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Soarin never really had any competition when it came to Rainbow Dash...not that he needed to, anyway. But when an obnoxious green pegasus flies in with the newest recruit, he decides he doesn't like the two of them together.

Slight spoilers for "Flutter Brutter"

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“Harassment of a Wonderbolt will result in eight months incarceration.”

It's a shame this threat was never acted upon. Seeing Zephyr miserable in prison, carving out the days until he's released on the wall, strumming on his banjo while pining in front of a lifesize picture of Dash, would've been a FAR superior ending than the predictable conclusion we ended up with.
Duly faved. :pinkiehappy:

*dies if fangirling*
This was beautiful :fluttercry:

An embarrassingly high whinny escaped Soarin...


This. This is perfection. All of my yes :heart:

What's with the Sex tag though? :rainbowhuh:

7279172 In case if someone thought something was a sexual reference. I'm paranoid :twilightblush:

7279174 ... now I'M GETTING PARANOID... It makes me think of those smutty cloppy fics around here...:unsuresweetie:

7279183 Haha :rainbowlaugh: I'll take it off, since no one's raised a flag or anything :rainbowlaugh:

Ahhh, makes legit sense:moustache:
I can't see anything that would "spark interest" though...

I like this. A lot. You are good at your job.

Upvoted for the SoarinDash shiptease, faved for the Author's Notes.

Good story! Soaring/Dash isn't normally a ship I support, but you made it work here.:twilightsmile:

7279234 Thanks! I'm also dying over your Miraculous Ladybug picture. I squee every time I see it :rainbowkiss:

7279273 Yeah, maybe so! It's still fun to play with though :rainbowkiss:

All i could think when i watched the episode was, KEEP YOUR HOOFS OF MY DASHIE!. Zephyr annoyed me in this episode everytime he touched Rainbow Dash. And the other joke was that this episode was also co written by Dave Rapp. The same one responsible for Newbie Dash. ><. I am currently working on a sketch of Pinkamena where she has Flash Sentry and Zephyr Breeze tied up in chains. Ive even thought of adding Gilda to it after what she did to Flutters in the first season.

Weird thing is, I still like Zephyr/Rainbow more than Rainbow/Soarin, even with all the fics/pics going out of their way to make him a worse creeper than he was.

I dunno, it just strikes me as more interesting, you know? Once Zephyr Breeze has cleaned up his act a little, I can see them interact on a more even level than before. Soarin/Dash is fine in its own way, but it's not my first choice anymore.

Zephy is gross and isnt rainbow dash older than him since fluttershy is his older sister and fluttershy and rainbow dash was classmates on school

7279904 Yep they are both older

OMG the nicknames makes it more romatic(err i dunno) but it makes the ship more awesome!!!

This was very satisfying to read after that debacle. Frankly I'm surprised even Flutters' parents thought Rainbow liked Zephyr in the episode. Unbelievable.

This was... Incredibly entertaining! It really felt like a deleted scene. Granted, the shipping wouldn't fly in an actual episode, but everything else felt like right out of the show. But the shipping was very cute. I'm not normally a SoarinDash shipper—MacDash OTP, w00t!—but it felt natural and realistic. Like, if the show ever DID shipping, that's what I think it's look like.

Have a like, author! I really enjoyed this. :ajsmug:

soarindash is outdated


Sorry Zeph, but I couldn't do that infront of the kids. Sends the wrong message, you know?

I'm... not convinced they didn't do that anyway. By the end of the episode, I was cringing every time Rainbow talked to him, completely ignoring how much of a creep he was being. Even singing a whole song for him.

And the lesson we learned is, when someone is making repeated unwanted advances, you just kind of pretend it isn't happening?

Comment posted by El Comal deleted Jun 6th, 2016

7280086 Yeah! Even though I loved her parents to death, it was just like...really tho? :facehoof:

Now I need to write a thing about Fluttershy and Zephyr having a third sibling.


Hey...I really really really hate to be that guy...but I promise I'm just trying to help...

The smell of burnt fur filled the air,

Horses don't have fur; they have hair. :twilightblush:

People tend to point that out somewhere or another...and since no one has, I wanted to try and do it politely, so you could fix it if you wanted to. It's not that big of a deal, just something I noticed.

Anyways...as for the story. I really, really enjoyed it. It was cute, and kept me smiling all the way through. It was very well-written for what it was supposed to be: dialogue-centric with quick, concise description. I really loved it, and with your recent work, especially this one...I'm tempted to give you a follow. We'll see.


“Harassment of a Wonderbolt will result in eight months incarceration.”

That was hilarious. :rainbowlaugh:

Glad this story exists. I cringed every time Zephyr tried hitting on Dash, so it's nice to see him get served. :rainbowlaugh:

I'm glad this story exists.

Zephyr is seriously the worst.

I have to agree with other reviewers that this could have been a cut scene from the show. The dialog was excellent as was the description of all the action and movement of the characters.

Lol this was awesome!

Haven't even read it yet and this is already my new favorite fic, as it denies the zephyrdash ship which I loathe with every particle in my body

This is exactly what I thought happened

7281625 That's too awesome :rainbowlaugh: I love her art! Thanks for reading!

“Fine, fine, Rainbows, you win! I’ll get up and keep on pushing clouds...on one condition.”

Rainbow stopped pushing and glowered. “Ugh. What?” Zephyr’s hoof suddenly cradled her chin and lifted it up, causing Rainbow to meet his eyes.

“You can give ol’ Zephyr a itty bitty kiss.”

“WHAT!?” Rainbow Dash squawked.

“I promise I’ll give it right back!” He sneered, puckering his lips.

Oh my gosh!:yay: Lol so hard!XD Funniest moment by far for the funniest fix for "Flutter Brutter" so far! Those lines by Zephyr is soooo classic:D
Bravo to you for giving me another Zephyr/Rainbow/Soarin story, except this time, making Soarin the jealous one instead of Zephyr being the jealous. I love how you wrote Soarin as this nice guy on the outside, but totally wants to murder Zephyr on the insideXD I also love how you wrote the interaction between Rainbow and Zephyr, and how you wrote Zephyr overall:heart: You are simply spot on with his character:D
Unlike most of the readers for this story, I came for the one sided funny Zephyr crush on Rainbow:3 Not the SoarinDash. I'm such shipper trash cause I'm open minded to the possibility of a ZephyrDash ship;3 So for me, this fix was like candy;) :P

This SoarinDash shipper approves!

7281013 Eh, I'm sure there's someone for him out there. Maybe one of those annoying socialites.

Good story. It is written pretty canonically-ly. ...I'm not sure what word I'm trying to say but I don't think it's that. XP You get the idea.

This fic

Really liked the message of the episode...still how can flutters parents be so blind

7281884 Only if the episode calls for it :rainbowlaugh: I only ship three couples of the entirety of mlp, so it doesn't happen that often, though I've been giving the Romance tag a workout lately :rainbowderp: What can I say..season 6 is the season of ships...it's out of my hands :rainbowwild:

Rainbow blinked in confusion, but burst out laughing when she saw Soarin with another storm cloud. “Sir, you have violated Rule #4882,” Soarin said curtly. “Harassment of a Wonderbolt will result in eight months incarceration.”


I would love to take part in an audio book of this.
I just know I can pull off Zephyr!

A long awaited SoarinDashish story from the featured spot!
And well deserved it is! Great fic! Made me laugh :rainbowlaugh:

I'm pretty sure that when someone's making unwanted advances, you're NOT supposed to ignore that person. Zeph gives off that creepy but suave vibe. Also, he reminds me of Tom Sawyer from Mark Twain's books, but much older.

Hehe, this was pretty funny.:heart:

I'm pretty sure that none of his actions in the episode would be classified as more than just him being an insensitive jerk. He wasn't sexually harassing or stalking her, and they weren't in a structured environment where interactions are specially regulated, so the most she could do was just leave (which she did when he showed up at Fluttershy's house).

The cover-art makes Soarin look like a petulant child.

... Then again I can't really think of any expression like that on a pony's face that wouldn't.

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y'know normally I try to give characters people don't like the benefit of the doubt, but there was something about Zephyr that was way too real for me. So I didn't mind alittle comeuppance in the form of this fic, Regardless, love him or hate him you definitely wrote him in-character, I could practically hear his voice when reading the lines (unfortunately)

Aside from that Soarins internalized dialogue seems reasonably realistic considering the circumstances. It definetly feels like the CHARACTER hates Zephyr isn't just being a mouthpiece for the writer, which isn't amazingly common, but when it happens does feel rather cringe-worthy.

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