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Writer. Editor. Reader. Reviewer. Gamer. Armchair mafia kingpin. Trans-dimensional yodeler. Cthulhu's 667th son. Grand High Muckymuck of the Mystical Order of the Defanged Gerbil.


The Fourth Annual PC Gaming Giveaway! · 5:05am May 20th

Remember that time, back in 2015, when I decided to give other people gifts on my birthday? Good times, right? Right. Many games were given away, and I’m sure many hours of enjoyment were had by all who received them. If I’m wrong, don’t spoil my delusion. Just nod dumbly and keep reading.

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Welcome to Prak's corner of the cesspool.

So who is that chainsaw-wielding madman?

Well, okay, he's a character from a movie.

But how about the guy behind that avatar?

—He is older than most of you.
—He mostly writes comedy.
—He keeps it family friendly.
—He writes a series of reader-centric, semi-comedic, fic review blogs called Badfic Slaughterhouse.
—He is currently speaking in third-person for no good reason.
—He has edited the work of lots of the fandom's most prominent authors.
—He is mostly inactive these days, but you never know when he'll surprise everyone with new material.
—His interests include reading, writing, animation, tabletop gaming, motorsports, professional wrestling, PC gaming, and being the annoying voice of reason everyone pretends not to see in a political discussion.

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Some people say truth is subjective, but that's only because they hate being subjected to it. Do I always tell the truth, though? I'd say there's an absolute possibility of a definitive maybe.

2380211 As often as I can't help it!

Prak the truthful?

How was I not following you? I am baffled by this oversight.

  • Viewing 143 - 147 of 147
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