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List of new fics for the future · 12:54pm June 30th

I'm just gonna add my scheduled list of fics. this way I won't forget to write them in the future :derpytongue2:


  • [M] "Solving a dazzling puzzle": a slice of life Featuring the dazzlings and anon.
  • [T or E] "A god's fear": the tale of an all powerfull being who rules a endless library, and how his whole existence changed after the arrival of a pink mare in his domains.

Already made

  • [E] "Im so..."

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New story is out, lets break... well, everything, with pinkie pie! · 2:55am December 9th

Enjoy the pinkamena as she ponkalooze an all overpowerfull god!

T A god's fear
What could an entity that holds the power and knowledge of multiple universes together do against a pink mare?
sejox · 11k words · 85 views

PD: I'll enchance the cover art later. i just really wanted to submit this story today (is like a habit... or tradition? of mine to submit things on friday)

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  • They grow up so fast "literally" When Twilight accidentally transforms Spike into a 16 year old dragon, she's not sure if she wants the original one back. by zootxjanice 17,641 words · 8,140 views · 343 likes · 30 dislikes
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I need to finish (and rewatch) the last season of the show first. The sequel will follow the events of the show just like "bad habits" did

Do you plan on making a sequel to Bad habits? It's a good story and it would be nice to see Twilight rekindle her relationship with Spike.

Thank you for the watch. Have a follow in return! :twilightsmile:

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