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Sensation - Physical Copy Update and Help Needed · 4:38am Tuesday

Hey there, all!

Now that convention season is over (as of tomorrow's Ciderfest wrap-up meeting), I'm putting together the physical copy of the book. Thanks again to everyone that showed their interest, and if you know anyone that you think might like a copy, please send them my way! I've started tracking people's names and will put together an order form when the time gets closer.

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It's easy when you're reading such high quality content :P

Hoof Work is definitely super cute though! Feel free to write more about him.

I'm glad you enjoyed the stories so much! And wow, two days??? That's impressive! I can't read nearly that fast.

Thanks for checking out the other stories, too. "Hey, DeeDee" is a favorite of mine, since it was written for Whinny City Pony Con. Hoof Work is my favorite mascot of anything ever. 💛

Lena #98 · Saturday · · ·

Once I started, I couldn't stop. I think I've read mostly everything in the Sensation universe and a couple other of your stories in those two days (I really like Hey, DeeDee a lot too!). I think my favorite thing about those stories is the optimism of them. For example, I totally got tricked in thinking that Fire Streak was going to be a ladder climbing jerk and that Hoof Work would get ditched, and I really liked how handled those situations.

Thanks for the feedback, Lena! I'm so happy you've enjoyed my work, especially Sensation. I wish it were more popular, too, but I'm more than satisfied with all the love I've gotten from readers like you. Are you all finished with it?

Hi! Sorry for the super late response -- I'm only being slightly destroyed by life. Binging the Sensation stories did not help my time management either. But yeah, I've really, really enjoyed everything that you've written that I've read. I spent a solid two days just reading your stories and enjoying every word! It's crazy to me that you're not more popular because I consider Sensation to be one of the best things I've read, period. I'm very closely following you for your next great work.

  • Viewing 96 - 100 of 100
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