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Saucy McHorsie

As a conjuror of literary oddities and intrusive fantasies, you can call me the Element of Curiosity. I try to satisfy my own interests, whilst striving to pique those of others. So watch yourself...


*sigh* Well, since you're sooooo insistent on sticking around, stranger; how's about you pull up a nice, comfy chair, and get nice and relaxed? Loosen those muscles and drift off into your own personal plane of nirvana. Don't worry, your friendly neigh-bourhood Inkster here will ensure nothing undesirable becomes of your supple bodily essence. You might wake up with one or two "ink stains" soaking deep into the pores of your physical canvas, but we can talk about that later...

Uh, I mean...Hello my friends and welcome! Allow me to confess how much of an honour it is to receive yet another visitor into the dominion of the Inky Ink Inc. Studios Ltd Holiday Resort, Shopping Mall, Underwater Masseuse Parlor, Covert Think Tank, "certified" Biogenetic Pharmacy and Space Programme. We hope everything here will satisfy your every potential need, and that you may perhaps one day find your way back to us again...with or without your consent of course!

As this is the realm where fantasies of pastel pigmented sentient equines run rampant and stimulate feelings of joy and lust within the dwelling demographic of this here domain of pony-inspired coding, I'm sure there'll be the occasional relevant literary treat for you to nibble and gnaw upon should you come to visit. If the taste is unsatisfactory for you however, I'm afraid we don't give out refunds. Time is a constant investment you only get to gamble with once, after all.

Feel free to voice any or all of your thoughts/concerns in the complaints box somewhere below. I'm sure somebody (most likely a member of the NSA) will stumble upon it eventually!

See you around, stranger
~Tainted Ink

Show These Works Some Love. I know I Sure Did. I Even Have The Stains To Prove It...

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I detect an onslaught of untruths. In other words, "damnable lies." Who sent you? What do you want from me? This malfeasance will be payed in full.

1853192 *points at you overdramatically* YYYYYOOOOOUUUUUUU

You do? Wow. Who told you such a thing?

In a metaphorical sense? Yes. In a literal sense? Well...probably. He snorts a lot of crushed up Xanax, you see.

  • Viewing 112 - 116 of 116
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