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On a still winter night Fluttershy finds herself delving into the Everfree Forest in search of the source of what's caused distress to her animal friends, and when she does she finds a most unsettling creature. It reminds her of a Changeling, but it's something else entirely, and something quite unfounded in her time.

Clearly the obvious course of action is to adopt it.

The cover art was made by me.
I appreciate the story being shared around, commented on, liked, enjoyed, all that jazz. :ajsmug:

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this was really good and I love it felt like it could have been a real episode

Comment posted by KaptainJay deleted Jan 11th, 2022

Thanks mate.

This was a cute story

I really, really hate to poke at your optimistic take on this, but I'm honestly not so sure.

'The most dangerous aspect is the beast's red eyes, staring into them will strike the organ. She causes people to fall into a deep sleep, and they cannot be woken by any means.'

Twilight and Fluttershy both get stared at by the Well Spirit, and their respective final appearances in this story mention them feeling unusually tired right before they go to sleep

I'm nervous they aren't going to wake up.

This was a good story with a very interesting monster pony character in it.

I'm happy to rain on the pessimistic interpretation and say I think the point of the story is Fluttershy is so kind she can even get though to a cursed being. If she can reform Discord I think freeing a cursed spirit will be child's play for her.

Well that was a nice story

I may continue it at some point in the future.

*Looks at the picture from the link at the end*

Yup, can't see anyone mistaking her for a male with those curves, haha. I'd honestly be interested to see this continue, especially if it turns out that she is as intelligent as they (and I) seem to think.

This really needs a sequel.
It is one of my favorite fics on here ;)

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