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life · 7:57pm October 8th

If I reach the skies,
I wonder if I would see what I was not meant to see,
And with a thousand tries,
To create what was not meant to be.

If I reached the bottom of the unknown,
I wonder if I would discover what had not been found before,
And to give the world what it has to be shown.
To marvel at what was at its core.

To reach the limits of our knowledge,
It's a feat to be proud of, that’s for sure.
To push the limits to the edge,
It’ll give us the undivided world’s honour.

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he laughs · 7:56pm October 8th

He laughs, sending showers.
He giggles and pushes it over the edge. 
He seeks the meanings to the world’s answers.
But nothing stops his quest, not even age. 

He spins and snickers,
Grinning all the way.
To get what he wants he needs the bakers,
And he brings all the bread to the bay.

But then he lights his horn,
And uses it for his own means
But with insanity growing inside that is born,
He definitely does not have a full can of beans.

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apologies · 5:14am September 11th

my apologies for not writing and updating stories much recently, my finals are in a month

this is where I say adios and leave for a month or two to finish finals

Im really sorry

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Good news! · 2:05pm July 16th

Hey all, I've good news!

My writing block has been overcome and I've actually found some time to write - the next chapter of For Whom the Twilight Falls may be released soon :D

Unfortunately, I am still on very much of a block and lack of time for other stories - only For Whom the Twilight Falls will continue to have updates, for now, the rest will be after the end of my finals.

Wish me luck y'all!

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im sorry - state of the sinner · 9:32am June 7th

Remember that blog a couple of weeks ago saying I might upload again soon?

I tried.

I can't.

I barely have time for myself.

I can't spare much time outside studying to write.

I'll try to do something this week.

No promises, though.

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wrote a few horsewords · 2:28pm May 23rd

sorry not sorry

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shameless plug · 1:37pm May 4th

guys my friend DaOtterGuy just opened writing comms!

some of the work I enjoy the most of his include:

EGull Sentry
He will eat all of your fries.
daOtterGuy · 1000 words  ·  88  3 · 771 views
EGift of Chaos
Discord gets Rainbow a gift. Rainbow wishes he wouldn't.
daOtterGuy · 1.6k words  ·  101  3 · 1k views
EChained to the Plow
Big Mac becomes the patriarch of Sweet Apple Acres after his parents and Granny Smith pass away.
daOtterGuy · 15k words  ·  65  9 · 614 views

Details here!

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State of the iAmSiNnEr · 6:56pm April 16th

My life has been pretty shite.

But whatever.

Unfortunately, writing time is almost zero.

That means, no iAmSiNnEr content still.

Never fear, though, today I am sharing five stories you may or may not have read.

But I am asking you guys go check em out and give em some love. Especially Worshipping at the Altar of Knowledge. They're two likes from one thousand.

Thanks again for sticking by me, guys. I appreciate it.

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it's March 31st · 6:22pm March 30th

happy birthday to me :')

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Goodbye. (Not forever) · 12:05pm March 1st

Well, it's that time.

Three months to four months worth of final exams.

In total? Seven months of time I cannot afford to waste my time on.

I had desperately wished to finish For Whom the Twilight Falls and From Whence We Fell before I left.

I failed to do so in the midst of failing a few of my subjects.

I now realize that I've been too concerned with my writing - to what I produce on FimFic. That and my Discord activity.

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