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The villain you've used to be and what you've done in the past doesn't matter. What matters is the hero you are today and what you can become.


This story is a sequel to The Dawn of a New Mission

After reforming, Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy have low confidence in gaining the trust of Equestria's citizens. But when a mysterious cult banishes them to an unknown world, the three former villains end up on a wild adventure... with three odd bipedal creatures.

The second story in The Reformverse


Wanna see more updates, previews, or plans for this story and its sequels? Be sure to check my blog every once in a while!

Chapters (35)
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The way you say they did so much to make ponies think their reformation was only a ploy makes it sound like they did something bad after being reformed.


Thank you for that pointer. Took care of that once I got this. Now it is more obvious it took place in the past.

Yeah this definitely feels more like a sequel than the other story did.

I might toss the other one back into the site, or revamp it altogether. Depends on how this story ends. The latter is more likely.

Judgement Law, ok, that’s a good name, not gonna lie.
Oh my gosh... are they gonna be sent to the human world? Cuz I’m eyeing that human tag and I’m getting suspicions. But yay, the sequel is here! I’m so hyped for this.

Your wish of the trio working together will soon be granted...

it's pretty clear that those ponies are gonna get arrested at some point in their lives.

2 chapters in a day...

I should be expecting a lawsuit anytime now... :facehoof:

judgment and the cult should be punish in the most ironic way possible

Looks like Tartarus is going to be getting some new inhabitants.

I have no idea what’s going on but I am too invested in my trip to leave XD

Comment posted by CartoonopolisAdventures deleted Nov 13th, 2019


I suggest you keep re-reading through. Or you can read this recap:

Judgement combined his magic with the other cult members and sent the trio to our world.

The trio was found by... well... me.

Judgement captured Princess Twilight and is about to commit treason, saying that defending the villains makes HER a villain. But maybe he has other plans...

Judgement reveals that he overthrew all other cult members and stole magic from them. Except two. It will be explained why later.

I am thankful that your giving this a chance. Especially since I have BIG plans for this. After all, you are one of my top 5 favorite viewers. And I don't want to dissapoint my favorite viewers.

If you don't get a chapter, tell me, and I can explain it.

I mean like I understand what the plot (mostly) is, but I’ll be honest that sometimes it goes a little too fast or far-fetched that I can’t keep up. I’m still invested nevertheless :3

Combined out magic to banish the villains. Our. You're getting better I think.


It's gonna be slower. I think. For a LOT of the chapters, the villains will spend time ajusting to our world and even meet some of my friends. It will be a while for them to find their way home.

As for Judgement, we will probably hear from him this chapter, and then he will be gone for a while.

So... it seems to slow down a touch.

This is an example why villains shouldn't get reformed. Psychotic citizens who hold a grudge will do anything for the sake of revenge. Why they didn't do it to Discord before, I say the writers got lazy

Man, that self insert tag wasn’t kidding XD
Also, Aww to that little Fluttercord nudge x3

I've got better fates planned. And they will not dissapoint.

Wow... I didn't expect this. This is... REALLY INTERESTING!

Also, I guess someone will finally able to ask Cozy Glow who her parents are and get answers.

The idea of a MLP character, much less Cozy Glow, Chrysalis, and Tirek being in Planet Earth brings up SO MANY POSSIBILITIES! Like them meeting the MLP crew in real life (or better yet, their voice actors), watching MLP episodes, meeting humans, trying out Earth technology, etc.

Hm, I wonder if Cozy's new cutie mark will be a piece of human technology, like a phone or a computer.

You left out a space in the paragraph that has everypony and every creature I think. Also you put an r at the end of enslave instead of e.

Another interesting chapter! I hope Cozy Glow, Chrysalis, and Tirek watch "A Canterlot Wedding", "Twilight's Kingdom", "School Raze", "Frenemies", and "The Ending of the End"! I'm really exited to see where this goes! But if you do have a story to tell after they've returned to Equestria, I wonder how Cozy would feel about meeting the adult CMC and Young Six. I'd also like to have them meet with Celestia and Luna again, and maybe Cozy could also bond with Luna and Stygian over taking on monstrous forms and being unfamiliar with what's become of Equestria ever since they were gone. Stygian could also help Tirek understand how Scorpan must've felt.


I will do some of that...

And if that story does get made...

How do feel about a better ending for Marble Pie?

I’ll be honest, it took a lot from me not to start laughing imagining the three trying to figure out Netflix, much less all wanting to watch something different.


That’s an idea. I could have them argue over what show to watch when they’re done with MLP.

I'd love a better ending for Marble Pie. And on that note, I'd also love for the trio to watch Steven Universe or Gravity Falls!

I could imagine Tirek making a joke by saying he's starting to warm up to Planet Earth, and then he'll bring up global warming.

I don’t think either of those shows are on Netflix.

He’ll be like “What’s global warming?”
“That you’re killing the planet by destroying everything!”
“I destroy it because it usually just restores itself with magic.”
“There is no magic here!!”
“... oh sh-“

It doesn't have to be on Netflix, they can watch it on YouTube or something.

Comment posted by arandompony deleted Nov 18th, 2019

Oh... I'm definitely exited to see where this goes! And I'm thinking Cozy Glow could temporarily go to Sam's school (hopefully the students won't freak out). I'm ALSO thinking that when she returns to Equestria, she could consider going to a school about politics after learning the true meaning of friendship, and will (ironically) be more okay than Chrysalis and Tirek with having to part ways.

And in addition to Marble Pie, I'd like for Celestia, Luna, the CMC, the Young Six, Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, Thorax, and Stygian to appear as well... I'm sorry if I'm asking for too much.

I still think the trio can maybe watch shows like Gravity Falls or Steven Universe.:rainbowlaugh:

I’m not a Christian myself, I’m closer to being a deist really.

I can try to make that happen... but they would probably have to be in Equestria.

My friends are major players in this story, and a three-people sleepover is usually only one night.

As for the characters you suggested, I already have plans for MOST of them to appear.

This Sam isnt based on me is he? I do like a little rough housing as you know I fight with swords?

Ha bug horse! He seems to hate Chrysalis like I do!

I'm VERY interested in the idea of the trio exploring the human world. I'd also like for the three of them to watch "A Royal Problem" to see how they'd react to Daybreaker.:rainbowlaugh:

Like I said, I think Cozy Glow could go to Sam's school (well, class) temporarily. It seems she could do so under a different identity. As for Chrysalis and Tirek, I'm not sure...

The story actually takes place in summer. But maybe the opposite could happen.

You left out a word when you said Tieek had a black beard.

Wow... I'm REALLY exited to see how this goes! And the disguises are quite creative too! Then again, I think Tirek will have the most trouble adjusting to Planet Earth.

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