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Sacrifice in my name


Many of these so-called ponies believe they were the first to discover the land that is now known as Equestria. They were wrong, of course. Those idiotic Humans, inebriated Dwarves, and the pitiful vomit-inducing, tree hugging, frolicking Elves littered the landscape first all the while living their simple, boring lives. The ponies and the other smattering of races moved here over time from some other land. If they were still here, the various original races meeting the ponies would have made for a bit of a chaotic first contact considering they used dumber cousins of the ponies as labor and mounts. It's too bad that didn't happen, oh I could have enjoyed watching that carnage with a nice bowl of salamander eyeballs.

But, well, one or one-hundred powerful wizards attempting magic beyond their capabilities on magical artifacts beyond their comprehension tend to make things go... explodey. In a single snap of my claws the entire human race, and all of the other "intelligent" races as well, were simply gone. Vaporized in a magical wave of energy. The landscape left even more magically scarred than when the Tower Heart of the old Dark Tower went kaboom. We minions fled back to the Netherworld from whence we came and waited for the land to heal, and hopefully for some other race capable of thought to come knocking at its gates.

We waited a long time for that and now we should really get around to finding a new Master, none of the races showed any real promise so we need to do this ourselves. Giblet seems to have found something promising while digging around the cave of a local dragon (the dragons seem to have gotten smarter too), so I'll have to go give that a look-see and pray to Darkness nothing weird comes out of it.

But as I always say... Evil always finds a way.

-Gnarl, the Minion Master, on the origins of Equestria

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Kind of a hacky summary, to say nothing of the story.

good luck man I’ll read if you add more chapters.

Nice! No limit on active minions in the field!

I hope to god this crossover story finish to the end because there are too many Overlord crossover fanfics that are left incomplete for weeks or months or years on end. So please, please I beg of you let this be the one to be completed. Don't let this story die like so many before it.:fluttercry::raritydespair:

I'm In love. This is exactly what I have been looking for

Yeah, sorry on that front...Life, she is a cruel, cruel mistress...

Definitely into it right now, please continue.

You have my intrest, let's see what you make of this.

And thuse a true Evil begins its glories conquest

Finally an overlord crossover with no minion limit YES!

Ooh, judging by this, The Storm King hasn't been stopped yet, so I wonder what part of the timeline this is.

I wonder if Tempest may be tempted to switch sides, after all, the only real loyalty she has to The Storm King is that he sad he'd fix her horn. If the Overlord can do it for her instead, she could be a vary valuable ally, not just for her fighting and magic skills, but also her knowledge of the land to help the Overlord start taking better control over everything.

Wait, this isn't gonna be one of those "I'm gonna be a good overlord" stories is it?

''Prefer a sword''.... ''a sword'' ..... ''Sword''....... BLASPHEMY!!! what kind of decent Evil Overlord would EVER prefer a sword?!?!? >.>
Everyone knows Axes are better than swords and Maces are the ULTIMATE in Evil Weaponry.... after all... a sword is a clean kill... while a mace let's you break every single bone in your enemies bodies.... not to mention it makes short work of any decent armor that goody two shoe'd guards tend to wear

by the way... are you gonna turn the griffons into minion mounts? <3 only real way to get a decent air force before going head to head with the Equstrian Pegasuses... oh or are you gonna use Corruption? oh please please PLEASE use corruption!!!

So looking forward to this story <3<3

Just gonna leave this here.

I hate sand, it’s coarse, rough and irritating, and it gets everywhere.


Me like the chapter though.

Muahahahaahahaha XD i can't wait to see all the kinds of gear the minions will grab :3

Can't wait to see him fight the Storm King!

I wonder if Tempest will become an ally.

Very nicely done. I love the kickback to the original! One of the best games known to mankind!

You going to get off your last ass soon and finish the two stories you made it what?

I almost forgot about this one. Glad to see you update

It's been over three years. I actually forgot about this.

I had almost forgotten about this one until it popped up into my feed. Glad to get a new chapter from it. I recently played the games so this is even more fun for me to read!

They had the hats, it’s clearly fate.

Makes sense :moustache:

Haha, yeah, I've been replaying the games recently as well. Such a fun nostalgia trip.

What does he consider a "lame death?"

Being blasted to pieces?
-Pretty hardcore.

Not learning anything significant about them (besides being super evil) or even any kind of real presence in the episodes other than just being there in the background and making some crystals before being blasted to pieces?
-Shifts the death from hardcore to lame/boring.

At least, according to our MC who I've decided hasn't seen anything with "Grogar" in the show and see what personality they gave Sombra. Even if a villain dies a cool death they need to have an actual presence in the show for him to like it.

murdered by friendship is kinda lame, if effective in mlp world

He should think outside of games rules and limitations and get creative

What about making imps mass produce everything ,they have numbers and could train that way too.
Like Uruk-hai,orcs in LOTR,Isengard

Swords and armor.

So they could wear armor similiar to Uruk-hai

And also teach them to build war machines


Hahahahah! Yes!! This is not how I play Overlord. I try to be a good person. But seeing this Evil story makes me smile

Good to see that you are still working on this fic, i am eagerly looking foward to future chapters.

The fight was well thought out, i also like how this Overlord is a bit more pratical and actully think things throu instead of just letting him get swept along with his new powers, thinking ahead and actully planning for the future is such a pratical thing.

Finally, an Overlord that is able to get shit done. Too many overlord fanfics have the protagonist pissing about, instead of conquering.


Minion: Master, Master, We serve the Master.
I have 3 Ps3 Overlord games and 1 Wii Overlord game and I even played the emulator for the ds version of the Overlord game. All in all I love the story so far.

I get this story recommend since it no longer was 'left for dead'. Let's see what entertainment it delivers.

Authors notes ... Instant like to you'r writing ethnic :raritywink:

I like this start. Nice! Unlimited MINONS as long the Lifeforce is there :pinkiehappy:

Most delightful. The Yeti never had any sympathy from me ever. Let's gave some fun :pinkiehappy:

Getting the Storm bitch killed will be most delightful!
Wonder if Tempest will need domination or rather follow when the Overlord intends to restore her horn IF there is a way to do so...

Damn fine chapter! I fear Tempest get maimed further. She is cleary a asset that the Overlord can need for his plans!

Most entertaining! Well written story. Who will his first or second mistress be i wonder...

I like his fate of the Former Storm King. Than again a Scapegoat is always better to draw attention from the Enemy.
Someone else is the offical face of the Overlord, if a enemy come after them and actually manage to defeat or even kill the Scapegoat, than the Overlord knows who to take care of first and focus on them.

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