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While studying, Starlight notices weird changes in Twilight when around Sunburst. She tells her to knock it off in the nicest way possible.

Spoilers for the Season 6 Premiere.

Cover art by Cover Designer Novel-Idea

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Twilight Tsuki Sparkle

Tsuki? Never heard of that one before.

I had a cheshire grin the entire time I read this. Which probably looked insane to my parents cause we're watching Mockingjay part 2.

7089678 Love that movie. And thanks! :pinkiehappy:

Sunburst is one of my favorite ponies!

Oh my gosh, this was so adorable. :heart:

I loved it! Great job! :pinkiehappy:

Darn, they should've kissed! :raritydespair:

Why did I know right off the bat that Twilight didn't do anything? I thought she just spent the night reorganizing all her books or having some deep philosophical debate with Sunburst.
Pretty good job. Although I kinda felt like that part about Sunburst being called "daddy" just felt a little rushed. Maybe it's because I only saw the first two episodes this week. Besides, just look at the effort they were taking with Flurry OP. Those two are going to make great parents.

First time watching it. Pretty good so far. An hour and 21 minutes in.

So close! . . . Yet so far. Cute and sweet story :twilightsmile:

I'll admit it now that I've shipped Starlight and Sunburst ever since I saw the premiere. It just seems so perfect!

Isn't Tsuki means to thrust?

7090091 No, I read it meant 'Moon', according to some baby names :twilightsmile:

Adorable, and i think you captured Starlight's thoughts well.

7090107 It also means "the first half of the name TSUKIHIMAY FEATURING ARCADE BUMSTEAD I'D HIT IT."

Once again, he was yanked forward, but this time, he saw no anger in Starlight’s eyes. It was something else he couldn’t quite put his hoof on. But he liked it. With a quivering breath, Starlight’s eyes slid closed, with Sunburst following suit. They leaned in closely, their snouts just beginning to brush against one another, when a train whistle peirced the air, causing them to cry out.

“ALL ABOOOOARD!” The conductor shouted.


I half expected a glimpse of Bitchlight (I don't know what we're calling Evil GlimGlam), but this is good.

As for another comment, "Tsuki" the verb is indeed thrust, but it's derived from "tsuku" (for whatever reason) which is indeed Moon. Naruto fans may recognize that as the first part of the "Tsukuyomi" technique so gracefully employed by Itachi, itself named after the Japanese moon god, Tsukuyomi-no-Mikoto.

The more you know.jpg

This comment section feels like it is slowly turning into tumblr.

“I wonder how long it took you to grow this,” Starlight hummed, magically tugging at his goatee.

If a girl threatens you with your own facial hair, she's not right for you bro, get a girl who can appreciate awesome goatees.

Why did Starlight repeat that she had a Dragon? Is Sunburst her Dragon?

Toot toot! All aboard the S.S. Starburst!


Wait...all hands, brace for impact! Cock-block iceberg dead ahead!


Nooooo! My ship! :raritydespair:

“Do you find me attractive?”

Danger Spike! Danger! When this question is asked by a mare there is probably no answer that is going to go well for you. It's not quite as bad as "Do I look fat in this?" but it's getting there.


What we're calling Evil GlimGlam?

"Starlight Glimmer".

Oh man that was good. When Starlight said about being a psychopath my thoughts went like this. "You're not a psychopath, you're more of a sociopath. Hey, that sounds like something Sunburst might say, I'd laugh if he actually says something like this." And then he did!

Oh, this was nice! Good job on the character interaction; it's fun to see Sunburst and Twilight geeking out together over rare books, and it lends Starlight's building jealousy a sense of reality. And Starlight and Spike seem to play really well off one another, too!

She can have Spike send, and receive, messages for her now. And it still amazes her when she stops to think about it.

"Fucking Triggered"- Every SJW ever.:rainbowlaugh:

But honestly, this was very cute. :twilightsmile:

Goddammit, woman! Get his D. We all know you want that shit.

Twilight Tsuki Sparkle

Wait, what? Where'd you pull that middle name from?

She has a dragon. Now how many can say that?
"I can!" :twilightsmile:
"I do, when I need gems dug up or Sweetie Belle taken care of." :raritywink:

Sunburst x Twilight makes a lot more sense than Twilight x Flash Sentry.

You know, I could actually see this being the plot for an episode.

7091003 Seriously, I wondered that too...

This story was great, and a absolute riot.:pinkiehappy:

7091003 It was a name related to moon, so I just made a quick fix there :twilightsheepish:

Wow. Green definitely isn't Starlight's color. But that final scene was just so cute.:raritystarry:

I´ll be honest; for a good section of the story I though Starlight was into Twilight.

This was cute. When Starlight was being hedgy with Spike I expected her to like Twilight, and honestly I feel like it was a little up in the air until they almost kissed.

It was adorable though.

Instant fave!

It feels incredibly out of place, both because Twilight doesn't actually have a middle name (as far as I'm aware) and also because it's a random Japanese word sandwiched between two English ones.

'Mi Amore Cadenza' works because it's all the same language and actually relates to Cadence's character. 'Mi amore' is Italian for 'my love' while 'cadenza' sounds like a more elaborate version of 'Cadence' and is also a musical term. Another 'romance' language appeared in the show (French) before Cadence's introduction, so the foreign words don't feel out of place in the universe.

Personally I would remove it as it creates nothing but confusion for the reader, but at the end of the day it's your story and you're free to do what you want with it.

I like it. But, I would like it more when, Spike, stops putting pretty mares available mares in the "family" category. Dude is blocking himself!:rainbowhuh:

That's against the "Bro Code"!:eeyup: Stop it! Still a good story.:twilightsmile:

I'll confess I almost didn't read the story because the title made it seem like another dumb reactionary meme. I'm glad I did take the time to read this though, it's a cute story.

Only problem :pinkiehappy::

"feild" -> "field"

No, that ship doesn't sound right...hm...
...I'll just go with sunlight I guess. And yes, I ship it.

Twilight swallowed and wiped the stray crumbs from her mouth. “What did I do?”
"I..uh... I heard noise coming from your bedroom last night."

Grammar error, I think it would be noises or a noise.

His scales drooped.

How the hell did they manage that? Is this a normal thing for scales to do? Has there ever been a pony whose coat drooped?

Something about Twilight’s personality ... Relaxed, yet uptight. Awkward, yet graceful.

Rounded, yet square.

WOW I enjoyed the bit with spike and starlight great job btw :3


His scales drooped.

How the hell did they manage that? Is this a normal thing for scales to do? Has there ever been a pony whose coat drooped?

Probably meant the spines on his head. Those are apparently flexible.

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