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"focus in the things you love to do and stop thinking about what they offer you in return." - A programmer that loves stories with drama and romance... and anything involving Spike

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List of new fics for the future · 12:54pm Jun 30th, 2017

I'm just gonna add my scheduled list of fics. this way I won't forget to write them in the future :derpytongue2:


  • [T or M] the C.R.I.T.I.C initiative (the tittle will change)
  • [T] I couldn't say no to them.


  • [M] Solving a dazzling puzzle.
  • [M] Hum Drums Legacy.
  • [T] A flurry of thoughts.

Already made

  • [T] "A god's fear"
  • [E] "Im so..."
  • [E] "How to kill a healthy dragon"

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'I'm not dead' Blog · 1:41am April 17th

Good day to you all, lads. These past weeks have been hell on earth for me: finishing uni (still on it), my parents getting more sick, my country getting more rotten and weak. I barely have any time for reading or writing my own stuff, instead i help one fella of mine with his scripts in my free time and use the rest to survive.

As for now, the most relevant things for me to announce are:

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I need to finish (and rewatch) the last season of the show first. The sequel will follow the events of the show just like "bad habits" did

Do you plan on making a sequel to Bad habits? It's a good story and it would be nice to see Twilight rekindle her relationship with Spike.

Thank you for the watch. Have a follow in return! :twilightsmile:

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