• Published 12th Apr 2018
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Overlord: Dominate Equestria - Jashin

An Evil (the capital E is important) long forgotten to the world stirs once more, summoning forth a new Overlord that the races and kingdoms of Equestria and beyond have never before experienced.

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Chapter 4

Tempest stood on the bow of the Storm King’s flagship, one of the few ships in the Storm King’s armada that avoided any real damage besides the ones stored at Klugetown while the rest awaited repairs at the main castle docks. Even her own personal ship wasn’t spared. She narrowed her eyes at the black speck of a town in the distance, anyone that got in her way from healing what she had lost needed to be gotten rid of.

Storm clouds rolled over the sky as they flew straight at the town, announcing their arrival with the typical flair the Storm King demanded while the desert blistered in the bright sun everywhere except their target. The city itself looked like it was being subjected to a storm as well, what looked like black clouds swirled over the sky of the dirty city with its center being the docks they were attacking. Tempest frowned and turned to one of the Storm Guards, “Spyglass, long distance.”

Said tool was grabbed from an open barrel of them and wordlessly handed over, the mare grabbed it with her hoof and held it up to her eye. Tempest scowled as she eyed the small figures running around, they didn’t look impressive but she could see the evil chaotic gleam in their slightly glowing eyes and sharp-toothed grins. The most heavily armored and equipped with more than a wooden club stood guard behind walls of barricades that blocked the way from the protruding piers to the inside of the docks proper. She estimated there to be at least two hundred of the small figures, an impressive number that should give a stiff resistance to their own forces. They also only had one ship, the missing four were gone, which was tethered on the other side of the docks away from where the fighting was going to happen and defended with black spikes protruding from the side of the rock spire to prevent damage to it.

The tall spire of rock the docks sat on had been turned into a fortress. Black spikes that gleamed in the sun had burst forth from the rock itself around two and a half stories tall, surrounding the docks in a way that almost reminded Tempest of a circular Venus Flytrap. More spikes were raised inside the walled-off docks, disregarding any buildings that may have already been there as they pierced through them, a clear deterrent to prevent them from simply landing behind their defenses and forced confrontation towards the piers and the docks nearest it. She didn’t like their chances against trying anyway, the black spikes did not look weak.

Tempest turned the glass, her open eye narrowed suspiciously.

The more lightly armored imps, in groups of eleven, giggled and danced at various points. Though what brought her suspicion was the fact that these points did not have any walls covering them and were left completely bare. Almost like invitations…

Tempest scowled and moved the spyglass to the biggest unknown.

It was foreboding in design. Black and spiky like the walls surrounding the docks yet also spilling out a blue beam of what was clearly a high concentration of magic. In all her studies of magical artifacts during her quest to fix herself nothing rang any bells as to what they were dealing with. The beam was spilling up all the way to the sky, purple and black lightning decorated and swirled around the blue beam as it traveled upwards to the center of the swirling black clouds covering the city. Tempest could see an armored figure inside the magic itself, it was floating in the air with one gauntleted arm raised as if it was grasping something and the other hanging by its side with an impressive ax in hand.

Tempest could understand the fear the survivors shared when she interviewed them. The armored creature was definitely unnerving to look at, something on a primal level that she was not able to place. Its deep blue almost approaching black skin seen in the gaps between some of the armor of its arms didn’t seem to have any fur yet it was obviously not one of the amphibian races. Its glowing orange eyes pierced through the eyeholes of its helmet as they narrowed in concentration, not even the magical beam kept Tempest from seeing them. The mare shook her head and grimaced, the closer she got the bigger this new headache she had just gotten became, and the more her horn tingled and occasionally sparked with magic. She took a moment to rub her head at the base of her horn.

“Well, any sign of the one I’m about to crush?” The Storm King spoke up from behind Tempest.

Said mare took the spyglass from her eye and hoofed it over to him, “Yes, your excellency. They are inside of the… magical artifact, doing something that I’m not certain of.”

“Magic?” He asked and put the spyglass to his eye. He grinned widely, “Well, well, well. That looks promising! If this guy wanted to hand over something like that he didn’t need to do all of this!”

The Storm King laughed loudly for a moment before he turned his gaze to the rest of the docks. “Hmm, I don’t remember there being spikes around those docks.”

“Most likely some sort of magic,” Tempest stated the obvious. “There are several artifacts that can do similar things. The Obsidian Wand of the ancient Dragon Lord Gargle the Glutton, for example.”

“Hmm,” the Storm King hummed. “We can’t land far inside the docks, the gaps are probably trapped, and the only entrance is through the heavily defended piers…”

He suddenly grinned evilly.

Tempest looked up at him, “Sir?”

“Order two of our most damaged ships to ram the docks at full speed, I want to stare at that artifact I’m about to grab a bit longer. Also, I want some of our ships to park next to the staircase leading up to them,” the Storm King told Tempest. “We’re going to shatter their defenses then storm the port from two sides!”

“Sir, you want-”

“Ha!” He barked out a laugh. “Get it? Storm! Because I’m the Storm King! Oh, I’m a genius!”

Tempest rolled her eyes outside of the Storm King’s view, “Your Excellency, what about cannon fire? We can do a lot more damage that way.”

“No!” He yelled, his previous jovial attitude gone. “What if you hit the magic artifact?! I already told you my orders Tempest, get to it!”

Tempest sighed but turned away and went to relay the orders.

The battle had started.

Tempest watched as their two most damaged ships headed straight on a collision course to ram the docks while the rest of the armada was to wait above the outskirts of the city. Movement caught her eye and she moved her new spyglass to see what it was.

The ground in front of the imps guarding the exposed sections of the wall shifted. Then towering rock-like structures burst forth and settled neatly into the spaces, leaving no gaps in the walls. On top of the new structures, which were twice as tall as the wall itself, were huge and very heavy-looking siege weapons settled on a mechanism that allowed them to turn. The imps rushed forth and manned them, loading up huge boulders as ammo and moving on unseen and unheard orders. Two large ballistae also erupted from the ground not far from the magical artifact, flanking it on both sides and giving them a direct line of sight to the piers.

Tempest’s horn throbbed and sparked.

The tower weapons fired at the approaching ships, a couple managing to hit them while the rest sailed past and struck the desert surrounding the city. The ship that had been struck and was already more damaged than the other began to slowly swerve away from the target, it sailed at a downward angle before crashing into the sands as it barely missed the city proper.

The second ship made it mostly to its target. Its steering seemed to also be compromised from a lucky hit so it struck the pier and docks at an odd angle, leaving a trail of wooden destruction and a few broken buildings as it slid to a stop. The Storm Soldiers that were still alive stumbled out of the wreckage though their lives weren’t long as the imps had avoided the crash entirely and mercilessly slaughtered the disoriented soldiers in a wave of bodies and steel. Tempest watched as one took the helmet off a soldier and placed it on its head as another grabbed its weapon and danced excitedly. More naked ones soon came running and equipped themselves with whatever they wanted.

“Hmm,” the Storm King seemed to be thinking to himself while rubbing his chin and staring at the wreckage. “Those imps are good minion material. See that gleam in their eyes? They have no qualms about killing, it’s like breathing to them and they’re pretty strong for being so small! Wonderful! I might have to recruit them for my army!”

Tempest didn’t say anything and continued to look over the battle.

The docks had lost a decent bit of their barricade defenses on the ground. However, the siege weapons were still active and constantly tried to hit the armada as they moved around. Once it was clear that they could do real damage from this range the Storm King ordered that no ships should stay stationary. Even with those orders a few of their ships couldn’t keep up due to their previous damage and succumbed to the onslaught, sending the ships, their crew, and their cargo into the desert sands.

The Storm King didn’t seem to care about the losses and raised a hand holding a magical talking device that relayed orders to the armada to his mouth, “Groups one and two, drop off the assault troops at the piers then circle back and wait for further orders. Fly above the ships and drop down by rope if you have to just do it quickly! Groups three and four, assault the gate from the staircase once you’re disembarked. I want that armored idiot at my feet before this day is over!”

He turned to the mare beside him, “Tempest, you’re going to lead the assault on the gate.”

Tempest stood straighter, “Sir! I won’t fail you!”

“You’d better not,” he growled. “As long as you remember that only I can restore your horn, you won’t let failure get in the way.”

“I’d never.. gah! Agh!” Tempest reeled back and grasped her horn as it suddenly sparked with black pops of magic. She shook her head wildly as the air around them began to feel heavy and charged, the swirling black clouds over the city formed by their enemy seemed to grow thicker and a dark haze covered the sky for miles past them. Tempest could feel strange magical energies start to seep into her through her shattered horn.

“No!” She suddenly screamed and jerked her head, her horn popping with magic several times in one last burst as what happened finally passed. Tempest lay on the floor gasping and rubbing her head between her hooves.

“What… what just happened?” the Storm King asked, rubbing his head as he briefly felt a small pressure but was otherwise fine. “Anyone getting this? Anything to add?”

“I don’t know,” Tempest replied. “The air… it suddenly spiked with magic but it felt wrong. It was invasive, and Evil.”

The Storm King glanced in the direction of the docks, at the beam of magic that had just intensified. He looked back at the other soldiers around him, all of which appeared to either be rubbing their heads or seemed fine and unaffected. His face twisted and his eyes narrowed in fury as the gears turned in his head.

“Assault the docks. Now! Leave nothing alive!” He roared at his army. He glanced down at the mare who briefly struggled to stand up before turning away from her and glaring at the distant enemy.

“You’re doing remarkably well, Dark One,” Gnarl spoke up. It seems those quick remedial lessons paid off.”

I didn’t say anything as I concentrated on channeling the spell. This was nothing I’d ever thought I’d feel. I felt thousands of connections that could be made with my Evil Presence, thousands of lives in my hands as magic was constantly drained and filled from my body using the energy from the Netherworld. I could feel every sketchy citizen in the city and even the soldiers of the Storm King's armada. It took a lot of concentration from me to keep from getting lost in the sensations as I channeled all this power.

“Oh, it seems that the pretender has started to attack us for real,” Gnarl said. “I was getting worried he was all bark and no bite!”

As the attack was started I was only able to give silent and simple orders using my gauntlet and connection to the minions. I couldn’t spare too much thought on them but I was able to keep my army from being crushed by a ship and set so-called guard points for my minions.

There was no banner like the game, it was more like an order to “defend this area” or “don’t let people through here”. It was even flexible for the minions, they don’t just stay in a tight circle like the game and instead actually use things like cover and choke points.

My general orders besides the ones given to the minions that manned the siege weapons were to kill attacking soldiers, defend the gates and docks, and keep enemies away from me. The slaves I mind-controlled a day or so ago (time is hard to tell in the Netherworld) had moved to stand in front of the gate to keep people away from me as the airships got closer.

The magic ritual strengthened once more, it was nearing completion.

“Oh! I do love to watch a good bit of bloodshed! It reminds me of my days as a younger minion…”

Then the first of the enemy armada latched onto the piers. With a resounding battle cry, the enemy soldiers jumped from the ships and charged the minions who let out their own war cry in response. The two armies then began the very bloody fighting, though I think only the minions were having a genuinely good time during it.

The second set of ships arrived right above the first. A few were struck with heavy rocks and knocked into others, creating a large mess that tumbled into the battlefield and the city below. The ones that survived had ropes thrown overboard and more soldiers dropped onto the pier to join their comrades. Some died with ballista bolts pierced through their bodies as the minions manning them fired.

The ships themselves weren’t inactive, some fired what few cannons that were properly aimed towards us and destroyed one of the tower siege weapons. Well, it’s good to know that this world does have some sense of weapons on ships.

“Ooh, we need to get some of those, Master,” Gnarl said. “Shame about the minions I suppose, though I never liked Ratty!”

More minions jumped out of the minion gate at my brief urging and rushed towards the fighting, only pausing to grab anything that looked like a better weapon. The initial charge of the Storm Soldiers was good, their larger frames and shields helped a lot to push the minions back. But the minions gave back far more, fighting with vicious and gleeful savagery as they struck at every bit of flesh they could find.

To me, even as I was channeling the domination ritual, the soldiers seemed to be better at intimidation than life or death fighting. Which made this a bad matchup for them. When the initial shock of their charge slowed down they had to stand against the constant fighting pressure of the minions who had no fear of death, unlike the enemy soldiers. Once or twice I could see a soldier here and there try to give up as the slaughter of their friends continued, only to be struck down without mercy.

Not to say that it was entirely one-sided, a lot of brown floating magical skulls that signaled dead minions were popping up across the battlefield. Hopefully, they were mostly the newborns, the ones with actual armor, weapons, and experience would be more expensive to bring back using Mortis.

“Master!” One minion came up to me. “Furry soldiers come attacking gate! Pony lead attack, is good at fighting!”

“A pony good at fighting? Huh, now this I must see!” Gnarl scoffed.

I was almost done with the spell.

“Take more minions and hold them off,” I managed to growl out an order as the final moments of the spell were about to take place. After summoning more minions I didn’t acknowledge the minion any further than that as the beam got stronger, for a moment I thought I heard a singular cry of pain past all the others going on in the battle.

Minions poured out of the minion gate and followed the minion that spoke to me, cheering as they headed to where Tempest was likely fighting. My eyes narrowed further as a flood of lives and minds began to slowly collect into my figurative hand.

Once more the desire to snuff out every life reared its head, but I snarled and shoved it aside. Now wasn’t the time to indulge in something like that. I felt what Gnarl called “evil energy” pulse inside of me as I used my magic to bring forth more corruption into the minds of the people around me.

I can remember some kind of energy called that in the first game, it’s collected inside beings of evil and can supposedly be absorbed by the Overlord for power. If my memory serves correctly it was actually called corruption in the first game, you do sins like killing innocents or keeping food for yourself instead of starving peasants, and your personal corruption increases. Lore wise it was supposed to increase your power, though I think it was just cosmetic and affected the ending in the game.

Corruption was replaced with Tyranny in the second game. Whether you just straight up killed everyone or dominated their minds as resource-producing slaves. But it was clear to me that I wasn’t limited to a single game.

My hand twitched as magic power gathered around it, the minds of the weak overwhelmed by my evil energy and corrupting them to serve me. The energy seemed to feed itself, every mind that I overwhelmed fueled my power even further and in turn, increased the amount of evil energy inside of me. At one point I began to notice that the domination started to get faster.

My gauntleted hand clenched as I flew a few feet higher into the air then slammed back down. Magical lightning burst and arched around me and the gate as the magic spilled out. In a pulse of power, the beam of the gate sent one final bit of energy into the blackened sky as the connection between my newly enthralled citizens and me finalized. The swirling blackened sky and the dark haze further out from it was now a permanent feature of this town and area, showing to all that I was its new master.

I could feel the increase of my magic. The more evil I do the stronger I get. The more evil beings of the world that I kill and drain of their own energy the stronger I get. The more I dominate, the stronger I get.

I felt wonderful.

"Your power has increased, sire. What a great day for Evil, hahaha!" Gnarl cackled with sinister undertones.

As I stepped down from the gate with my ax in hand I observed the ongoing battle. The pier was largely handled battle-wise with the more armored minions doing a good job holding the now slowly retreating enemy back. Nonetheless, I pointed my hand at the groups of enemies and let loose a blast of lightning at them. My magic seared through several of the soldiers and many more as I kept the magic spell up. When I was finished a score or more of the soldiers lay dead and blackened on the ground.

Then I turned my hand up and a black flame of dark magic appeared hovering over it. I let it condense and shoved more power into it before pointing my hand at the slowly retreating ships that decided to simply leave behind their own soldiers instead of facing me. Like a flamethrower, the dark flame lashed out from my hand and covered the ships as I swept my hand through the air. Soon the ships were aflame and the soldiers on board were panicking, though they were still flying away from the docks.

"Oh, nothing like some good old-fashioned arson to really get the evil blood flowing!" Gnarl almost seemed to sigh dreamily at that. "Why, I can almost feel the flames from down here!"

I decided that they’d probably make it out of the city before succumbing. Klugetown wasn’t that big of a city widthwise, mostly thanks to the sands of the desert and the fact that most of it was settled on a large rock outcropping with large and lengthy gorges surrounding it.

The minions cheered and began fighting with greater vigor against the remaining soldiers left behind. The few that weren't fighting were happily dancing on top of bodies or pools of blood as they watched the ships burn in the air and their fellow minions kill the remaining enemies. I decided to keep them here to keep guard just in case the Storm King tried another attack and pulled fifty more of them from the minion gate before moving towards the gates that led out of the docks. Tempest was easy to spot, being the only pony in the fight and all. She seemed to be weary and in pain as she fought for some reason, though that didn’t seem to keep her from knocking around my minions.

I raised my hand as I clenched my fist, a black spike of Netherworld rock pierced out of the ground. It snapped out of the ground and floated next to my hand as I readied myself as if I was about to throw a javelin. Tempest noticed my approach and I threw the rock, she agilely jumped to the side and the spike instead lodged into the stomach of one of her soldiers.

I loved dark magic, it was such a simple yet powerful way of using magic. It was also perfect for someone in my situation as the magic was all about using my power to force my will and intent upon the world. Since I was limited on time and didn’t have the luxury of staying indoors to practice my spells in a typical way of studying magic it was the quickest way of increasing my chances to do damage and survive. It wasn’t super efficient though, at least right now, and I was mostly limited to combat applications but I can just get better the more I use my magic. Dark magic also kinda fits with my domination way of bringing tyranny to my new domain.

…Shit, to the Equestrians and Crystal Ponies I’d just be Sombra number two, right? Well, at least I’d better make sure I don’t die such a lame death then.

I pointed at the battle and my minions charged. Tempest tried to hit me with one of those green things she used in the movie but I just jumped to the side and ignored the area it struck and broke upon after it flew by. For someone of my size, I was kinda deceptively quick and agile. The relatively slow hulking gate of the Overlords in the games has to be only for intimidation purposes.

I threw another spike at the mare and she jumped on it as it passed by before springing off and landing a kick on one of the minions across the battle. It was a newborn so it died pretty quickly and left the signature floating minion skull, no real loss. I continued forward into the battle, swinging my ax at the nearest enemy soldier that tried to attack me. It blocked my ax, though it was flung back due to my strength, it’s tiny shield was torn in two, and I could see a lot of blood gush out of the wound on its arm. The downed soldier was swarmed and quickly killed by my minions. When I joined the battle proper the minions grew into a heated frenzy, laughing, howling, and fighting even harder than before.

"Remember sire," Gnarl spoke. "Minions are always at their best when in the presence of your Dark magnificence! Whether through increased strength and speed or a better sense of fighting ability. Because while they can fight well when away from you it is merely passable, only when you are guiding them do they shine with true murderous intent! This can be boosted even further with the right spell, but we'll have to shelve that for now."

Another tried to attack me but a minion stabbed it in the leg. As it fell to the ground I lifted my ax and stabbed the head down over its head as hard as I could, crushing its skull and helmet into a mixture of fine paste and crumpled metal. This fight at the gates was going well despite the presence of Tempest and the many dead minions by her and her soldier's hooves/hands. But it couldn't last long, the enemy soldiers were thinning out more rapidly due to the increased zeal of my minions and some even started running down the stairs. They simply couldn't fight against beings that thrived on being in battle, were decent fighters, quick and strong despite their size, and were easily replaced.

“Hrrah!” Tempest yelled, one of her legs lashing out at me. I managed to turn mostly away from her hit but her hoof still caught me on the shoulder and forced me to stagger back a step before I caught myself. There was a very loud clang that rang across the battle as her hoof met the metal of my armor but it didn’t manage to dent the magical and minion-forged steel so I only felt a bit sore. It seems that I was a lot tougher than I previously thought.

“This impudent pony dares to harm our Master?! Teach her a lesson, sire!”

I ducked under another strike aimed for my head and retaliated with a swing of my ax at where she landed. Tempest leapt to the side and tried to send some sort of magic blast at me with her sparking horn. She suddenly stopped as her magic fizzled out and she gasped with strain.

“Grah!” She yelled while violently shaking her head and sending tiny magic sparks across the road. “I can’t lose now! I have too much at stake!”

"It seems she's already on her last legs, she certainly didn't last very long," Gnarl commented.

I didn’t know what was going on but took advantage of her weakened state anyway and pointed at the mare, the minions around me followed my unspoken command and charged her. They had the opportunity as her soldiers were either dead or running away. Tempest snarled and stood her ground, giving up on using her limited magical abilities and lashing out desperately. Even in her weakened state, she gave a good fight by knocking minions around and tanking hits, sadly even with all her skill the sheer numbers and the minion's own skill slowly overwhelmed her. Several cuts appeared over her legs as minions scored slices, her armor around her chest (barrel?) was cracked, her tail was now half of its previous length, and she was breathing heavily. I took hold of a minion by its neck and flung it at Tempest, she almost didn’t notice the flying minion but managed to strike it in the air with a well-placed buck.

She didn’t seem to expect me to charge her as her hooves were still in the air, nor the heavy soccer kick I gave to her underside with my armored boot. Tempest cried out in pain as she went flying towards a wall only to slam back first and collapse in a heap, she struggled to get up as my minions approached her.

“Oh ho ho! And that’s two points for Evil!” Gnarl commented.

“Nighty night!” a minion cheerfully said before slamming its club into the side of her head. Her neck almost looked like it stretched from the force her head was subjected to as blood and what looked like a tooth flew out of her mouth. The mare crumpled to the ground while the minions cheered and danced.

“Clasp her in chains, cage her, and imprison her somewhere in the tower,” I ordered as the battle came to a close. “I’ll be speaking with her later.”

My minions, the ones not grabbing every bit of armor, loose weapons, life force, and other assorted valuables anyway, roughly grabbed her by her legs and dragged her away from me. I was lucky that she seemed to have been weakened somehow, between the two of us she was clearly the more skilled fighter and I still don’t know my true limitations just yet. I really needed to learn how to properly fight, maybe Gnarl has some actual combat lesson that was more than 'smash this' or 'kill that'.

Sigh, it was just another thing I needed to do to ensure I don't die stupidly.

A loud explosion drew my attention and I quickly ran to the piers to see what that was about. I caught the settling smoke and debris of one of the ships I had set alight as it fell to the ground in the desert. Since there were cannons here I assumed the flame managed to catch the gunpowder store. I was also a bit surprised that it wasn’t as far away as I’d have thought, but I guess that battle tends to make one's sense of time do weird things. The other ship was also still on fire and was slowly sinking and falling apart in the air.

The rest of the Storm King’s armada slowly retreated while my remaining siege weapons flung more rocks at them, including the ships that were around the staircase that spiraled around the rock formation of the dock. I was a tad surprised that I lost more of them as I hadn’t noticed them being destroyed. I needed to work on keeping track of the battle at large in the future.

Well, at least they weren't any great loss.

I summoned more minions from the pit and set them loose to do more guarding and collecting. I lost a good chunk of them during the battle even after spending time learning about magic and getting more life force from the minion burrows. About half my total army was gone and I didn’t like that, clubs just didn't kill as well as sharpened metal and flesh was weaker than armor. I’m going to really have to make sure they were properly geared up in the future, I think the main reason most died was because they didn’t have enough armor to go around.

With the battle done I just flexed my will using my gauntlet to let my newly dominated slaves get to work collecting the tribute for me, like the blacksmiths making weapons and armor for my minions alongside usual business or excess wealth from trading reported and given to me. Enslaved to my will they may be but they still had enough autonomy to be able to interact with other people, trade with visitors to the city, and generally live their much more simple lives. They just worship me and let me do anything I want.

Actually, now that I think about it...

I stood near the crane that moved things from the docks to the city below and stared at the city itself. I raised my gauntlet and a loud bellow echoed through the minds of everyone connected to my will, my minions briefly stopped what they were doing to stare at me and the few dominated citizens on the docks did so as well.

With the attention of my subjects gathered I forced my orders into their minds, "Subjects, I order you to bring those not under my thumb to my minions at the military docks."

If I had any luck the previous ruler or other decision-makers of this city were already dominated, but if it turns out they weren't then it was best they be brought to me. I needed someone to do all the boring shit I didn't want to do, like go over files and organize trading, and have the experience to do it.

I needed to prepare for my assault on the Storm King anyway, as it was only natural that I do so in kind. Life force is easier to come by though arming the minions will take a while even when the citizens were happily working for me day and night. Plus I had a mare to interrogate for information or, if she was not going to be cooperative, simply enslave to my will.

I stepped into the gate and once more found myself in my throne room.