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Apple Family is awsome!
NO clopfics are allowed, please!
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Is there any stories of Bright Mac and Pearbutter??

Apple Family is best family because of the 'The Perfect Pair', no debate.

LoL! And they acctualy don't teach us about the states in America, don't even teach us the names of them, it is just something we are supposed to fix any way!:ajbemused:
Or, like my teacher say:
- They allways have a question when your gone name the country a place is in, and it is allmost allways a state in America!
plus that at the english lessons it is often more about england we are studing then about America when we do are supposed to learn something about a english speaking country and it is allso british english they teach us.

And, you like maps? Intresting! We learn about other countries in school on the geografi lessons. This yer we have been working with asia, and as a assignment, we got to choose on country in asia, and then learn more about it so that we could answere some questions aboutit it as good as possible!

340263That's interesting! Our schools need to do something like that for countries, instead of always doing our states--and most people STILL don't know where states are or what they look like.

Oh, and I like maps:twilightsmile: I don't know every country, but I know quite a few!

In all honesty, I'm sure they did teach us something about countries,but they only touch on it,and never really "teach" it:applejackunsure:

Well, you still Knowes abort the country and Knowes to spel it right when you want to! How Did you learn about Sweden if they didn't told you in school?
P.S on our english tests they name states in america and ask which country for example Colorado is in.:raritywink:

340147Yeah, stupid American primary schools no teaching good things:twilightangry2:

You are still from Swederzland to me now:trollestia:

No, not all americans are dums, but if you are from America, it is more unlikely that you have heard about sweden before! Nice that you know about it any ways!:pinkiehappy:

(I know Sweden:rainbowwild:Right next to Norway and Finland--not all Americans ares dums:derpytongue2:)

339891 the country of IKEA, tasty herring and Vikings. Sure I know that. >:)

No, and your from Russia? Well, fun to met someone who know the country Sweden excists!:yay:
Othervise it's usually confused with switzerland, and the countries isn't even close to each other!:facehoof:
I mean, it's usally:
- No, not the country that produce chocolate, that's Switzerland! I'm from Sweden....

339885 My friend, I am Russian, and I sure have heard of Sweden. That is not the matter to discuss. And hey, no offense, right? :yay:

Fixed the mistake. I'm from sweden, a little country in the most northen part of europ, and it wouldn't surprise me if you doesn't heard about the country before!

There's still no "e" in "awesome". :twilightsmile:
English as a foreign? May I ask, my friend, where are ye from? Because being Russian here is quite a trait. :rainbowwild:

Thanks for joining! I fixed the spelling mistake, sorry for that, I'm still studing english at school, and especially spelling and grammar is difficult...:facehoof:


OP...Wat R U Doing?

Just a quick note:

The Apple Family is awsom!

The Apple Family is awesome!

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