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Hello and welcome to Mentally Unstable, a group dedicated to the finer points of our favorite pastel colored horses going off the deep end and their adventures in insanity. If you know of any fics centered on or featuring some sort of metal disorder feel free to post them in the Folders provided but please only post where they fit best and all nsfw/gore fics remain only in the nsfw/gore folder ...thank you and enjoy.

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Not long ago, this group was not a part of the Universe. Then you came along and clicked it into existence.

I saw all that you had made here, and behold, it was fresh. Congratulations! Your creation was listed in New Groups.

393062 Alright then I shall put my story in the NSFW Gore folder

392998 gore definatly ...teen sex unsure as it can't technically be clop ...let's just say if either tags are there put it there as a safe guard

392903 I have question. Is the NSFW/Gore folder only for Rated Mature stories or can Rated Teen stories with the Sex and Gore tags can go in there too?

Wasn't sure if you actually would, but I'm glad you did. :yay:

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