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I need an editor for a non-mlp story. · 2:19am Feb 10th, 2019

I need an editor for a non-mlp story, I intend on putting on Wattpad. Reply here or PM me, here or on Wattpad, if interested! Any and all help is very much appreciated. :heart: The following is some brief info.
Username: berrypunch123 (on Wattpad)
Name of book: The 5 Fears
Genre: horror, thriller, action
Rating: not sure how to rate (has harsh cursing, mild gore, some sex themes)
Completed, 9 chapters
Word count: 8k

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Thanks for the fave on "One Last Timeline"

2501523 Huh... Usually, he doesn't. Oh well. No harm done.

2501257 OH, i didn't delete it so it must of been Evictcus

2501222 Really? Also, you didn't answer what you said btw

2501107 i've also been blocked from commenting on Evictcus's stories. nice :)

I just noticed your comment was removed. Was it because of what I said? Or was it something else?

Story Approver

Much better. You kind of remind me of myself when I was first starting out, a very ambitious type. Good luck to you. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the fave on "Don't Mess With Fluttershy's Mare."

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