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Howdy. My name is Brandon. Feel free to ask or say anything to me, and I'll answer the most honest way I can. ~SoarBurnWolfy


Anyone Else? · 9:47pm Apr 6th, 2015

Does anyone else find it funny and/or kinda weird that Double Diamond, THIS FUCKING CUTIE: has only been introduced 2 days ago and he's already the "New Braeburn"? No, just me? Okay. He IS really cute, though. I can already see hate comments, but, fuck you. I think him and Party Favor, or with Braeburn, mostly Brae', would look ABSOLUTELY FUCKING ADORABLE! Okay, I'm done with my

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1528099 I meant by any actual 'rutting' parts, mature is a lot better than the usual stuff.

I'm actually just waiting for the next chapter. :3 Keep being awesome. ^.^

~SoarBurnWolfy <3


I appreciate that you haven't put in any actual sexual, scenes I guess you can say.

That... makes me wonder how far into the story you are. :rainbowlaugh: There is a mature scene or two, but I try to give the reader some warning before it happens. I'm actually also working on a teen version of the story, which I hope to get up and running after chapter 18 is posted.

Hope you continue to enjoy 'Sensation,' and I'll keep trying to make it the best it can be. :twilightsmile:

1517365 Thanks, SoarBurn is my favorite 'coltcuddler' ship.

I love 'Sensation', it is fantastic so far, and I appreciate that you haven't put in any actual sexual, scenes I guess you can say. The lewdness makes up for the non-sexual parts of stories. But, if you wish to so so then do as you must.

FIMFiction is really awesome so far. I look forward to reading others stories as well as yours.


Hi there, SoarBurnWolfy! With a name like that, I know we're going to be friends. :raritywink:

Thanks for following me, and I'm glad you're liking 'Sensation' so far. Also, welcome to FIMFiction! How are you liking it so far?

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