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Bonus chapter/sequel coming tomorrow · 1:29am Jun 25th, 2019

Ok lads, quick update before my internet goes down again. So, there I was, trying to keep up with my next clop when suddenly bang another idea pops up and I end up writing a short 2.7k story that follows up A Good Night of Sleep.
Now there are two problem,
First, I won't have electricity until tomorrow at 2am (GTM 4:00), so, I won't be able to properly edit the script until then.

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My beloved ones

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Dood, thanks for the follow! Yeeeeee!

I need to finish (and rewatch) the last season of the show first. The sequel will follow the events of the show just like "bad habits" did

Do you plan on making a sequel to Bad habits? It's a good story and it would be nice to see Twilight rekindle her relationship with Spike.

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