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This story is a sequel to Triggered

Sunburst might be a grown stallion, but that doesn't keep an overprotective sister like Sunset Shimmer from smacking a filly.

Cover art by Cover Designer Novel-Idea

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Starlight glanced at one of the castle windows and beamed. “How about a picnic?”
“A picnic? As in...outside?”

Same, Sunburst. Same.

Well, this was fun and hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing :rainbowlaugh:

Good work Summer, at the Girl Code bit I absolutely lost it and failed to stop holding it in. Oh Twilight, there's still so much you need to learn.:rainbowlaugh:

7255742 Thanks, Brick! I'm with Twi on this one...no one prepares us for these things! :raritydespair:

This is Hilarious! Keep it up!


“Awe, you’re no fun.”

It should be "Aww."

That being said, why didn't you post this as a second chapter to the first story?

EDIT: Apparently, running the highlighted sentence through several online grammar checkers mean that "awe" can be used in place of "aww", despite one being a strong feeling of fear or respect and also wonder and the other an expression used to express mild disappointment, gentle entreaty, or real or mock sympathy or sentiment. But whatever floats your boat, 7255860.

On the story, it was another fine short story coming from you, though I failed to understand the "Girl Code" joke that 7255742 kept laughing about.

Augaug yeash yeash i wanted to do that and also amazing fic

7255812 I didn't think of the concept till recently. Plus I wanted this to be kind of seperate, yet linked. :pinkiesmile:

This story was very enjoyable, but do you believe that ponies grow up faster than humans?

7255963 Yes, I think ponies grow up much faster than humans do, the question is, how and why? :applejackconfused:

7255812 Girl Code is very sacred :ajsmug:

7255971 Why do you think that? Sweetie Belle's flashback to her 3rd birthday in "For Whom the Sweetie Belle tolls" suggests that ponies age at the same rate as humans.

7255998 I fancy the mane six as young adults but they appear to be young teenagers in EQG. It's weird but it's interesting to speculate.


Girl Code is very sacred

Humour me.

EDIT: In the past, I've watched some cartoons and shows where women and girls would talk about having a culturally-defined set of rules on how females should handle sensitive situations like the one mentioned above.

I've never understood or felt right about it, but I'm just another lonely, Fimfiction user. What would I know.


Sweetie Belle's flashback to her 3rd birthday in "For Whom the Sweetie Belle tolls" suggests that ponies age at the same rate as humans.

And how exactly are we comparing Sweetie's rate of growth to humans? We don't know the exact ages of the CMC as they are never given, nor have we ever seen EQG Sweetie as a young girl.

7256012 Ok, got it. I always thought that the mirror portal de-aged them for some reason, but whatever.

7256015 Got it, I guess you're right about that.

7255998 It was her 5th Birthday party. im pretty sure on that.

Heh, that was hilarious and heartwarming. Forget raging she-demon Sunset, over-protective big sister Sunset is even worse. Interesting head-canon, just glad Sunset wasn't partially responsible for starting Starlight's crazy philosophy (seen a few fics with that theory, considering how mean Sunset was back then).

Though given even Trixie is showing a bit of interest, Sunset might have her work cut out protecting her little brother. :trixieshiftright: And yeah, who knows what Twilight and Spike's relationship counts as. Though another interpretation I favor is that Spike is Twilight's babysitter, there to help keep her sane. :moustache: No, I didn't put that in the wrong order.

7256015 On a related subject, is it just me or do the pony worlds and the humans world's ages seem a bit mixed up? Because the CMC look like teenagers in the human world but in the MLP world they seem to be pre-teen?

Honestly, I've had the same headcanon, but I never found a fic on here that had that concept.
Til now.

Again, bravo

Hm... I need to find a picture that will express my thoughts completely. After several minutes on google, I found the perfect one.


Technically, the Human CMC look like pre-teen girls while the Pony CMC seem more like children.

While we're on the subject, of course the ages are going to be screwed around with if they want the characters to fit into a High-School setting. Princesses Celestia and Luna are going to be young to middle-aged women, Cheerilee is going to be a teacher when she is shown to be around the same age as Rarity in "The Cutie Mark Chronicles", but Granny Smith is always going to be old.

EDIT: To express myself in a prying manner, I've noticed that both you and Summer both avoided talking about anything about this "Girl Code" other than the fact that it's sacred and that there's a lot to learn from it. :trixieshiftleft:

Wow, to make Sunburst is Sunset's little brother. Thanks

*Reads Author's Note* Talk about the best head-canon ever! This story was great, lots of heart and laughs! Definitely enjoyed reading it!

Very interesting headcannon there. I like it.

Sunburst, the outside isn't that bad. He acted as if one was asking him to plunge over a cliff. :rainbowlaugh:

Good lord that was a trainwreck. Family reunions, nothing else quite like it. :rainbowlaugh:

7256155 Not being a girl myself I can only speculate, but I'd say it's likely the Female Equivalent of the "Bro-Code", only much more difficult for non-bro's to figure out seeing as it's to deal with girls, and let's face it even when we think we've figured them out we really haven't figured out anything...

7256114 The best explanation I've been able to come up with to their appearances in the human world is that the mirror just uses their counterparts as a basis for the transformation. So even if they're younger in Equestria like the CMC, they'll come out on the human side looking like young teens because that's how old their counterparts are. Likewise, Celestia and Luna would come across looking like women in their 30s/40s despite being far, far older.

7256325 That's kinda what agoraphobia does. Makes simple things like leaving home feel like jumping over a cliff. Or so I've heard, and derived from separate issues.

Hmm hmm.

Fixed. I'll get to you later, though. There's something I'll want to show you besides a formal apology.

Sunset is so mad.

Starlight is so understanding.

Twilight is so Twilight.

And Trixie is so Trixie.

Well done. Head cannon approved.:raritywink: Have a thumbs up!

Two absolute gems in this story:

1) Starlight realising that she's volunteered to explain the 'girl code' to Twilight;

2) Trixie taking one look at Sunburst's flank and clearly wanting to sample the goods.

The Sunset/Starlight bonding was nicely done too. I think that you got all the characters well-written and consistent. I could quite honestly see something like this happening as a special episode. Sunburst being Sunset's younger brother is so intuitive and obvious in retrospect, that I hope that DHX make it canon!

I apologize if my comment was in some way taken to be sexist. That was never my intent. While not entirely meant sarcastically my own comment was intended to possess a bit of tongue-in-cheek.

I freely admit to being male, being born male, and despite my brain's love of "What If" questions occasionally wandering in the general vicinity (likely owing to my fascination with TF/TG Media), I'm most definitely am not Trans.

I also personally don't particularly give a flying feather about perceived gender roles as dictated by society.

That said, I've come to find that I have a certain talent for understanding how people think and why they act a certain way. Occasionally it's simply a Strong yet accurate first impression, while after that it's built over time as I come to learn more about people, their lives and in general how I observe they respond to other people and the world around them, especially when faced with adversity.

In general, I find that Men are much easier to read than Women are. Our motivations are usually (but not always) much more simple, though by no means nearly as limited as what much of popular media and culture portrays. In contrast, Women usually have a much more complex thought process behind why they do things (though I've observed many instances of much simpler behavior), and will often respond in contrary ways to nearly identical situations for very different reasons.

I know it's not empirical evidence, but it's what I've been able to observe, and I've yet to have horribly misread anyone yet so I'll be sticking with my instincts.

Now, I think I've taken up enough of this story's comments with only tangentially related material so I'll be closing this out for me here.

Comment posted by Summer Dancer deleted May 29th, 2016

Only real problem I have is this. I have trouble seeing Starlight Glimmer as being younger than Sunset Shimmer. On the other hand, the Mirror Portal may do weird things with time.

I read a fanfic where Sunset was a R63 clone of Sunburst, but your headcanon makes a lot more sense.

Besides...you wouldn’t believe me if I told you.

Whenever someone says that, it makes me even more curious, so I'm surprised Sunburst let it drop.

This was a hilarious romp, especially Sunset overriding the portal through sheer overprotective determination. Thank you for it.

Even though I don't think Sunset and Sunburst are related, this was a very funny fic to read. Have a like and a fav. :twilightsmile:

MJP #40 · May 29th, 2016 · · 10 ·

So even though sunset knows how hard it is to be forgiven, she REFUSES to forgive Starlight of something she wasn't even aware of, stop wedging in personal opinion in a story, it only makes you look like a bad writer and it completely goes against the character

I like the story, though in my own head-cannon Sunset was an orphan and grew up badly since Celestia is pretty bad role model/parent figure:P

I was not aware overprotective elder sister Sunset was a thing I was about but BOY HOWDY AM I ABOUT IT

Fun times, fun times (though I must concede I'm biased toward my favorite explosion colored pony).

Is there nobody gonna question that Twilight has a Friendship Dungeon in her castle...nobody? Just me... okay...

7257303 Princess of Friendship? more like princess of kinkiness (I NEED A LENNY HERE)

7256546 I need just one more... one more sequel to this

7257303 7257333
I was thinking the same thing! I re-read that line like four times wondering if it was supposed to be 'The Friendship Castle's Dungeon' or something, but that only makes the tiniest bit more sense.

I'm not even going to ask what a 'Friendship Dungeon' is for, :applejackconfused:

Tell me about it. Flurry Heart’s Crystaller is especially worn out. He’s had to keep tabs on her magic 24/7. Can you imagine? Shining Armor decided to give him a break, thank goodness. He’s actually staying at my place for a while to recuperate.

Well, that sounds nice. You two know each other well?

I'd think Twilight would have to explain to Sunset what a 'Crystaller' is, since I doubt very much Sunset really knows much about the Crystal Empire, and the Crystalling is a quasi-obscure thing.

Hmm. Having them essentially texting through the magic journal seems a little...I dunno. Off?

I like the idea of Sunset and Sunburst being brother and sister, though it raises many questions.

It buzzed and crackled more and more voilently


“Wait a minute…” Sunset squinted at Starlight. “You’re the kid with the pigtails that peed on the park slide!”

*SPITTAKE* :rainbowlaugh: Oh god... XD

Sunburst flinched and rubbed the back of his head. “I-It was just a little trickle! The slide still worked fine!”

Twilight looked between the two of them, her face scrunched up in confusion. “You...slid on pee?”

Starlight made a sound of exasperation, throwing up a hoof. “We were KIDS! PEE WAS PEE, NOPONY CARED!”

Yyyyeah if I was a kid and some other kid peed on the slide, I wouldn't go anywhere NEAR it and most of the other kids would be laughing and making fun of the peepee kid.

Starlight pointed an accusatory hoof at Sunset. “You turned me into an eggplant!”

Should've left her like that.

Nice little lampshading of the confusing relationship between Twilight and Spike. :trollestia:

The corners of Sunset’s mouth lifted. “That sounds great!” || A[font color=red]s[/font] they began to walk, Spike spoke up. “Sunset? Do you...do you think you could maybe come with us to visit Princess Celestia some time?”

Needs to be split into two paragraphs where indicated.

So, seems like there could be a couple more sequels in this...

7257343 *Speak's in Spy's voice* It's so glorious

7257381 Thanks for pointing out the errors, fixed them. And...perhaps, perhaps...

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