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Under a rock in the Everfree Forest, there lived a pony.

Once a year, she came out to play.

**Beware of spoilers in the comments.**

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:rainbowlaugh:All of my yes. I could totally see Tia doing this.
Happy April Fool's Day!

Enjoyed it, added it to several groups.

Glad you enjoyed it!

By Luna, indeed.

Much obliged, amigo!

This is truly magnificent

Glad you enjoyed it!

Now that is a shocking twist:derpyderp2:

All hail Trolles--err, April Fool!

HAHAHA... Oh that ending was funny. Good story. Good story.

So glad i finally read this, sorry it took so long i really was missing out.


Author Interviewer

This was both marvelous and way better than Sunny Skies All Day Long, so it is now a thing I love. :V

Huh... I never even considered that parallel. In any event, I'm glad you were entertained.

Very fun little story. Thanks, Prak!

Very humorous. I really should have figured April was (Insert spoiler here) but I somehow did not!

That was a good one. Thought it was Celestia but then it occurred to me it might have been a changeling of some sort. I liked your Pinkie Pie as well.

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I'm glad you folks enjoyed it!

5599166 This was an entertaining story. I approve. ^_^ I also love your "The Gamers: Dorkness Rising" profile pic. The third one was also rather hilarious if you have yet to see it.

In order to properly convey my thoughts regarding this fan-creation of fiction, I must attend a fair portion of my grand mind to the most extensive lexicon within my purview.


Yes, and thank you.

She is indeed a mare of many talents.

A short and sweet little story, perfect for just winding down and relaxing.

Short and punchy, like a midget wrestler.

My heart is warmed.

It was not due to shame, for she was an attractive mare, with a coat like snow and a mane like a ray of golden sunshine.

I was the most surprised that it didn't turn out to be,:twilightblush:, Surprise.

I mean that the story is compact in form yet has significant emotional impact. It's short and punchy. I mean that I approve of the story.

5755860 I got it, It's just, that metaphor doe:rainbowhuh:

I loved it. I'm also going to have to remember Tallahayseed.

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