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On what should be the happiest day of their lives, Fluttershy and Big Mac must face one final challenge before they can tie the knot. If Mac wants her, he has to go through Angel.

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Damn, this was awesome, very, very well created, seriously well thought of though short.

You know, I'm rather proud of myself for only putting in one Monty Python joke. You wouldn't believe how much restraint it took.

You give me too much credit. This was slapped together—from conception to completion—over the course of a couple hours. I'm glad you enjoyed it, though.

Angel Bunny is best wedding crasher.

I have read a hilarious thing! :rainbowlaugh:

It's a bloomin' bunny! :rainbowlaugh:

3801853 :rainbowlaugh: Impressive, though you must have either knew how to spell such hard words or used a Thesaurus a lot, I love the Thesaurus, it's helps me in ways I never knew before, but your writing blows mine out of the water:facehoof:

Excellent. That balances your account in my Laugh Ledger a bit!

Perhaps. Or perhaps it's a hellspawn hiding under a layer of fluffy cuteness.

I don't use a thesaurus. I'm just a massive nerd. :twilightsheepish:

It comes at the cost of having any sort of social life.

3802211 Holy hell...you may need to teach me how you do such then:rainbowlaugh:

Poor Big Mac, if only he hadn't asked for an explanation.:fluttershysad:

Elmer Fudd: [Elmer hands Bugs a formula in a test tube] Uh, have one on the house, wabbit.
Bugs Bunny: No thanks, Doc. Never touch this stuff.
[to audience]
Bugs Bunny: This guy's tryin' to slip me a mickey!


This exercise in pointless silliness has been brought to you by a bout of boredom with a touch of sleep deprivation.

Do that more often.

~Skeeter The Lurker

It's mainly because I've read thousands of books in my lifetime, I think. There's no better way to expand your vocabulary.

Classic! :rainbowlaugh:

Yeah, I might just consider it. A little exhaustion is a small price to pay if it makes people laugh.

Now that I'm well-rested, though, I'm wondering if a sequel is in order.

3807259 Very fair point:yay: I have read a lot in my lifetime as well but can't spell to save my life:facehoof:

wow, the story took a very sharp turn xD

xD xD xD :rainbowlaugh: I loled the whole way. Hooray for sleep-deprived craziness!

3852341 That was fast. Thanks!

I read it shortly after you published it, and I probably should have put it in the group then, really...

This story definitely deserves its place in the library :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by kalash93 deleted Apr 23rd, 2014

Very nice. Again feels like an abrupt ending but still amusing.

HAHA. Angels kicks butt again! Ha. That was a funny ending.:rainbowlaugh:

I have a hard time with the idea of Fluttershy drugging and locking up Angel for her own interests... Then again that just makes me wonder how her and Big Mac's courtship went :pinkiecrazy:
Your prose is beautiful, by the way :twilightsmile:

I feel like there were some missed opportunity for Monty Python references here, but it was still quite fun.
Don't feel bad, Mac. You're a lover, not a fighter.

5216226 5213692
Glad you guys enjoyed it. As for Monty Python references, it took every last ounce of willpower in me to leave them out, but I figured too many would limit the story's appeal and alienate a lot of readers.

“Cause we’re gonna have to elope.”


I am a terrible being. Because now I want to read a montage all Rocky/BigMac style about getting ready for the next match where through grit, determination, and generous amounts of campy truelove; the big guy might finally be brought down by Big Mac and thus earn some respect for the stallion.

I am not a big fan of the fluttermac shipping but this story was still very charming. I enjoyed reading it.

Alright , that was very funny :rainbowlaugh:

Btw. Nice detail, how Macintosh knew about the window in fluttershys bedroom :yay:

PS. : i never thought about angel being related to the killer rabbit , very good :eeyup:

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