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Correction, abuses the living fuck out of them.

Twilight Sparkle is your regular unicorn mage, and one day she stumbles upon what seems to be a cache of energy weapons stored there by some friendly passerby. Definitely did not fall from the sky because of a meteor.

Read: Plot convenience.

And upon discovering them, she knows what she must do.

Take over Equestria so no one else would dare to use them to harm anypony else.

It's not like she could destroy them or anything, right?

The story is complete, two chapters releasing a day. I will not reveal how many chapters there are in total yet.

And by PresentPerfect's advice, I will not write stories like this by multiple stories in a series! It is multiple chapters in one story! WOOOO!

Chapters (7)

Rarity is alone this Hearth's Warming, and she sits in her boutique remembering the old highschooler days with her friends. Even as she gets lost in her thoughts, her assistant sends along an urgent order.

A performer needed a last minute costume to perform magic tricks for the children at the local orphanage due to her misplacing her own costume.

Sounds like a job for Rarity.

An Enchanted Library server Secret Santa story for Nonchalant!

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Luna is giving a press conference to the ponies of Equestria after her return from the moon at the request of Celestia, when she hears two words that strike her soul with curiosity.

"Holy cow!"

Now determined to find out why cows are holy, she pursues her leads with advice from various ponies.

It definitely won't dissolve into insanity.

Written by iAmSiNnEr. Not to be taken seriously.

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When the alicorn princesses are taken by a sudden illness that prevents them from raising the sun or setting the moon, Raven and Spike discuss alternatives. Suddenly, Starlight teleports in and announces she has an idea.

This probably won't end well.

Idea by TCC56.

The shitposter's back.

Not to be taken seriously.

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Time passes, and the winds of change leave almost everything behind. Old structures fall apart, ancient history is lost to our books. There is only one constant in Equestria: Princess Twilight Sparkle and the other alicorns.

Gambit Hay seeks to explore Equestria's wildest forest, the Everfree Forest. For centuries, it has remained mostly a mystery, the inhabitants having a reputation for being wild beasts that attacked those who neared. However, as Equestria's foremost adventurer and researcher, he wants a challenge. While doing so, he sends letters back to his partner, hoping that if he never made it back, the work he did would at least be useful.

All's well and said until he finds a lone cottage on the edge of the forest.

Enclosed above is an artist's impression of the cottage in its prime.

Written for Bicyclette's The Twilight Files contest. See the other entries here!

Art is by Baron Engel, go check them out!

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In retirement, Luna and Celestia now live at Silver Shores.

Up till now, Celestia has refused to allow Luna to read her diary.

One day, Luna suddenly announces that she will be going on vacation.

The next day, Celestia finds an adorable midnight blue kitten by her door.

Surely the two events aren't related?

An entry in the A Thousand Words Contest under Fluff.

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When a thousand years has passed, Luna was supposed to return.

But when Nightmare Moon returns dead, Celestia is flabbergasted and shocked.

Then she sees Luna, who claims to have killed Nightmare Moon.

She is very confused.

Written by iAmSiNnEr. Not to be taken seriously

Helped by Chris the Cynic, who gave me a paragraph to work on.

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Celestia and Luna are having a drinking night.

After they drink too much, they decide to play video games.

However, video games have not been invented. Therefore, they must visit the future to steal some.

This will go well.

Written by iAmSiNnEr. Not to be taken seriously.

Dedicated to my almighty ruler, Bitchass Tyrant. (I forgot what his fimfic was.)

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When Celestia and Luna took over the sun and moon, they came with manuals.

Now, as they browse the manuals, they find 'extra settings'.

Now, what do they do—

screams are heard in the distance

Written by iAmSiNnEr. Inspired by Shrink Laureate. Not to be taken seriously.

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Equestria is a husk of what it was before.

Friendship never existed, the windigos took over the world completely.

All that remains are insane alicorns, gods, and monsters.

As the remaining ponies cower in fear and hide away from the constant battles, two alicorns clash once more only to experience something new.

Now, Midnight Sparkle and Nightmare Moon must work together to uncover what could have been. They start with the other alicorns.

C̷̨̦͖͙̭̤͙͕͊̾̅͗̅̄̓̔ͅe̸̤͉͉͔̲̟͕̒̇́͜ͅl̷̢̪͇̟̙͈͕͙̆͊̕e̵͖̝̲͈̒͐̕̚s̸̹̽t̷̢͍̖̭̙̄̆̂̆̓̚͝ỉ̴͉̎̈͑̚͝͠͝å̴̢̡̨̛͙̫̱̤͋͋̊̿̕͘Daybreaker. M̸̡̜̲̮̳̣͑̂̀͘í̸̢͈̙͆̑̓ ̶̛̳̣͓͂̀̈́́̚͠͝A̷̩̮̰͐̃̈́̔̇̓̈́̃͆͝ͅṃ̶̩̲̟̰̣͎̬͐̆̿ō̵͍̳̝̣̪͛̅r̶̡̖͈͕̜͇̤͙̠̾͋̄̑̆̅͗͘ȅ̶̝̜̘̙ ̷͙̠͂̔̔̏̂̒̑̍̀Ĉ̷̛̛̘̼͉̅̓̒͐̓̈͝a̷͈̟̦͑̄̇͐̔̎͋d̸̥̳͓̖̠͍͔̗͑e̶̻̬͈̳̺͈̳̖̣̣̓͋͑n̸̢̩̹̳̲̖̦̲͂̓́̉̑͜͝ͅz̶̢̤͈͔͙̪͚̜͐̑̏̊̚a̵̝͓̱̖̞͕̰̓̓͆͠Heartbreaker.

It wouldn't be easy. They didn't care.

An experimental AU. Set to be less than 20k words, and uploads will be as I write the chapters.

Romance will come in later chapters. You have been warned.

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