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Well, I haven't been reading "The Heart of Pleasure" in quite a while. Maybe that's why. Hmm... Maybe it's time to pick it up again, but I likely will start reading from the beginning. XD I just periodically pick something up from recently updated and things that haven't been updated at the moment in my list tend to silently drop off.

Hey there, haven't heard from you in awhile. I hope that you're doing well. Here's wishing that you had a great Nightmare Night and I hope to hear from you again soon.

10/10 doctors would agree, giving a favorite to Shattered Souls is a swell thing to do! Thanks swell person!

So you decided to take the plunge with A Human, a Pony Princess, and a Mistake. I hope the water was to your liking. Please enjoy your complimentary internet towel.

To be honest I removed star immediately due to genre of your story, but I do like it and I liked similar stuff at least once before due to how good the actual story is. And so far your story seems good. So, I just set it back. However, with power like this in hands of MC it would be really easy to turn it into just a large pile of barely related smut. Hope it won't happen. And as long as Pinky watching over him there's hope. ;)

  • Viewing 22 - 26 of 26
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