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  • Sunday

    Inspired by applezombi's Rekindled Embers.

    Dying flames,
    Why won't you hear me?
    We call out your names,
    But you just leave us be.

    We call out to those above,
    The dearly departed and dead,
    For them to protect those we love,
    Before war fills them with lead.

    Glaring white towers,
    Far above the ground,
    Built from the oppressed powers,
    From the ashes of the downed.

    Blue, Purple, White, Orange and Pink,

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  • 2 weeks
    im back! (Sorta)


    iAmSiNnEr update.

    I took a month break from FimFic.

    I'm still burned out from ponies and life.

    But I'm gonna go to bed now, and hope I have inspiration to write something tomorrow for you beautiful people.

    Wish me luck!

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  • 16 weeks
    update on iamsinner

    Hey all.

    I'm sorry for disappearing for so long. I thought after my exams were over, I'd have all the time in the world to write you guys shitposts and stories, but once they were over, my brain just collapsed upon itself and activated "Procrastination 101 Protocol", and recently I've been spending my time trying to be social.

    My muse just hasn't been there, and I feel guilty for disappointing all of you out there. But I'm going to try again soon, I promise.

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  • 24 weeks

    If I reach the skies,
    I wonder if I would see what I was not meant to see,
    And with a thousand tries,
    To create what was not meant to be.

    If I reached the bottom of the unknown,
    I wonder if I would discover what had not been found before,
    And to give the world what it has to be shown.
    To marvel at what was at its core.

    To reach the limits of our knowledge,
    It's a feat to be proud of, that’s for sure.
    To push the limits to the edge,
    It’ll give us the undivided world’s honour.

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  • 24 weeks
    he laughs

    He laughs, sending showers.
    He giggles and pushes it over the edge. 
    He seeks the meanings to the world’s answers.
    But nothing stops his quest, not even age. 

    He spins and snickers,
    Grinning all the way.
    To get what he wants he needs the bakers,
    And he brings all the bread to the bay.

    But then he lights his horn,
    And uses it for his own means
    But with insanity growing inside that is born,
    He definitely does not have a full can of beans.

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Welcome to iAmSiNnEr's Chaos

Greetings, everyone!

If you're reading this, that means you're at my user profile page.

I'll start. My name is iAmSiNnEr, referred to as Sin or Sinner by friends. I create chaos, and my pronouns are he/him.

I hope you, who is reading this, have a good day, regardless of who you are. Feel free to DM me!

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I don't know how do you do that, but after reading any of your stories i want to do something actually useful and not procrastinate further by reading more. Thanks for your work.

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