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The Netherworld is suddenly brought to Equestria. Azure Flame finds himself in the body of a Unicorn with no clue how he got there. One of the Gates he uses to travel shows up within Ponyville. Upon that realization he sets out to regain the kingdom that seems to have been lost by replacing it with the ponies of this new world.

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Thanks. :twilightblush: I will try to update it fairly often but I still have my main story going so I apologize if it gets left behind a bit.

"Damn, this is pretty good."
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I will try to update it fairly often but I still have my main story going

No matter which one, I'll be happy the next time you update :rainbowkiss:

Lmao! Yes the Witcher is mine too. I’m glad you like them. Best comment so far.

Ahh makes sense. I use both mostly to see if its easier or not. :twilightsheepish:

No idea which series this is a crossover with but you have my follow.

It’s the video game Overlord. A personal favorite. I tend to do stories of games I’m currently obsessed with. Lol


Which Overlord? Third after he gets out of the Hells or his snot nosed son from the second game?

Haven’t played the third so I used the ending of the second for the base. Haven’t seen the third available in my area. 😊


Well there is the first in canon, the second from the 3rd Game, the 3rd which also went on to the wizard in the first game, the forth in the first game, and the fifth in the second game.

Lmao! I’m glad you like it. Again sorry for the wait.

I love it! I haven’t seen many Overlord stories, even fewer are not displaced stories. I like it and will be forever saddened when it does hit completion.

Glad you like it. So far it has been fun writing it. No sign of stopping yet but it will be kinda sad when it does end. Not anytime soon though. :twilightsheepish:

could you please make a big line or something every time the pov changes?

Working on editing as I go. I finally have some extra time to edit it as I have been wanting to. :twilightsmile: The page breaks are one thing that I have been working on.

I love the story that you have going, and it sorta goes with my own headcannon of how the Overlord went through with his actions throughout the game. The more Overlord content I see, the more I wish they stopped focusing on racing games and either make another Iverlord game or sell the rights to a company that will.

I agree. It would given it further dimension and added to the story.

Will you be adding any new misstrises for the master it would be interesting to say the least.

Maybe... Its something I have chapters written for. I have various possibilities and have been poking at the idea since I began writing this tale. Will have to wait and see! :twilightsheepish:

Well if twi joins then I’m calling it now if not then I owe a friend a cookie and $20.

OMG! I nearly fell off my chair laughing. That is one scenario but I have many others as possibilities so hopefully you will get to keep your 20$ and cookies.

PLEASE continue this.

Absolutely. I am working on the next chapter currently. :twilightsmile:

I must say I have enjoyed reading the two Overlord fics, enjoying them even where other fics of the same nature just make me groan in frustration. I do hope you will continue writing both of the Overlord fics, I really do!

Oh, one thing: I hated Juno in the game, her pompous attitude, but can't blame him for taking her in with how she looks.

Lol. Yup. pretty much. Empty headed female is what I thought of her. She makes for good comedy as a royal pain in the ass. lol

I am also editing the next chapter of Overlord Apart. Just thought I would let ya know :twilightsmile:

I like Juno she’s the easiest mistress to please! Just buy the most expensive thing you can find and give it to her.

That is very true. I only used her as first mistress since I liked some of her decor lol

I never could get past the blues hive hunt so I never got Faye as misstress. Still I have seen her decorations for the tower so she’d be my choice.

That was a bitch and a half. You had to be fairly quick otherwise it would glitch and not complete just to screw with you. Lol. I admit to losing my temper a few times...or ten. :twilightsheepish:

No I just couldn’t find the damn thing or if I did I couldn’t find the way to it without getting killed for one reason or another.

OH! when your in the city or have you gone into the arena?

That’s where my death count stands at 137.

In the city is just odd. Its design is weird. Using the minion to get the gates open was a bitch. I got to the sewers and had to fight my way through there and into the slums. Then to the arena gates and then since the minions can't swim you are on your own. Have to fight a ton of crap and get the blue minions to help. Which sucked since they are not a fighter in any way. lol

And it continues! Awesome. Twilight was a little cold when it came to, you know, just killing the Changeling but hey, maybe she’s getting used to him. Dialogue was good, but maybe a little rambly, could use some more descriptive words to slow the flow a little more.

I wonder if you can just dig straight down into the Nether, I mean the Digger can dig straight up can’t he? Also wonder if Azure will dominate Queen Chrysalis, have fun explaining that little ability to Twilight and Celestia

Hmm, might not have been wise to say you were single Azure, cause it seems like Twilight might be getting a bit of a crush on him.

Thank you for the helpful advice. I appreciate it. I finished it late last night so I didn’t go over it as much as normal. I will be going through it for editing as I go. Once again thank you for your advice. :twilightsmile:

Freaking love this story, and EAGERLY awaiting the next chapter.... l loved how he was telling Tia "Hands off my peeps or l will fuck you up"

Yup. Have to admit the dialogue is just so much fun with him!

Changed up her dialogue a bit. While she is used to him she still has that innocence. Not huge changes to it but enough I think. Thank you again for pointing it out. :)

Yeah, the changes are nice. Make her seem a lot less heartless.

Not sure if this was there and I didn’t notice it before, but:

“I just want you to know that…If she did come after you, then I’d help you. I wouldn’t let her hurt you.” She said to him, her cheeks slightly flushed.

When I was rereading this, I actually thought she was talking about Celestia and him going to war, as that had been the last conversation. Took me a minute to realize she was talking about Chrysalis. I’d have to suggest changing the she to Chrysalis, as if anyone misinterpreted that it would seem very, very out of character for Twilight to be willing to go against Celestia

Good work with this my dude! Can't wait to see more, oh also... Is to impersonate the overlord a crime punished by death? :pinkiecrazy:

Always enjoyable when a new updare comes online!

I'm pretty sure the punishment is severe! Lol.

Ha! If he somehow can't take over physically he'll be able to take them over economically with those coins, nothing better than to converse and sabotage your enemies economy!

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