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A programmer that loves stories with drama and romance... and anything involving Spike

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"that's not what i meant!" edited version has been uploaded! · 7:55pm October 14th

Enjoy the SpikeLight :yay: !

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List of new fics for the future · 12:54pm June 30th

I'm just gonna add my scheduled list of fics. this way I won't forget to write them in the future :derpytongue2:


  • [M] "Solving a dazzling puzzle": a slice of life Featuring the dazzlings and anon.
  • [T or E] "Im so...": Slice of life. featuring Spike and his journey through depression after a mission from the map makes his friends leave for entire months.

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Omg omg omg my first featured fic twt, this will help me through my daily struggles in this living hell without internet.
Thanks you for telling me i want to give you a lot of moustaches for this but my phone crashes when i use the emojis

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As of writing this comment, you're in the feature box. :scootangel:

Story Approver

Working on editing your story, though I'm making a lot of adjustments. I'll send you the GDoc once I'm done. :scootangel:

I'm used to coffee because it's easier to get in my country.
but I really like tea

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