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Sometimes pain lasts eternal. (he/him)


This story is a sequel to Twilight Challenges the Lord of Chaos

Tirek has escaped Tartarus, and managed to gain Discord's magic through unknown means.

Twilight faces off to him with the magic of four alicorns, knowing that this could very well be her last fight.

However, she intends to finish this with a bang.

Set in "Twilight's Kingdom; Part Two". Not to be taken seriously.

Big thanks to all the friends who motivated me to push past burnout!

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This story is a sequel to Twilight Causes the Demise of King Sombra

Discord has finally escaped his stone prison a year after Celestia and Luna thought he would. Explaining why, he gives an ultimatum to Celestia, Twilight and her friends.

But he offers a proposition. One that will either see him reformed or as the ruler of a Equestria dissolved into chaos. A very....explosive proposition.

This story is meant as a joke. Not to be taken seriously.

Context from prequels is not needed, although it would be more enjoyable if you read the previous three.

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This story is a sequel to Twilight Becomes a Bug Exterminator

The Crystal Empire has returned.

But that's not the only thing that's back.

The tyrant of the Crystal Empire, King Sombra, is back, and he wants to reclaim the Crystal Ponies as his slaves. Twilight will not allow that to happen, and she prepares to face him.

Except, she has a plan up her metaphorical sleeve. An explosive one.

Set in "The Return of the Crystal Empire; Part Two". Not to be taken seriously.

Now with a reading from StraightToThePoint Studio!

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This story is a sequel to Twilight Blows Up Nightmare Moon

Princess Cadance is revealed to be a fake, and Queen Chrysalis in her place. Twilight rescues the real Princess Cadance, and prepares a plan to win.

Will the plan work?

Set during "A Canterlot Wedding; Part Two". Not to be taken seriously. Sequel to Twilight Blows Up Nightmare Moon.

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From birth, Luna was a gifted unicorn.

So gifted, in fact, that Princess Sunset, the Solar Diarch, personally took notice of her abilities when she applied to attend Princess Sunset's school for the Gifted and Talented. When her pegasus sister, Celestia, hatches a phoenix egg, their entire life is changed.

Now, as Princess Sunset's personal students, the two sisters must figure out why sources of knowledge are disappearing, being stolen, or forcibly taken by dark shadows. Could the weird behaviours of the changelings explain the reason?

The one thing they do know is that something dark and powerful is plotting something in the shadows. And only they can stop this evil.

And why does Princess Sunset keep insisting that the situation is nothing to worry about?

Cowritten by Meowofy and iAmSiNnEr

The story is a roleswap AU, we hope you enjoy!

Cover art commissioned, drawn by Cyonix, link to his Deviantart here.

For clarification: Luna and Celestia are not princesses in this story, even if tagged as such. There is just simply no non-princess Luna and Celestia to be tagged.

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Celestia discovers she is eight thousand years older than Luna. Both of the sisters go down to the basement to see if they can discover the cause, and they find something even better.

Cute pictures.

Gift for Otterwa.

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Angel dies because of overexertion, so Fluttershy learns to read so that she can bring him back from the dead. She goes to ask Celestia for a horn so that she can read. It goes very well.

Collab with Decaf.

Everything in this story is a joke. Not to be taken seriously.

Meowofy, if you see this, don't read this story if you value your sanity.

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Three mares.

Impossible odds.

King Sombra has risen from the icy north, bringing his army of slaves to challenge Equestria.

The Sun and Moon call their ponies together, rising up to fight the enemy.

During this war, three unlikely heroes reveal themselves, and they will find something in each other none of them expected.

Yes, there isn't an AU tag. You'll understand later.

Written for the StarMaudTrix Shipping Contest.

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After Celestia dismissed her warnings about Nightmare Moon, Twilight Sparkle decides to take matters into her own hooves. She finds a spell to be able to travel to the moon so that she can save Equestria.

She then also decides that blowing up Nightmare Moon is the best way to go. Way to go, Twilight!

Set during Season One. Not to be taken seriously.

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Protect our daughters, Mena. Protect them if we don't make it back. Discord must be stopped, but if we fail...you're the last thing they will have left. Keep them safe. This is our last order of you, Mena.

All ponies know about Philomena is that she's Celestia's pet phoenix. Oh, and that she loves pranks. However, what they don't know is that she is older than most ponies think and that she swore to protect Celestia and Luna. For the last thousand years, she has kept at her promise and task.

The Era of Discord saw the death of the King and Queen, which sent Celestia and Luna into hiding until they could find a way to defeat the mad chaos being. For now, as they grow up, Philomena has to protect them from the dangers that the chaotic world throws at them, and she will do so proudly. But of course, not all forms of protection are physical.

This, is Philomena's story.

Written by iAmSiNnEr

I hope y'all enjoy!

There are three chapters in this story-

The Era of Discord
After the Nightmare
Return of a Sister

Please be excited for all to be released!

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