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Here at eht Sweet Apple Acres, you may find Apple Jack, Apple Bloom, Big Macintosh and old Granny Smith.
With luck you may find the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Gabby Gum as well as the rest of the Apple Kin from time to time.

The Forgotten Library, for the times you're looking for more reading.

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343098 I'm not for the Serials, or the beverages as such,
but what the hay, I love Apple Jack(AJ) :applejackunsure:

I think the name of the cereal Apple Jacks is written as two words, but both the pony and the alcoholic beverage known as Applejack are written as one word. If you enter just the word "apple" into the group search function, you'll have a greater range of results than you did before.

343094 you mean to say, it is in part the focus, and another part, spelling that made no other groups come up in my search?
It is proper English to separate "Apple Jack", right?
Thanks for mentioning these groups, I may check them out soon.
This group doesn't specifically focus on shipping, but I guess it isn't hurting to see a few of these stories, just for the veriety?

Alicorn Applejack and Other Amazin' Apple Stories
Applejack is Best Pony
AppleJack Fan Club
The Applejack Fan Club

There are some other groups, but they all have fewer than 20 members. This also doesn't include all the groups that have a focus on shipping AJ with particular ponies.

Since I failed to find a group asosiated to Apple Jack, I felt inclined to create it, and here we are.

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