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In these dark hours of Equestria, caused by an entity unknown, nearly the entire population of ponies and creatures turn from their innocent selves into c̶o̷r̶r̵u̶p̸t̴e̶d̷ mindless monsters. Survivors are scattered throughout the land, and all hope seems slim.

With unlikely allies, friends turned to foes, and danger lurking in every corner, could Equestria be truly salvageable, or is this the end as we know it, the world’s fate sealed to the d̷a̶r̴k̴n̶e̵s̶s̶ forever?

It started with a scream when the clock struck midnight.

A story about the "Learning with Pibby" corruption in Equestria.

If by chance you don't know much about the original idea, then feel free to click here to see the original source: https://youtu.be/Btu0O47u3rY

Note: Gore tag is present due to descriptions of some corrupted characters. However one chapter does contain a scene of dismemberment, and another a slight description of impalement

(Credit for glitch texture goes to someone on YouTube, JimmytheDrawer. No, he doesn't make MLP content or is even a fan of the show as far as I know, just giving credit where it's due)

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Well, that got dark real fast, not good, five of the six elements have been corrupted :pinkiegasp::raritydespair:

I hope Luna is ok.

Spike needs to step up now since 5 of the Mane 6 is gone now

That was a terrifying and awesome opener! I am curious as to if other ponies may be able to use their magic to keep the gLiTcH at bay, since it has shown in the original Pibby trailer that beams and rays can blast it back, but physical attacks will only get you consumed.

Oh Jesus this story took a dark turn real fast. I hope that those who are corrupted are not dead...

Oh wow, that became dark really fast.

I can't wait to see what happens next.

Curious in if any of the Student Six like Smolder survived too?

So far so good. I am curious how Pinkie felt with someone else popping up everywhere, like she normal does.

Must have more, im hooked, so much thrill and mystery XD

I need more! The spooks, the fear and the thrill. Now Pinkie and Spike will need to think of something to save everyone.

Spike did right in telling the truth.

A story about the "Learning with Pibby" corruption in Equestria.

If by chance you don't know much about the original idea, then feel free to click here to see the original source: https://youtu.be/Btu0O47u3rY

Is Learning with Pibby a real TV series?

Not yet. Lots of people hope it does become one.

Oh dear Chrysalis, you have a choice, whats it gonna be? Cant wait for more XD, loving this

Yeah this story is intriguing and good. No wonder it got featured. I'm glad Pinkie lived though.

She couldn't help but ask. "What in Celestia's name happened to you two?"

I never thought I would hear her say this and I love it. Keep up the good work! This is getting exciting

Interesting how Chrysalis fought it back. The ooze is there, but she fought it back successfully.

wait, this is YOUR story? But what about the reformverse?

That will return. But attention will also be on this.

I doubt this is the last time the corruption seeks to break her will. Perhaps it will be active, filling her mind with hallucinations and whispers telling her things will be better to give in. Or perhaps it will be passive, just bubbling and oozing beneath her chitin and waiting for the perfect time to burst free.

that's exactly what happened in the FNF my little pony corruption mod! only pinkie survived and went to help pibby and the folks……

A bit surprised that Chrysalis took the cake batter shot so well. But then again she has been through worse.

This is going well, and it's quite interesting see Chrysalis actually work with the heroes. the alliance does feel a bit rushed, but I don't mind it.

For the record, one could say it technically hasn’t been made official yet and what happens in the next chapter would do the job.

Oh no, not Trixie too!

This story is getting more and more interesting. Now Queen Chrysalis has joined the party. Now, I am wondering on how she would react about saving Twilight and her friends, specifically Starlight.

Only time will tell, and I will patiently wait.

Keep up the great work!

woah! I hope our Characters, Leo and Gizmos can come and rescue them!

This is an entirely different universe. It has nothing to do with the Reformverse.

i see oh well still waiting for the Reformoverse story to continue i am still looking forward for it!

Chrysalis, the unwilling ally but an ally nonetheless.
Even mind controlled Trixie loves taking center stage.

For some reason I remembered the example of Sonic from the comics. There was a techno-virus that acted much like Pibby's glitch, taking over everyone and turning organic victims into hive-mind zombiebots. The bottom line is that Sonic himself was infected, but the constant run to exhaustion did not allow the infection to be controlled.
also on Adult Swim's April Fool's Night airing 2022, Pibby's glitch failed to get hold of the morally adult depressive characters.

With a bit of struggle, Chrysalis managed to break free from the batter, with both the help of her physical strength and her magic. She took her crossbow, and grabbed an arow, arming it on the spot. She was on high alert, and Spike and Pinkie were too as well.


Also though the fight was short, it was still satisfying.

Heh. I bet Chrysalis has a soft spot deep inside her black heart. She just doesn't know or admit it.

Yeah the fight was short, but at least it helps the story go somewhere so I do not mind.

Spike and Pinkie will need to up their game for the next one, because Chrysalis won't always be there to protect them. Trixie alone disoriented them, and they have more powerful friends that this glob can use to attack them.
Really hope this glob didn't grab one of the other Princesses either.

Oh I got different plans for this glob, and let me tell you, they'll be interesting.

Oh a pibby crossover

Man these corruption things keeps stopping them at every turn. I just hope that the three make it out ok. But most importantly, will Chrysalis be able to stand the two of them?

*looks at the ceiling.* The F was that?

Also wonder how Chrysalis might react to seeing her former children being corrupted. I can see her both worrying and dismissing them, sad that they had fallen farther without her yet upset that they aren't strong enough to resist as she did.

Well at least discord isn’t corrupted right?

"EEP! Is there a... a... burglar!? " Pinkie quickly ran off and returned with her signature party cannon, a colorful army helmet strapped snugly on her head. Like what she does for emergencies, she stuffed a fresh vanilla cake right into the cannon. "Alright! Show yourself! You mess with the cakes! You mess with their snacks! You mess with me! "

I put on my powered wig and load my musket, blew a golf ball size hole through the second man

The two infant Cake Twins were both crawling on the walls and ceiling like spiders, their legs having gotten incredibly longer. As they got closer, they kept giggling constantly, their baby giggles heavily distorted and scratchy.

*pulls out cross and Aquila*
Outta this house, outta this house

Wait really. Is there a clip of this you could possibly link?

“And… why would you do that?…”

“Look that’s not important! We can’t just leave her there!” proclaimed Smolder.


“Oh Spike, nobody’s been here yet!” Pinkie assured. “I’m sure nobody will be here while the others are go-“

*murphy law has entered the chat*
Oh, hello Murphy

I don’t think she can handle seeing her daughter of her children being corrupted, because no matter how much she says she doesn’t, there is still love for her children.

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