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Oh, Hey! I'm going to post a new story tomorrow! And it's Sugarmac! · 2:54am June 3rd

Hey, look! I wrote a thing!

I'll post it tomorrow after the new episode. Be sure to swing by and give it a look!

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I'm really enjoying the Sensation series. It's always fun to read about familiar characters from a different perspective. Your characterisation is excellent.
Thank you


Hey there again, PHR! First the watch, now the fave on "Not in Bluff Nor Bravado Nor Loneliness" – thanks! I appreciate you giving my work a look. :twilightsmile:

Hey, no problem. And thank you, again, for being such a talented writer.

Nothing wrong with that. That's what fandom's for! :pinkiehappy:

I just realized how we're being such major fancolt's for him. :rainbowlaugh:

Right there with you on that one! :heart:

  • Viewing 68 - 72 of 72
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