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Fanfictions centering around the aftermath of the show. I enjoy company and I hope there are still users on this site a year from now... there probably will be. LMAO



When the cutie map calls for Luster Dawn after being dormant for a long time, many questions stir within her mind. However, her anxiety increases when she discovers her friendship problem may be one of the hardest ones anypony ever had to endure.

Takes place a month after The Last Problem.

Note: Feel free to make theories on what will happen.

Note 2: Why was that note even necessary? Why is THIS one necessary? I’m lost. Am I necessary? Help me.

Chapters (18)
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Comments ( 140 )

A good start. I like Luster, personally I think she will become the next princess of Friendship and allow Twilight to retire and pass on. I know the finale seems to indicate Twilight will outlive her friends but I refuse to believe it. Jim Miller said the ending is open to interpretation, we can make our own. That's what I'm doing with my story.

Anyway, great start. I will probably fav this and keep track.

Thank you. I’m just praying the story either keeps this tone or gets better as the story progresses. So far, all the stories I made are hated more than loved. So the fact this one has a great start means so much to me.

So that’s why I vow to make this story the best I can make it. I promise that.

(By the way, I checked out your story a day or two ago. I love how you portray Twilight’s strong connection to the Princesses. Great drama.)

Comment posted by CartoonopolisAdventures deleted October 19th

Like Sam said, I think this story has a great start so far. Was thinking someone would write this soon, so I look forward to reading how it goes for you! Keep up the good work. ^.^

My device says this has 0 views, but I know people have seen it. Is there a way I can see how many views the story got, or is it a glitch? Help!

Don't know. That's weird. Maybe you should look into the help button above. Btw, maybe I could help you a bit with that editing. I could take another look at your chapter tomorrow (its 8:15 pm where I live, don't know where you are). I could make some comments, I think I saw one where you referred to Twilight as a he or something. Be happy to help out.

Thank you again. An editor is the best way for stories. If you want to edit any other stories of mine, let me know. But for now, let’s let this story be the focus.

Okay, I'll take a look in the morning.

This looks interesting.

This is interesting, I was hoping someone would do something with a concept like this! Keep updating :)

Okay, this wasn't bad. I only have a couple comments or observations.

First, I'm curious as to how Luster gets her mail from Twilight? Does Spike send it and appears magically in front of Luster like Celestia? I don't think it was ever explained how that occurred, Spike burning the letter and it rematerializing in front of Celestia back in the good old days. Did Twilight have a certain spell she used to prevent the letter from being destroyed and instead be sent to whoever Spike thinks of or was it just between select ponies? Or did she get it from a carrier pony like old Derpy? We know Twilight used a mail box like in Three's a Crowd. Just a thought, maybe Twilight now has Spike's breath set for Luster. I also recall that her parents could send messages through him as well like in Once Upon a Zippelin.

Second. There is a theory out there that Luster is the daughter of Starlight and Sunburst. I don't know if you believe that, and its okay if not. No right or wrong answer there. It would seem you don't think she is though, since she could probably have been to the castle before since I believe Starlight is now living there as stewardess, overseer for the friendship map, and Headmare for the School of Friendship. Regardless of what you believe on that, it could be good to have Starlight be there maybe. Just a thought, she could also be busy at the school, either way.

Third. Maybe have Luster be a little more formal when speaking to Spike and thinking of Twilight. Wouldn't she be addressing Twilight as "Princess"? Twilight did say she was only Lusters teacher back when she was first introduced and bowed to Twilight addressing her as "Your Majesty" but I still think Princess is okay, and it should be a big title now I think. Also, maybe great Spike with hello rather than hey, he is royal advisor after all.

Fourth. Maybe mention the cutie marks on each of the thrones.
These are all just my personal opinion though. You had a nice little wave of humor when Luster made Spike expose his bad manners to Twilight.


There is a theory out there that Luster is the daughter of Starlight and Sunburst

Please don’t put that into people’s heads.

I said he is free to believe what he wants. I personally believe it. Just giving my advice.

Nothing about the theory is anything more than assumptions based off stuff that doesn’t prove anything. So like I said, don’t put it into people’s heads.

Considering the comedy and adventure tags I'm guessing poor Luster is goin to get into some interesting shenanigens with these three. Also, I wonder if the map is connected to the tree. In that case, I wonder if the Tree spirit thing is pissed at Twilight and co. for stoning the trio rather then reforming them.

Either way good chapter, can't wait for the next.


The chest DID come from the tree... meaning the castle and the map came from it.

But the comedy of the Tree spirit being mad sounds funny. I might put that idea into consideration.

Okay, this was pretty funny with the ending. I didn't see this coming. A friendship problem for the three baddies! Whoa, way to catch us offguard! Though there were a couple grammar errors I could see. I think when you talk about as much anxiety as confusion it should be and confusion. You also left out a period before the end quote on one of them. But not bad.

Will definitely be following this one.

...or...she could flat out refuse, and become the first pony to do a mutiny on the Cutie Map. I'm sure both her and Twilight would want to write down what happens when someone refuses an assignment.:pinkiehappy::facehoof:

Slim chance of friendship will work. Who wants to be friends with those allowing Discord, Celestia and Luna turning them to stone and robbing them 10 or 20 years of their life (Even if they didn’t age, I refuse to trust them until they’ve died.)

I have not read this yet, but I love the story idea. Also, good way to get some fan canon going for Luster Dawn.

So, nobody should share any fan theories? I'm not sure I grok what your purpose with that comment is.

Tree Spirit....Now I want to watch "From Hell It Came" again.

The IMDB synopsis: A wrongfully accused South Seas prince is executed, and returns as a walking tree stump.

If you like cheesy 50's B movies, it's worth a watch.


You'll be hearing from my lawyer. She's a bloodthirsty carriage chaser named Legal Eagle.

Well I notice that you seem to have left out the word "horn" early in the chapter for Twilight before she teleports away. I'll have to check again later. Glad to see your story is tracking well so far! I'll have to get to work on mine more quickly.

Thanks. Having someone pointing out errors is awesome.:twilightsmile:

Nice to see Twilight taking proper safety procautions.

Caught up again and still loving it. Can hardly wait to see how my favorite changeling reacts to being released. *cackles and rubs hooves together.* Cozy and Tirek too, of course. ^.^ Please keep it up, I love it! :D

She DID think of draining or restraining their magic, right?


Geez, i thought she was the smart one. :facehoof:

She DID say she would perform the following at the same time: Release the villains, make them unconscious, restrain their magic, and paralyze the wings of the ones that can fly.

Makes sense for Discord to make an appearence. I think Luster's camp isn't going to be looking as good as it does now in a few minutes.

Can't wait for Luster to actually interact with the trio.

You seem to forgot the pepper shaker appeared in his hand.

I actually edited it to where it is obvious the pepper shaker is doing things on its own.

Right, sorry, I was a bit distracted there.

Yeah I know what you mean about Discord. I used to think him hard to write, well, I still do sometimes, heh. He is for sure one of those characters that is odd to write, but I have fun with him.
Anyway, where I was going with this.... I think you did a good job writing him. So, keep up the good work! :)

All she needs now is a guitar to play campfire songs on!

There was this lovely fanfic where Cozy Glow got sent into the Equestria Girls realm and made to live with Sunset Shimmer. Painful.

Nothing. I accidentally published a chapter that was unfinished. It will be done at sometime today, though. So get ready for Luster to interact with the trio.

It’s time. Get ready for Chrysalis and the others to meet Luster. She has no magic, can’t fly, has no idea what time it is, and is fueled with anger and hate.

The results may or may not be funny.

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