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For those OC villains and the stories that deal with them. Be it common or one time all are welcome.

Don't forget the lairs...

And remember World Domination is a tall order.

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Hi, I'm Purple Patch, creator of the Rejuvenation Play and it's sequels.
I'm told my fics have become quite prominent owing to their antagonists.
My commenters fill the sections with how much they want my thoroughly vile villains punished in various ways.
It at least lets me know I'm doing my job right.
A critic described them...

The central conflict is one with puppy-kicking evil antagonists. They are so thoroughly despicable that it had to be an intentional homage to the villains of popular drama of the early twentieth century. They go out of their way to be as horrid as possible, and the power they have to enact their nefarious schemes seem to come out of the blue.

Would that be welcome at this particular group?

Can a copse count as a lair? Because my villainous OC Cult Race has a liar in the ancient copse of a giant that he killed a around thousand years ago.


Well when he get's that title this song will be played in his name


*insert ponified New Jersey here*.

Cynical is a mob boss in tartarus? :trollestia:

402321 Murder, larceny, shady business deals, the works. He's a mob-boss for Manehatten and *insert ponified New Jersey here*.


Your welcome. What's Cynical do that's villainous

402318 Cynical, the character in my avatar picture and the character I put on during my reviews. Also, thank you! :pinkiehappy:


That's... poetic. Who's your villain?

402312 Nope, something even better for a motivation: A greed for power and revenge. Manehatten has quite bright lights, after all. The brighter the light, the longer and darker the shadow.


Who is your villain suppose to be corporate greed? :trollestia:

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