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Writing for fun and to sometime get lost in my own world building


Life is short.

That's something Fluttershy can vouch for in the aftermath of the tragedy that stole one of her friend. But the most beautiful thing blooms from the most vile situation. At least that's what Fluttershy's mindset is set on when she make an important promise to her friend.

But in order to fullfil her promise, she will have to shatter her own limits.

All of my thanks go to Andrizzi for editing this story and also Foxinshadow for making the best cover art.

Here's the link to the amazing cover: https://www.deviantart.com/foxinshadow/art/Ghosts-Of-The-Past-833889482

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Everfree is one word. Why not just have a Main 6 tag?


Thanks for the comment. I'll make the change as soon as possible.

And to answer your question about the tag, my intention was to put emphasis on the main protagonist of the story. Although each one of the main 6 will have their moment, it's more about Fluttershy, Rainbow and Rarity.

I'm very knew to writing stuff and to the FIM Fiction tags, guidelines and rules. I'm sure I'll make tons of mistakes like this.

Once again, thank you for the comments.

Comment posted by Waterwindearthfire deleted May 17th, 2020

Why did you delete your own comment?

It was a mistake I did.

I thought I was writing an author note. Instead I wrote it as a comment. Once I realized that mistake I removed the comment and wrote the message somewhere at the bottom of one of the chapter.

I'm still not use to all the functionality of FIMFiction so I might do the same mistake someday :P

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