• Published 12th Apr 2018
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Overlord: Dominate Equestria - Jashin

An Evil (the capital E is important) long forgotten to the world stirs once more, summoning forth a new Overlord that the races and kingdoms of Equestria and beyond have never before experienced.

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Chapter 2

I was right.

The walk to Klugetown was a miserable experience filled with nothing but heat and sand, and I hate sand, it’s coarse, rough and irritating, and it gets everywhere. Just from a short amount of walking through the desert, I felt a few pounds heavier just from the stupid stuff piling inside my boots. As if to mirror the opposite of what I was feeling, my minions seemed to be having a blast kicking sand into each other’s eyes. I suppose I should just be thankful I wasn’t feeling dehydrated considering I was garbed in full body armor while walking through a hot desert.

Despite my internal grumbling, the trip itself was pretty boring. There were only a few things that broke the monotony, one was the occasional run-in with desert beetles. Luckily, I wasn’t really needed to fight and my mood lifted a bit when I received the life force my minions brought me. One of my minions even, somehow, strapped part of the least broken shell one of them left behind as a helmet. He is now the de facto lead minion in the field. The other interesting thing came from one of my minions breaking a cactus and drinking it, he promptly went delusional and high and began swinging his club at anything he saw until one of the other minions smacked him out of it.

Cactus juice, not even once.

After the trip, my minions and I finally entered the town and I had to say that I wasn’t too impressed with it, even in person. The buildings looked run down and stained, there were shady people everywhere I looked, and the sky looked super polluted and dusty. I mean, I kinda got that the town was not meant to be some pretty paradise, but the place looks even worse in person than it did in the movie.

“Hey mister,” a pig-looking merchant in a rickety looking wood stall called to me as I passed, “How much for one of them little imp guys? Three Storm Bucks? Four?”

I just ignored him and continued my walk through the town while pushing through the crowd, my minions dutifully staying behind me. The trip through Klugetown was a chore, it was a lot more crowded than the movie suggested it was and all of the inhabitants stunk in some way.

“This town has quite the character to it, wouldn’t you agree?” Gnarl asked.

“It certainly has something, alright,” I replied.

“Yes, it’s not the grandest of first conquests but every Overlord has their humble beginnings. Speaking of conquests, I suggest looking at the various docks for anything of interest, docks are very vital when an army relies on its ships to get about.”

“As grand a plan as any,” I couldn’t help but think to myself. I didn’t need to say anything and just continued my way through the town, I know this place has a few docking points around the city but if I was a gambling man I’d say the Storm King has direct control of the biggest and most important. He needs a way to readily supply a large army and ships quickly and scattering his forces would not be a good idea, the smaller docks were likely used by the civilians and thus not very important beyond wealth. From the movie, one would think he was just a goofy idiot, but I’d wager he’s at least smarter than he looks or acts.

I stopped and glanced around, looking for a way to reach one of the tall rock formations that the larger docks seemed to reside on. From what I could see from all the way down here, the rocks had a spiraling staircase that wound all the way around until it reached the top. My eyes lingered on one of the rock formations had had a few docked ships and a large cranking crane that was pulling supplies up from the ground, the ships looked like they belonged to the Storm King.

“Looks like you found your target, sire. Normally one such as yourself shouldn’t bother with taking the stairs, but the crane is probably well guarded up at the top and they wouldn’t like someone hitching a ride on it. Best keep the element of surprise for now.”

Bummer, stairs are not fun.

My posse and I began our climb up the rock’s spiraling staircase, about halfway up I paused a moment to gaze over the city itself. Seeing it from all the way up here... in a way, I’d give that Klugetown has its own charm about it. It was not a pretty sight, not by a long shot, but the smoke and dreary atmosphere did fit the town more than a bright and cheery sky would.

“Ooh, so high up!” One of my minions exclaimed, leaning precariously over the side rail of the staircase. He proceeded to fall immediately and if it wasn’t for one of the other minions standing close by and catching him he would’ve died. And I was not climbing all the way back down for him, just getting to this point took twenty minutes.

I tore my eyes away from the city skyline and once more began my upward climb. Odd enough, I wasn’t tired. I’ve been on the move all day and my body feels like I have barely done any exercise at all. Had I been in my previous body I would probably be on the ground gasping for air before I made it even a quarter up this staircase. I’m not complaining, far from it, but it was a surreal experience coming from someone who wasn’t used to it.

The top of the staircase finally came into view and when I crossed over the final step the only thing that separates me from the dock was a long paved path. A pit opened up in a small enclosing created by a few buildings off to the side, a brownish-yellow glow came out of its depths.

“Quickly, sire! Summon up your minions and launch a sneak attack on them before they finish loading up their ships!”

I motioned my gauntleted hand at the pit and more minions leaped out of it with glee. I took out all the brown minions I was able to and soon enough the space was filled by the impish devils. I grinned, I was happy to not have a limit to the number of minions I can have at my immediate disposal. I didn’t say anything and just began walking down the pathway to the dock.

As I came closer I noticed that there was a disrepaired gate and a walled section around the dock itself, one of the Storm King’s guards at the gate spotted us and jumped in surprise before sounding the alarm. Almost immediately guards began swarming towards me with weapons drawn.

I responded by pointing with my hand.

“Chaaarge!” My lead minion yelled as he sprinted forward with the rest of my minions following his example with hoots and joyful hollars.

My minions overwhelmed them with their superior numbers so I didn’t need to bother with joining the fight myself. The guards of the Storm King were slain quickly, minions were a lot stronger than they appeared to be. The first wave was finished and most of my minions were busy collecting new weapons and armor.

“For the masta!” I heard from my left. I looked down and saw one of my minions holding up a yellow ball of lifeforce. I just held my hand out and let it be absorbed into me, more and more minions were coming forth with more lifeforce and the occasional bag of gold stolen from the bodies of the guards.

I heard shouting and looked over at the ships, more guards were moving around on their decks.

“It looks like there are only six airships docked here right now. You probably won’t need more than two but more is always better. Try and send your minions in one ship at a time, they would be more effective fighting in there than your large frame and weapon.”

I pointed at the nearest docked ship and my mini army swept over the gangplank and began their fighting in earnest. The fighting didn’t take long and they came storming back out with more new gear, lifeforce, and gold.

“There aren’t as many guards as I would have thought, this is far too easy,” I said to Gnarl as I did the same thing to the next ship.

“While I said that this town relies on trade, it’s not as important to the Storm King as you’d think beyond being a potential staging ground for an incursion into Equestria. No, most of his wealth and supplies come from conquests on the other side of the planet. He doesn’t hold any territory over there, not enough manpower, so no need to worry about that.”

“I see,” I remarked as I worked on the fourth ship.

“Yes, it does not shock me that he neglects the garrison here. The Storm King isn’t one for caring about upholding the laws here as long as they give him tribute and it's not like Equestria is ever going to invade. As far as he is concerned he doesn’t even need to pay attention to this place.”

I had just sent my minion into the fifth ship when movement ou the corner of my eye caught my attention. The final ship was leaving the dock and there wasn’t anything I could do about it right now, my minions were still fighting against the crew of the fifth ship.

“Ooh, bad luck, sire. Seems like getting into the castle is not going to be as simple as we thought.”

“Doesn’t matter,” I replied, annoyed despite my words. “We’ll just have to do this the hard way.”

“Indeed, it’s a good thing I had the minions start on breeding beetles for lifeforce. We’re going to need a bigger army soon.”

I couldn’t help but agree with Gnarl’s words, but I also knew we were going to need to study the ships to know just how they worked. My minions came back from the fifth ship, giving me gold and lifeforce. I looked over at the warehouses surrounding us and shrugged.

I pointed at them and commanded, “Loot the warehouses and bring me back the valuables.”

My minions cheered and danced at the order and dashed to the first door of the warehouse, entering in through the smaller door first and opening the larger door from the inside. I heard the smashing of boxes and barrels and smirked in amusement when I saw a cloud of dust and splinters escape from the warehouse’s doors. Minions rushed out with gold and jewels in their arms.

“For the master?” It came out as a question from one of my minions. I looked down at it in confusion, it was holding a Storm King action figure up to me. I swatted the top of its head in anger.

“I said, bring me the valuables,” I grunted in annoyance. “Not… whatever that is.”

“Sorry, master! I go bring you shinies, yes?”

I just sighed and waved my minion off.

“Shall I have him flogged, your Darkness?” Gnarl asked.

“No, don’t waste your time,” I paused and looked around the dock, taking my attention off of looting. “Any chance of placing a teleport stone here?”

Gnarl hummed in thought, I could imagine him placing a finger under his wrinkled chin.

“From all the looting so far, I’d say we have a little more than enough for one. Our funds would be practically bone dry, I should warn you.”

“We can always get more,” I said. “Get whatever you need ready and pick a spot to place it down here. I’d rather not walk across the desert every time I want to come here.”

“Yes, that would be rather inconvenient. I shall get it done post-haste, sire. We can even grab one of those dock cranes when it's done, it would speed up reconstruction of the tower.”

I didn’t reply as I turned to one of the ships, giving it a curious inspection. The warehouse looting has come to a crawl and I suspect there wasn’t much left to get from them in terms of immediate wealth. I marched across the gangplank of a ship, it was time to start learning the ins and outs of the Storm King’s ships.