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Welcome to all Original Characters of the fairer gender.

Here are some small rules.

-You can post stories with male characters but a female OC must be the main focus or one of the main focuses of the story.

-No clopfics outside of the clop folder unless the clop scenes are more or less rare.

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Does it count if in mine, Twilight is technically the main O.C.? Even if she doesn't remember it yet.


It's fine, I'm patient and thank you. ^_^

398196 Sorry for being so late I don't come visit this group that often here where I found this picture I don't know who did it

Can I see the full group icon picture? It sounds pretty funny and I want to see the full thing. :pinkiecrazy:

I would like to thank you for including my story.

361115 I can agree making a folder for Nyx but not Littlepip as much as I love her making a folder for a single story would be a waste (not counting the semi-canon clopfic)

Would you consider separate folders for mares and fillies? Also, Nyx and Little Pip are such icons no one can even compare their OCs to them, maybe these two shoulkd have their own folders.

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