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Welcome to Struggling Authors. Here, if you feel as though your stories are not being recognized for all that they are, if you want to receive constructive criticism and input, if you are an editor and proofreader and are looking for things to preview, or if you just want to hang around and read some pretty great stuff, then join us here at Struggling Authors. Everyone and everything is welcome here.

Regarding the forum and posting threads, tread softly on that. I'm fine with threads but take it easy on posting new threads so that the forum doesn't flood. I'll monitor the forum and delete threads that aren't getting any attention. Other than that, I don't have any problems.

I hope you enjoy the stay.
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Set after Wonderbolts Academy but before Magical Mystery Cure. Rainbow Dash still remembers the Mare Do Well incident that taught her an important lesson: Real heroes don't brag. However, her sense of loyalty compels her to be the hero for ponies in need again, and with a trip to Cloudsdale just around the corner for her, Rainbow sees an opportunity for a fresh start in heroics as the very symbol of heroism who had taught her grace and humility. She couldn't have picked a better time, however, as a new enemy arrives in Cloudsdale that will pose a threat bigger then she could have imagined!

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Hello everyone.

I am new here. I've been writing for awhile, but i'm still perfecting my craft. I recently released a sample of my "Work in progress" novel idea. It hasn't been up for too long and i got a comment from another writer. I was wondering if i could have people look it over and tell me what they think via comments in the comments section.

Hello everyone,
New member here, looking to spread his first story around and get some constructive feedback. Feel free to take a look at it: Digimon: A New Legacy of DigiDestined. I'd love to hear your opinions on it, how I'm doing and what I could be doing better.

Thank you,

Hi! I'm a bit new here and I know when I saw the words 'Struggling Authors' I belong here.

I published a story, just a few weeks ago. And now it has eleven chapters and about 60k words. Yet there's only 12 comments, 9 likes, and 8 dislike. None of the comments actually criticize anything.

Did I do something wrong? Can anypony please tell me if I do something wrong?
I am known to be quite stupid and overlook small details so don't worry, I'm not gonna be offended if it is in fact just me being stupid.

PS: Here's the link if anyone's interested: A Perfect World I Almost Ruined

Hi everypony, I am (guess what) new here. I am attempting to write a story, but am in need of a co-author, but I don't know where to start. I already have a good start, I feel, but I want a partner I can trust to help me along. (Extended version of this will appear in the forum).

hi i'm new to this site and I was hoping for some feed back on my first story. More over on the fight scene during the second chapter. also I'm currently looking for an editor as well so if anybody's interested

I'n new here, I joined this group because I want to hear some feedback opinions about my first fanfic:

Curious... Found that a firmer grasp of English get a worst rating of your story. My second story is a down vote galore, when I really worked hard on it.😥 (also I remember a time were Fluttershy helped Spike because she had 'nothing better to do' sorry, that sounds like the author needed plot going without coming out with a valid reason... = bad story (on that point stopped reading it). Featured both stories here, or you can read them by visiting my profile, I really need some comments ... (Go figure, the highest rated is my personal worse.)

Hi there, new author here XD just wanted to say hi to everyone

1. Yay! I'm the 2,900 member! :derpyderp2: Does that get me anything?

2. Howdy sorry about #1 there but I felt it fun to say. Anywho nice to meet you all.

Can somebody tell me how to add a story to this group? I just finished mine and would like to do just that. like please.

Can somebody tell me how to add a story to this group? I just finished mine and would like to do just that.

Hi. I joined this group because i want some feedback and a suggestion on how to write a story. Yesterday I started to make my own MLP fiction but i don't know is it worth publishing it or not and i am afraid of people spitting hateful comment 2 seconds after i publish it. I just want some feedback and a suggestion so that i don't suck in the future. Here is the story. It's a first chapter:

Thanks in advance. Bye. :)

Hello, I'm a new writer to this site and was just looking for some constructive review for my first story I've posted. It's call Lady of Blood and Justice. I only posted it up a day or two ago, but I can already tell it's not going to be a story many will read at first glance. So to reinstate all I want is some constructive reviews on my story, if anyone here would like to do this for me then it would be greatly appreciated. :twilightsmile:

P.S: Forgot to say but I'm just writing this story for the fun of it, can't believe I almost forgot to say that. :rainbowlaugh:

Just wanted to say 'Hi', introduce myself and tell you my story.

I'm Penalt and I'm 50 with 3 kids just getting into their teenage years. Long ago, as a young boy, I promised myself that when I was in my 50s I would write stories. July 11th was my birthday. So, every day since then I have made sure to write something to keep that promise to myself. Even if it is only a little bit each day. I've had a long and full fantasy life as a recognized local person good at running pen and paper RPGs. Over the years I've been part of many fandoms. Trekker, Browncoat, Whovian, Alphan, B-Fiver, SCAdian have all been used to describe me at some point.

Reading has always been my great joy and often, my escape. Writing, however, is hard. I have plots and stories and mysteries to share. But I lack the technical skills in putting words to paper. Particularly with dialogue. But the best way to learn is often by doing so, to date, I have 3 chapters up of my story "The Bridle Path". Chapter 4 is being worked on. It is the very first piece of fiction I've written for people in general to read.

I'm not linking directly to it as I do have 'Mature' and 'Dark' tags on it but I'm sure anyone can find it if they want. I'm not looking for exposure, but I am looking for help getting my writings in the right formats and making sure they are structured properly. If you do decide to have a look and provide me some advice, thank you, in advance, for taking the time to help out an old, tottering Brony.


I am a new writer who feels new to the FiMFanfiction community despite having been in and out of the Brony Fandom as a whole for four years or so. I'm writing this Greeting Comment without assurance anyone will see it, as sadly, I know there are so many people wanting to be noticed for their writing and their efforts to this community as a whole.

In case anyone should see this, I would like to foremost declare that I have a very BIG idea that I've worked on for the four years I've been in the Brony Fandom. I often brag about it, but because I have not done the best job of networking with people efficiently to build a group of friends who are interested in helping me make my idea a reality, I'm having to start from square one again and to re-prepose the idea to more people, as well as promote the writing I've already made for it, which stands at three chapters. However, before I get into that, I want to say that I'm willing to do trade-off read/review, as in, I can look and review some of your work if your willing to look at some of mine.

The idea is thusly:

Imagine there is a place, where every piece of fiction (fan-fiction), relating to "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic", goes to, after they end.
A place where every story, no matter how the story is told, exists beyond the ending of that story, and then co-exists with every other story within the Brony Fandom.
It would then be the job of the characters within those stories, primarily the differing versions of the Mane Six, to interact with the characters of every other fan-fiction, to form a livable, working society, that is primarily composed of ponies with the same names, identities, and near-memories as one another. Namely, these ponies would be living together with other "copies" of themselves.
This place, for it's grand magnitude, would be called, "The After" because it is the Afterlife of Fiction, and cannot be summed up in any other universal term.
So when new "Arrivals", (ponies who've just had their story end) show up into The After, it would be the duty of ponies already within The After to take care of these ponies/creatures the same way "Doctors" do, in order to explain to them what is going on, which must result in them basically telling those new Arrivals that their whole life was fictional, created by people like us who love the show, "My Little Pony" so much. Then, to add a twist, not only are these ponies meeting counter-versions of themselves, but also, we also exist within The After. This creates a literary element of what it means for creations to meet their own creators, and what tension this causes between them.

Now this hasn't been the first time I've talked about this idea. As of now, I am contacting eight other FiMFiction groups to shoot the same idea by them. Also, as this is the "Struggling Authors" group, I would very much appreciate if anyone would be willing to read the Fan-Fic I have already posted, entitled, as you might guess, "The After" by Pvt_Muffins (I intend to change my name soon though). General comments to the idea would also be very much appreciated, thank you, and I wish the best and am incredibly happy to be here.

Thank you for reading this long post if you have,

finally found a place where i can get some criticism and feedback

its called "Lost In Darkness" please comment what you think and PM me if you want to help. i sure need it!:twilightsheepish:

i could use some help with it as well. proofreading and some ideas for the story.
thank you!

this is insanecrusader, it's 3:42 AM! :pinkiesick:

If anyone is willing to help I've been trying to write a story for a while now, but I can never get past the overview. If you can help pm me with details. Thanks

407615 I you hadn't found help, I'll help out. I always have that same problem.

hi everypony,

i want some help with a story i'm making its called a dark secret. i'm stuck on making the begining and need someone that can help me get strated agian. I would like to come in contact via skype so that we can talk about the parts and progress. plz pm me for contact info

thank you

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