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I'm just a polish guy trying to get some followers on an American website. Mostly anthro, mature (for safety measures) crossovers, any questions? My nickname explains it all.

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    Farewell MLP.

    I have just finished the last episode of MLP. Ending my adventure with it, deep in my heart with Avatar the Last Airbender, Ben 10, Bleach, One Punch Man, Tabaluga and a few more.

    It all started by seeing fan art of characters from games that were ponified, got to know a few characters thanks to memes.

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These tought me a few things.

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Awesome to see you enjoyed my most recent piece. I'm glad! :heart::twilightsmile:

I only recently reinstalled Hoi4, I didn't play the game since La resistance and now with a large amount of free time I will gradually try to reintroduce myself to the game because I'm rusty and backward. I played the mod though, I played Wingbardy, then after I determined I know how the supply system works, I played Hellquill and went nazi and that's it. Both times I didn't switch the historic focus trees off, so, other than having these two countries covered I am waiting all excited to see what you have in store when Chrysalis attacks Olenia.

Honestly, your story is more than a good read, for people like me not native to the language, its school. I also have an ocean of respect for you due to the genuine work done which I see in the details, I have to google every character to make sure whether it is a random OC made for the moment I'm getting to know or not. Crossovers are amazing, yet very tiring to do. Anytime at any moment someone might point out something you missed and accuse you of not knowing the lore or not understanding it. The day is ruined from that point on.

Other than that, I can only look up and think that maybe if I will have enough strength, one day, I will make some notes and do my own EaW story. I can only imagine how many documents and files you've made describing every event, so that continuity can be conserved.

I'm real glad you're enjoying The Death of Harmony! Its still ongoing, gonna release the next chapter within a week of I don't get writer's block again. Anyways, honoured to be on the good list :)

Doing fine, sad to hear that the story is gone. I was quite liking it, but I understand. Authors need a direction to keep the story going.


Now they are deleted. Honestly, they were shit. Like, I look at the chapters I still have on my PC and read my LOTR crossover. All I have to ask, is what the actual fuck did I intend to do here?

I know the response is WAYYYY to late, the series as it is will end shortly so, who knows. Maybe I will never post these stories up this site again? I wish I had the skill to write it properly with outstanding descriptions, breathtaking emotional moments, sexual scenes which would make everyone finish after reading the first paragraph, have the words and means to perfectly show through text what I imagined...

Btw, how are you today?

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