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This group is for the foals of MLP. Any fan art for the foals can be put into the designated thread.


MLPfield 3- Founder


1. Any spam of stories, i.e. putting a story in multiple folder that it doesn't belong in, will result in deletion of the story for first offense.
2. Any phishing in the forums will result in immediate ban from the group. Please report any phishing done inside the forums.
3. Always stick to a thread. Try your best not to derail a thread and turn the conversation into a complete clusterbuck.
4. If someone is pretending to be of a higher authority and say they have the power to ban you from the group, please report them to me. If they try to act of a higher power, i.e. a moderator of, please report them on the site and message me so I can alert knighty.
5. Keep all trolling to a minimum. No flame threads.

Have a nice day.

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I'm having a hard time breaching rule number 1, since there aren't any story folders. :unsuresweetie:

Can we have some?

Because a foal is the horse equivalent to a child, and the newborns are either referred to as newborns, or babies.

Why is it that this group is dedicated to foals and yet we cover images of fillies and colts?

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