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I really like ponies. Also Discord, a whole bunch. ;P

I. Heart. This. Face.


I like writing and voice acting, also Discord. A whole bunch.

Since I started posting my ponyfics over on other places, I thought I'd finally come to share them here with you good fellow ponyfans.

Most of my stories can be a bit shippy (except Shining Sparkle) but I do try to make them not blatantly overt.

I will be continuing with my Sympathy Series, and with hope the last story will be well-received.

Want your story narrated by me? Here are my commission prices

For some Fan Fiction reading double-teaming. ;P

Thanks for visiting and hope you enjoy what I bring to the table. Adorable new userpic made by glassass.tumblr.com

ART! ^^

Lovely redraw of my Sympathy Series doodles by Jadeile and Violinewolf



Thank you so much!

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*leaving this here* · 8:54am February 3rd

This will probably not reach a lot of people but I thought I'd post it since preorders are now available.

Maybe you want to read this book


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Thanks ^^ I got it a while ago at a con.

Lol :3

That's a lovely profile pic btw :heart:

Thanks friend. 🤗 I still lurk every so often.

Hope all is well, friend. 😌

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