound?
3. How are the drums placed in dubstep?
4. Name 4 other UK electronica genres.

I LIKE THIS NEW UPDATE ON THE SITE ALOT EASIER TO USE.:pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2::trollestia::yay:

:twilightsmile:With kindness.

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