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Itinerary · 2:24am June 11th

So I've just posted the ninth chapter to Order of Eclipse, next will either be the third Chapter of Chaos Theory coming by Wednesday. Or the Second Chapter of Milia ya Samawati. Then will be the other of the two. Next I want to publish another Quibble Scootaloo story this one will be in my Lullaby format so it may take me a week or two. I also want to get Lunch with Grandma posted a one shot cannon history for Order of Eclipse focusing on Pudding head and Smart Cookie. I also plan on releasing another Quibble Scootaloo story, hopefully by June 21.. It will be my second entry in the Monthly Writing Contest Group. After that I will hopefully post another chapter or two for Emperor Despair, and finish the month strong. Lastly reminder for all those it concerns the Equestrian Parenthood contest ends in a month and a half.

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