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Spike carries each of the most important ponies in his life home after a long day.

A commission-turned-gift for B_25

UPDATE: A Spanish language translation for Carry Me Home is now available, made by Spaniard Kiwi on his deviantart.

UPDATE (2024): Them's Writin' Words podcast did a wonderful review of this story. I appreciate all the thought and work put in to their critiques and all the kind words.

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The pain of change is a palpable one. Every time my schedule changes at work, I feel it. When I come home for Christmas and we don't do the same things we used to do 15 years ago. When I come home and see another line on my mom's face, letting me know she's getting on in years. It pains me, and it's a fear most of humanity shares.

This is one of my favorite, and yet least favorite, aspects of Spike: his longevity. That he'll still be an adolescent when his friends are past their primes. That he will likely have to live hundreds, if no thousands, of years after them. Him having to come to terms with that before full maturity.

Just what I was looking to read tonight !!

Thank you for this promising premise of a multi-chapter story.

It's fucked when you think about it.

At the end of it all, who truly has it the worst?

Read like a well worn pair of beat up running shoes. Memorable.

Okay, I'm definitely keeping an eye on this one.

Time is a beautifull, harsh, sad and magnificent thing right?

I’m not sure I can read this. I can see the intense feels coming a mile away.

This is so cute and deep at the same time. I almost cried, but it was worth it.

'sees tags'

'sees chapter titles'

'gets ready for sum tears'

Absolutely magnificent. You capture the feeling of watching someone age very well. The faint fear we daren't face; that we all must die one day.

Very well done indeed.

my q is: are we going to be contained in the same time frame or maybe get some time skips for this feel train?

i'm enjoying this slow pace of normal interaction.

thanks for making me miss my moms and her damn herb garden

I used to read lots of those kinds of melancholic pony stories, but it has been a while. Loving it so far, and brings back memories.

I'm really liking the nuance of the emotions you're evoking in this story. Rainbow's chapter is passionate and explosive in its sadness, while Fluttershy's feels very gentle and nurturing.

Looking forward to seeing how you tackle Spike's other friends.

This is definatelty a story I plan to keep up with. I wonder if it’ll be the mane 6, or if Starlight and co will be involved :)

How will AJ’s stubbornness develop in a decade? Will she still be as good an Apple bucker?
Will Rarity accept age catching up to her? Will Pinkie still be as energetic and lively?

And what of his immortal Sister?
How will the two of them cope with the mortality of their friends growing ever more evident…

I look forward to finding out.

Loved this story so far. I like when spike gets the treatmant he deserves, as the great character he is, plus, it's always fun to see older ponies. As Jake and other said, the longevity of Spike it's an interesting topic, and wouldn't be surprised if after following his different friends (I hope we get to see even more than just the mane6+starlight, so we also get some glimpses in this "future headcannon"), this story ends up with a visit to Twilight, the only ther pony that grows as much as him, and that as him, it's just getting stronger rather than "weaker".
Great story props.

Love it. Spike and his big caring heart looking after his priceless treasures. :moustache::rainbowdetermined2:

The price of a lifespan measured in centuries is that you must watch your friends grow old. See the mightiest warriors grow weak and uncertain and the fastest wings in Equestria grow feeble, slow and tired. I can't think of anything harder for Spike to endure.

That's the thing about Fluttershy; the thing that I don't think she's too good at admitting to herself: She's proud of her self-reliance and the things she's done on her own. Because of that, I think that it's possible that she might just not automatically realise when she's pushing herself too hard.

I enjoyed this story love spike stories like this in general but it's well written can only give 9/10 til we see more :rainbowkiss:

You have my full attention. I'm eager to see how Spike will help his older sister, mother and aunt. If you agree with that sort of view, of course. Excited for more.

That's a better description of this chapter than anything I could have come up with. :moustache:

Just think of it from Twilight's point of view - in becoming an alicorn, her lifespan just got unexpectedly extended by who knows how much, so she'll have to watch right alongside him. At least they'll have each other and the other princesses.

Even better than what I expected to find.

Wow! Wonderful work in illustrating the difficulty in accepting change in one's life. Dash would always want to be #1 but the body only can give so much before new avenues must be pursued to remain doing what you love to do.

This part touches me a lot as I have been going blind since the day I was born. So many times I kept wishing I could 'be that younger self' or 'be like everyone else I saw doing things I used to do'. However, now being totally blind, I have to accept pushing "new envelopes" in order to still be me without feeling the sting of change and what my birth condition has brought to me.

Spike was written well as a 'Voice of Reason'. I believe you kept him and Dash in full character the whole time. I also do agree how Dash would listen to Spike as he was ever loyal himself in trying to do what was best not only for himself but for his friends. Truly, as with my own circumstances, hearing something from a certain someone can sometimes really make it sink in no matter how many times those closest have been telling you to do the exact same thing.

Emotional and touching. :)

Very nicely done. The continuation is very natural and has offered Spike, who usually was more the assistant / sidekick, an opportunity to help those who have helped him for so many years.

It's been great seeing the tie-ins of how Dash and Flutters helped him with his wings. Subtle references but more than enough to help a reader come up with a mental timeline of what may have occurred between Season 7 and this story.

Great job in also showing a Fluttershy who truly is able to be assertive and accepting. The discussion about all his help was one that shows how her growth in speaking up has definitely gotten to where she doesn't allow herself to reach a boiling point before she says something.


All aboard the bus, we are going on a feels trip...

I cannot express how much I'm loving this.

A wonderful little feel-good story. Definitely can't wait for further chapters :twilightsmile:

(Whoops totally forgot to comment after I read it Tuesday)

I really like this. It's difficult for a story with such saddening implications in its content to, simultaneously, come across in an uplifting way that leaves the reader feeling better than when they began. But you've done it here (not that I would expect anything less... :rainbowwild:)

Why do I have a feeling of sadness, but not because I am sad, but I feel an aching for the past?

your just feeling your own mortality.

This is a special story. One that shows Spike's maturity and protective instinct take over. For all of the years the other ponies were there for him, he's there for them, now. And, unfortunately, he'll be there when they eventually pass. But it's so sweet seeing him try to make their lives as great as possible whilst they're still around.

I hate feeling my morality...

Really liking it thus far, only spotted this bit here:

Spike looked Spike ambled closer and gestured to the bag.

When you have had a life like I have, knowing your own mortality has become benign as eating breakfast.

It's... weird, staying the same while the world flies past."

I find it fascinating that time, as yet, has hardly touched me while so many things decay before my eyes.

I am constant as the Northern Star! I am the pillar of adamant the sea of time dashes itself futilely upon and can put nary a tarnish to my gleaming impenetrability!

(It could also be that Alondro is senile and doesn't realize he's an old fart...) :trollestia:

Is it better to live long enough to those you love pass or pass early yourself? I guess it's a question all immortals face, not that I would know.

Damn you for making me nearly cry....DAMN YOU!!!! I was confused on who the OC's were, but I'd figured they were part of the apple family, not bad, just not really a fan of OC's myself...moving on. It will be interesting to see Spike and Discord talk.

Number. One. Assistant.


Those destined to be immortal, not by choice, are often regarded as the loneliest ones but are known for big hearts.
Those that seek immortality had no loved ones to begin with. They fear deaths judgement and will successfully live forever alone with no one to truly love them.
Destined for immortality vs Seeking immortality are two different characters in which can be later defined as a burden and the curse.
Burdened to live forever but happy to meet each new life and make new memories is the gift that can be treasured.
Cursed to be immortal is to cast your heart. No care for the ones that pass you by not love for the ones that you had once cherished. This is a pure curse, for they may have beaten death but the life they now live eternally will be endless torture of loneliness.

Hot damn this is good. Caught a few typos here and there... but screw that noise because the emotion up in here feels real.

The OCs? Oh you mean the children of Big Mac/ Sugar Belle and Applejack/ ... pony?

Another good chapter! Now I'm just curious who's the father of AJ's kids. :ajsmug:

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