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Group for stories that are intended to be novellas or novels. The minimum size of the novel will be expected to be lengthy (word count should be in the five digits), but one is not expected to write a thesis. General rule of thumb for adding a book in this group is to ask the question:Would I send this book to an actual publisher and would it actually qualify as a stand alone book?

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Well yeah : | .... I thought about the many stonies here and was unsure of where to put the ranges.... I just used what the MLA said....

That can be the start of some publisher's classification of a novel length. However, some publisers even have epic novel classifications starting at around 150,000 words.

337169 What comes after 70k?

Mild discrepancy in your classifications: depending on the publisher, novelettes are usually starting in the 15k range, and novels can start anywhere in the 50k to 70k range.

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