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A new villain, Generic Villain, has kidnapped Luster Dawn's friends. Threatening Princess Twilight with her student's friends, he acquires the throne of Equestria. Though, it is not as simple as it seems...

This story is not meant to be taken seriously, and was written for comedic purposes.

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Bureaucracy mentioned and used as a plot point.

10/10 from guy who solely roleplays as bureaucrats

Doctor Doom: "As a wise feline once said, its not the having. Its the getting."

I love shitposts

Oh uh welcome back I guess

He’s back!

I can’t find a good reaction meme so y’all gotta use your imaginations here.

No more shitposts? Who says!?

Very daft fun as always. Welcome back n_n

If Luster learns anything from Twilight she better hope it's her ability to understand and control laws. For such power is evil!

Makes sense Twilight would be the one too turn the struggle of good vs evil into a process with steps and oversight. Everything works in a nice Harmonious way.

It's silly, I like it :twilightsmile:

Just when you thought things couldnt get any worst.

Sire. Prince Blueblood would like a word about what length of fur the nap on your regal throne covering should be trimmed to.:pinkiecrazy:

wasn't that Garfield who said that?

Yeah uhh do not?
readies reformed elements of harmony
You wouldn't want these to be used would you?

A stallion with his horn alit stepped in, a mask covering his features. “Surrender, Princess Twilight!” he shouted. “My name is Generic Villain, and I have come to take the throne!”

Me: Well did hasbro just give up i guess?
something shines on sean
...no faust im dealing with this myself

It's the reason I love Venture Brothers, it takes the concept of super villains and comes up with a humorous and understandable way they could exist with out the world actually being destroyed. Good and Evil agree to rules and build bureaucracy to keep everyone mostly happy. Conflicts often focused on what happens when the rules are broken


Trixie has semi-permanent arching rights to Twilight as The Great and Mighty Trixie with Glimmer as Dr. Mrs. The Mighty

I think I need Starlight as Dr. Mrs. The Great and Powerful Trixie. Immediately.

Twilight learned some dark magic from Sombra, but her expertise in the truly unspeakable disciplines came from Celestia herself.

Lovely bit of post-timeskip madness. I do wonder what Luster thinks of this whole debacle. Thank you for it.

Sometimes you cant reform a villian
But you can Sure as Tartarus Make them not destroy the world

11789856 Vikings knew how to defeat bureaucrats. It involved lots of fire and stabbing.

Well, as a comedic absurdity, which this story is obviously intended to be, it's not so bad

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