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Gamer, Writer, (Aspiring) Artist, and really fricking tired. Commissions open.

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  • 6 days
    Re-Opening Commissions

    Alright, I’ve gotten all the stories on my backlog completed, and have gone somewhat through some more personal works, so I feel like I’m good to re-open my commissions.

    My pricing will stay the same as it was last time I had them open, at $5 per 1000 words.
    My comms also tend to be first-come-first-serve, and I have a queue of stories I have to write.
    If that queue gets too long though, as it has in the past, I will close comms back up so I can actually get everything done.

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  • 24 weeks
    Commissions Closed!

    Alright, I’m gonna have to close my commissions back up.
    I’ve gotten a decent bit of a backlog I need to deal with, and there are some personal things I’ve been wanting to do, so I’ll need some more freedom there.

    I’d expect my comms to open back up in a couple months at least, but I may need longer to fully become ready for more.

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  • 58 weeks
    Commissions Re-opened!

    After my many-month-long closedness, with multiple competition stories and random one-offs all created in an effort to sharpen my writing skills, I think it’s time again to open my commissions.

    My pricing is around 5$ per 1000 words, and while I will attempt to adhere to requests about a story’s length, I do have a tendency to go a decent bit longer than I plan to.

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  • 116 weeks

    Given how used to this writing and the amount of time I have on my hands, I think I am ready to fully open commissions.
    I have already received one as of the posting of this entry, so I have an idea of what I am doing.

    Firstly, I should note that I take both requests and commissions.

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Thanks for reading!

Thanks, and it's okay

Apologies for the late reply, but I’ve finally implemented your request in Mental Re-Make Chapter 5.

I write around 400-500 words per day usually- going so slow allows me to have more time to think about where I want the story to go while I’m making it.
The current chapter I’m working on is actually the prologue; I’m doing it now because I didn’t have a good idea of where I wanted to start when I made the first chapter, but I did have a start on where it was going.
This prologue is likely to be somewhat shorter that my usual chapters, perhaps around 4000 words at most, so it should take around 10 days after the previous update: so around the 14th.

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