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I'm the reason when you search Quibble you'll find Scootaloo too. PM me if you want to talk about anything one on one.

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5000+ Hazaa · 11:06pm August 6th

Hazaa Hazaa Hazaa!
Quete has received over 5000 views in total a story about a unicorn colt trying to get home is doing well Merci Beaucoup to all of you that have read, commented, liked, tracked, and/or up voted the story. It means a lot to me. If you haven't given it a look I recommend. However it is currently unedited. Sorry about that.

TQuete: Le Premier Livre
A unicorn's quest to return home.
Comrade Bagel Muffin · 70k words  ·  29  5 · 352 views
Report Comrade Bagel Muffin · 14 views ·
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Also merci beaucoup for the follow.

you are welcome :scootangel: :ajsmug:
well I liked it because I wanted :yay: :pinkiehappy:
some problem ? :fluttercry: :pinkiesmile:

This isn't meant for me, but I'm answering it anyway.
Neither, you monster.
Both. Sleep is for the weak.
A tie between two and four, but if I HAVE to pick no. 2

Thanks for the favorite! :pinkiehappy:

May God go with you :twilightsmile:

2590848 Thank you for taking the time to answer my survey! Have a nice day! :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 203 - 207 of 207
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