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Sign my Petition! · 2:23am February 17th

Hello FiMFiction, my name is Scot. Today, February 16th 2024, a petition was made on Change.org complaining that people aren't allowed to blatantly plagiarise other peoples work.

And I must say that I agree.

It is a travesty that someone cannot just steal someone else's hard work for themselves and change the names around on this site, and we need CHANGE.

That's why I made my OWN petition, and I want you guys to sign it!

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Oh, no no, no worries, it's all good. Thank you for clearing that up. Please have a wonderful day.

No, I have no relation to that person. I have had this username for many a year before I joined this website. I apologize for any confusion.

Unrelated to your discussion with the other guy.

Hi, uuhhh... Not to be dick or accuse you of anything, but do you perchance have any relation to this guy? Again, I'm not throwing any shade or anything your way, I just saw the similar name and wanted to check, on account of having a rather negative interaction with them in the past.

No problem lol. I like Electro Swing so far, pretty cool (and original!) concept.

Rego #3 · Mar 3rd, 2022 · · 1 ·

Hello you.

Thanks for the watch and the interesting Discord interactions.

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