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This story is a sequel to Twilight Becomes a Bug Exterminator

The Crystal Empire has returned.

But that's not the only thing that's back.

The tyrant of the Crystal Empire, King Sombra, is back, and he wants to reclaim the Crystal Ponies as his slaves. Twilight will not allow that to happen, and she prepares to face him.

Except, she has a plan up her metaphorical sleeve. An explosive one.

Set in "The Return of the Crystal Empire; Part Two". Not to be taken seriously.

Now with a reading from StraightToThePoint Studio!

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I can't wait for Twily to give Tirek an h-bomb enema.

Hah! That was great!

“Yes,” Luna nodded. “I want to see what she can blow up as an alicorn.”

Me too!

Explosions at the right enemies cant do wonders

God i love this Luna and Twilight, Truly i am looking forward to more world Class bangs form them:pinkiecrazy:, now i just want to see them go out and blow up stuff

“Yes,” Luna nodded. “I want to see what she can blow up as an alicorn.”

Yay! (Singsong) Twi gets a bombing friend!!!

I mean, Tirek was the one time she actually went straight to murder in canon and it didn't work out very well for her...

I love this series and I can't wait to see more!!! :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Technically Twilight didn't blow up Sombra he blew himself up. If he hadn't tried to grab the heart nothing would've happened but where's the fun in that

10983974 If Twilight keeps going as she has been by the time Tirek shows up she'll have plenty of experience unless the villains decide to get smart and start surrendering

This whole series is basically Twilight being the Doctor...


This series is hilarious! Do I even need to ask for "Moar" again for all of us at this point? Also, Place your bets on what will happen to Tirek. Will he:

A: get blown up?
B: get blown up?
C: get blown up?
D: get blown up?

Hey, at it's not like this Twilight has any other ideas that's not having hapless villains get blown up!

The problem is that Tirek is just as explosion-happy as she is.

I kinda want to see what Discord would do while facing this twilight

This is a great series :rainbowlaugh:

Mr. Torgue would be proud.

This whole serie makes me think of this "The Lord of the Ring VS The Lord of the Ring if Frodo had a gun" meme. And that's great.

Celestia slammed her head into the table again. “I live with explosive idiots,” she muttered.

Haha, this line makes me laugh so hard!

Talk about explosive diarrhea... :twilightoops:

Now it makes sense why Celestia's so adamant about Twilight not blowing things up; she was already sick of the same thing from Luna! lol


Sombra got off lucky. There was still a crown left.

Also... wondering if Twilight will cast Meteor for her fight against Tirek... Or if Twilight will cause an explosion to set off a rube goldberg machine to explode Tirek.

How many degrees of seperation do you need in order for it to count as Twilight not blowing up a villain?

Meanwhile, on the Moon...

"What the buck hit m-- .... Well, crap."

Ooohh I'm loving these series so badly! Twilight is ridiculously awesome! And Luna is also great!


I love this!

*it’s because I like to watch explosives blow up on the tv* :pinkiecrazy:

But they...wait...what does hapless mean again? If it's anything like helpless, the villains are always the aggressor.
Now onto the part of my comment that isn't asking a question that I could ask Google and save myself the embarrassment of not knowing what an elementary -grade word's definition is (at least I think that it is an elementary -grade word)
First, before anyone gets on my case, the sentence directly above this one is me insulting myself.
Second: Shouldn't the Alicorn Amulet explosion be before the Tirek explosion?
Third: I personally can't wait to see her blow up Starlight Glimmer. By the most holiest of ponies, Rainbow Dash, I HATE Starlight Glimmer.
Fourth: I think that there should be a series of oneshots about this Twilight getting to know and become friends with this version of Princess Luna.


"Hapless" means "unfortunate", or someone that has bad luck. It has no relation to "helpless", but there can be a little overlap if the unfortunate person/pony is also helpless.

The villains picked the time to show up when this version of Twilight is around, so I think "hapless" fits them :rainbowlaugh:

Fourth: I think that there should be a series of oneshots about this Twilight getting to know and become friends with this version of Princess Luna.

On yes. Those two could have a "booming" time.

I couldn't resist not making that pun and I regret nothing.

I have one thing to say I can’t wait for a equestria girls I need to know how she blows up sunset shimmer that or I want to see them get along so well that sunset comes back with her and now there’s three explosive idiots

Thanks for clearing that up for me!
And yes, I'm sure that their meeting could be quite...lit.

I mean she practically did the exact same thing that the heart would do in Canon and this time they don't have an organic piece of him to resurrect him with so this one is it too far from the original

:duck: My Spikey blew up something
:twilightsheepish: Great what he blow up?
:raritywink: The little dragons room
:twilightoops: ???
:duck: He had too much Taco Belle
:moustache: Too many Chaloopas and hot sauce
:pinkiecrazy: Mmmmmmmmmm hot sauce

Can't wait for the centaur. I have autocorrect enabled and it won't let me spell his name. Example of one attempt: Tariken
Won't disable as it gets creative

its not a matter of if he will explode, it's how. my favorite method in DnD is casting delayed fireball then throwing the little ember it starts as in someone's mouth

Yay! Twilight showed some genre savvy! And yes, Celestia, let Twilight and Luna meet! The readers demand it!

I hope she blows up discord but he lives and flutter shy patches him up

Hahahahahahahahaha this was the best one yet, I especially love ghe interaction between luna and celestia

The bigger the explosion, the more problems it can solve.

More explosions required. Please continue.

More. Please? :raritystarry:

This Twilight I love.

When you think about it, Twilight did kinda explode when she became an Alicorn.

To be fair, Sunset was nowhere near as bad as Chrysalis or Sombra (at least until she actually put that stolen crown on and, even then, she recovered after she was defeated), so Twi will probably go easy on her. She'll just punch Sunset's lights out.

I imagine the EqG one going something like this.
Twilight: Okay...no magic. Time to find-oh, that must be Sunset...and another Fluttershy?
Spike: Huh. Seems so. So what-
Twilight: Time to find this world's Pinkie Pie and get some explosives.
Spike: WHAT?
Twilight: What? You know that's how I problem solve.
Spike: But Princess Celestia said-
Twilight: I'm in a completely different world! What she doesn't know won't hurt her. Wanna be the hero again?
Spike: Twi-light...
Sunset: I think I'm in love...


Discord: :trollestia: "Ha-ha! I enjoy being exploded!"
Twilight: :twilightangry2: "Then I must explode you harder until you stay exploded!!!"

I’ll let you written out I need to see this I hope it doesn’t take them too long but even if it does I’m willing to wait

Maybe she didn't? Maybe she exploded him in enough different and creative ways that he decided to befriend her instead?

Well, you'll get your answer soon Discord edition is SoonTM

Quite an explosively spectacular read this is! And the expectations that Twilight had were just brilliant! Hope you didn't mind, but I just had to make a reading of this bright fic of yours!

Audio Linkyloo!: https://youtu.be/KAxugEb7BWg

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)

Me: *just finishes Exterminator...sees two more sequels.*



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