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Life Update · 2:40am April 2nd

Hi, folks,

Quick update for anyone waiting for more Sensation: Appleloosa or To the Flamespire.

Both of those have chapters that are in-progress. I am trying to find time to write, but it's been rough going lately.

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Hi, Hamartia! Thank you so much! That's very flattering.

I actually do have some art of Bronze, but it hasn't been posted yet. It's a ref sheet for the upcoming new cover art. Let me ask the artist if they're okay with me sharing it, and I'll let you know!

Hi, sir! I'm still very much obsessed with Sensation, both the original and the sequel (goodness, you've made me realize Braeburn hits too close to home, in a good way), and was wondering if you had some art of Bronze? Maybe, not maybe, it's because I really want to make fanart of it one day, ahah!

Hello! I've actually left most of Bronze to the imagination, but there is this description from the original Sensation, in chapter 17:

"He's a strong pegasus, and he made me feel like I had somepony to watch over me. Heh. At least at first. And he's a looker, too. Lean. Muscular. Broad hooves and big, healthy wings that spread wide enough to block the sun." Braeburn spoke slowly with warmth in his voice. "His voice is low and smooth. He's got deeply set, brilliant golden eyes that sparkle even in the dark, and a coat that shimmers like wildfire."

In addition, chapter 10 of Sensation - Appleloosa describes his cutie mark as "an unrolled parchment paper with rough edges and a few topographical details. A map, but terribly unclear to where."

Also... there may be some art of him in the near future if you're interested in seeing it. :raritywink:

Excuse me Vivid, but I've been reading Sensation Appleloosa for a bit and must admit to a faulty memory when it comes to visual details. I wonder if you had a very short, pragmatic description of Bronze to give? For some reason, I can't remember his looks and cutie mark quite well, except that he's a handsome pegasus and similar to our Soarin' ahah. Please have a nice day.

I think they probably fall under the same umbrella of Equestria defense, but I imagine they're separate in terms of their organizations.

  • Viewing 135 - 139 of 139
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