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"A group for those who bring to the table stories with gratuitous amounts of action, fight scenes, and absurd concepts that play second fiddle to none and exude every ounce of detail and love the actual plot-line may follow if not more.

For those of you who: poured their souls into mind blowingly explosive gun fights, traded blades and blows with the greatest of melee combatants, demonstrated a crushing show of military might by a lone and pathetically under powered unit of soldiers that have been tried by fire and emerged victorious with a 'follow me to hell' style general leading the charge, this place is for you.

For those of you who may have recounted the tale of how a lone combatant with his back pressed against the wall, stared down a daunting dragon, finding themself with only two options: Suck and Die, or give a negative amount of f**ks and kill it harder than it would kill me, then this place is for you.

Those stories that recount a loose cannon law-enforcement officer staring down their arch-nemesis who's holding the detonator to the city with one hoof, and all of the hero's stolen 'damns' in the other because the protagonist certainly didn't give him any. Once again, welcome to your new home my brother.

If the Adventure tag isn't strong enough to suit your story, because your story would rip the adventure tag into pieces and floss its teeth with the obliterated tag, get the buck in here, this place is for you.

If you can't call your story manly but instead have to use the Phrase 'Man-Lee' which is one part Man, and two parts Bruce Lee, your story belongs with us.

Action. That is what we are. Nothing but red-blood and kick-flank. Drop it if you got it," Spat Your Antagonist before he turned sprinting towards the window and flash kicked his way through the glass, screaming gloriously as he was sent plummeting to the streets below.

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Hey there friends I'm new here. I have a long series of action packed stories that I've been planning for awhile now called "Path Of Darkness". It's a series full of stories that connect to each other. If you're a marvel fan than it's basically kind of like the MCU(Marvel Cinematic Universe). If anyone is interested I'm currently working on the first story called "The Book Of Negativity". I even have a bookshelf personally made for the entire series.

Would Emperor Despair be acceptable for this group?

Anyone here an editor? I could use one for my story.

Hey there. I'm new here. I'm working on an episodic type story with sword fighting. Gonna be a fun ride.:twilightsmile:

Hello there. Though I join and share my story here.

So I'd like to submit but I'm not sure which folder to submit to. It's crossover with M.E.G.A.S. XLR, so hopefully those of you who know the show can help out with that one.

Heya everypony! Glad to be a part of the group! It may be long completed, but maybe you'll like Abandonment Issues. :pinkiehappy: Most proud of that one. Hopefully you'll like it too!

Hey, wasn't entirely sure if my story Heart's Warming Fantasies fit here, but I figured it switches back and forth between action segments, so close enough. Hope it meets your approval.

Hello everybody,
I just added Spike the Knight.
It is an action adventure story with Spike as the main character.
Hope you enjoy.

Comment posted by Darth Quadro deleted Apr 28th, 2013

Came for the idea, stayed for the description. Had more fun reading that than a lot of stories :D You earn 10/10 moustaches my friend:

Greetings my fellow action/adventure junkies! Happy to be a part of the group!


Oh look it's the pony showing up in my main story very shortly I mean... :rainbowderp:


It's a shame, but hey people write what they want to write... :pinkiecrazy:

If some of you crazy kids could do me a solid, and just add your stories to the appropriate section when you add them to the group, that'd be swell partially because I don't have the patience to read through half of these entries. I see so many crappy (in my opinion) spinoff fics and series centric fics like FOE, Chess Game of The Gods, and Conversion Bureau titles that it's becoming harder (but not impossible:raritywink:) to ignore them. Please organize your shit, otherwise it will all go in the folder called "some other shit with guns or something" because I don't read every fic that gets put in here.

Difference of opinions I suppose.
Ill try to work on how dynamic it is and the exuctuion
First attempt at a fic and the first chapter that is a single fight.

The guy isnt exactly trained to fight right now
And only experts can really fight classy
When a inexperienced guy fights it will be fairly barbaric
And its one chapter the entire fic is based around traveling around equestria
Also would you mind linking a fight scene that you would consider less meh (Not your own so I know its unbiased) and more classy?

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