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This story is a sequel to Code Blue

The Dazzlings are forced to spend a whole night with Pinkie Pie and her crazy sisters.

Rainbow Dash has a run-in with the cops.

I suggest reading Code Blue before Pink because you will be lost :twilightblush:

Also, I regret nothing.

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I suggest reading Code Blue before Pink because you will be lost :twilightblush:

Challenge accepted.

Rainbow started to sigh in relief, until one of the female officers started to frisk her. “Whoa, whoa, hey!” She protested. “Hands off the merchandise!”

I remember saying that same line a while ago when somebody ran into me and had his hands all over me. Ahh, the memories. :rainbowlaugh:

The eggs... TMNT reference! :pinkiehappy:

"You're-You're baka!"

Oh yes. Definite favorite. Have a thumb, too!

*lurks in the shadows as i rub my hands together like mr burns* excellent.:rainbowwild:

Be careful. You sort of promised panties but I don't think much for Snips and Snails' chances.

And these cops are totally racial profiling against blue people. It's not right.

5456797 Don't you just hate it when people do that? :rainbowlaugh:

This just keeps getting better and better

While reading, I noticed a few grammatical mistakes, as follows:

But Adagio Dazzle and Aria Blaze was having increased difficulty carrying the huge bag filled with brassieres.

Was should be were.

They probably moved here from the circus for all she knew.

This is a bit of a redundancy.

But Instead of pink, like she thought it would be, it was the surprising shade of blue-grey.

Instead should be decapitalized.

Instead of colorful flowers on the lawn, there was only rocks and gravel.

Was should be were.

Limestone walked over to Pinkie and slung an arm around her. “So. I suspect they’ll be no funny business around our kid sister?” She asked, ruffling Pinkie’s hair.

They'll should be there'll.

"Get it, girl!" Thunder Lane laughed.

Thunderlane is one word.

"Mr. Discord," She groaned.

She should be decapitalized.

“Hey guys!” Pinkie grinned, kneeling down to hug them. “Hello, Pinkie dear,”

Cup Cake said breathlessly.

I think you had a bit of some paragraphing issues here.

"This is my pet rock boulder.

Needs a comma after rock, and Boulder should be capitalized since it's a name in this case.

"Suite life of Mach and Grody," Pumpkin replied.

Life should be capitalized.

Pinkie whipped out four microphones with a wide grin. “KAREOKEE!”

Should actually be KARAOKEE!

Well now, I think I'll check out Code Blue. Like and fav :twilightsmile:

5456874 Yep. :rainbowlaugh: When I left, I was thinking about it. Geez, the gropers around here. often came to mind.

Omigosh.... I freaking love this story... I can't wait for the next chapter! :rainbowkiss:

5457035 After that, I began pondering how people can't keep their hands to themselves. I've told people a few years younger than me not to touch something, and they plaster the walls afterward from getting a bunch of paint on their hands. Which it told them NOT to touch. :facehoof: An old acquaintance of mine did a video of her science experiment, and her mother walked in. She told her mom not to touch anything. Her mom picked up a beaker filled with some kind of liquid and sloshed it around. She began to ask what it was, but before she could finish her sentence, it exploded in her face. It was hilarious, but it really drives the point home that humans really can't keep their hands to themselves. Whether it's groping or touching other stuff. :rainbowlaugh:

This has to be one of the most amusing stories I've ever read on this site!

You are an insane comedic genius.

dem references tho/10

“It is a ritual in sleepovers that we give each other makeovers! We have also done the braiding of the hair and the painting of the nails.”

I read this in Starfire's voice.

Love it! Can't wait for part two!

Also, Snips and Snails are idiots. Seriously, they think a panty raid will impress girls? Yeesh!

Just. One. Word. :rainbowderp:


How dare you? :rainbowhuh:

Have my like

And here I am, eagerly awaiting part two...after reading part one for the third time.

5458236 So did I :rainbowlaugh:

Loved that My Life as a Teenage Robot reference in the Karaoke song.

This is turning into quite the story :rainbowkiss::moustache:

Dude Sonata is basically Starfire xDDDDD Which would make Aria... Raven? And Adagio...Robin, maybe?

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? :rainbowlaugh:

I love this!

5458236 Ah, dude, I literally just commented that Sonata is basically Starfire! :rainbowkiss: /)

Actually, I could see that.

5458849 Well, Pinkie's middle name is Diane, so it would be plausible.

Aria’s eyes widened. She quickly jumped off the couch and ran towards Pinkie’s room. “Nope!” She brushed past Marble who had a large bandage on her head. “You. Margaret.”
“Whatever. Explain to the trolls how you humans get it on.”

Woah. Aria, I believe a scolding is in order.

Also, apparently a 401 is just an accident in police code. :facehoof:

5458849 I see it as Vinyl's middle name, myself :rainbowlaugh:

5457073 Oh my God, so true. That was quite funny, but you know, people should really learn that the words "Do not touch" is to be taken seriously, no matter what the situation is.... it is said for a reason! :flutterrage:

Such hilarity. Such brilliant, brilliant hilarity. I LOVE IT! :pinkiehappy:

5458236 Oh God yes.... just yes!!! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

i read code blue a while back and i hoped for squeal and i am very happy with the funnies of this story so i will rate this 9/10 bra (final one was totally not stolen by me):heart: :heart::heart:

I hope this saga continues, even after part 2 of this story.

“Pinkie, would you believe it? There I was, watching That’s So Robin reruns

“Suite life of Mach and Grody,

Ah, the terrible shows of my childhood...

“Swarm, swarm!”

Imagine that with Jerry Seinfeld's voice. You are welcome comment section. Also that disney and Teen Titans reference. So much yes.


I don't understand how enough people watched the Disney channel to keep those things on the air.


When you live in a place with -50 Celcius for nine months of the year, you lower your standards on just about everything to try to keep yourself from going insane from boredom. The good news is that Disney is now even worse so freezing to death is a better alternative.

"Officer we're looking for a blue-skinned girl."
takes off sunglasses
"Bring in the usual suspects."

5458236 So it wasn't just me

Everything Wrong With Code Pink, pt. 1

But Adagio Dazzle and Aria Blaze was having increased difficulty carrying the huge bag filled with brassieres.

Was is supposed to be were. +1

They probably moved here from the circus for all she knew.

Expectation: Circus ponies.
Reality: Rock farmers.
Remind Dagi that her psychic powers will never, ever tingle. +1

“She just threw a rock through the freaking window,” Aria growled. Pinkie looked up at the second story window. There was a shattered hole right in the middle of the glass.

How "A Charlie Brown Christmas" Should Have Ended +1

“Weren’t these the girls that terrorized your school?” Maud asked Pinkie.
She nodded. “Well, yeah...but they’re cool now. Is it okay if they stay here for the night? Pretty please?”
Maud looked from the Dazzlings to her sister. She shrugged. “Sure.”

Explanation. I demand none. +1

"...Coincidence? I think not!”

Of all the lines I could've squealed like a fangirl at, it was this one. That is the true sin here. +1

Snails raised his head to see Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon gabbing to each other. “They’re coming this way,” Snips whispered. He gave Snails a confident smirk. “Watch how it’s done.”

Poorly. +1

“Hey,” Snips said in his deepest voice.

A super-deep nasal voice. That would sound exactly like a walrus. Don't ask how I know that. +1

“Did it hurt?” Both girls stopped and looked at him in confusion. “…When you fell outta heaven?”

...please dear Celestia tell me he's not actually trying. +1

"One does not simply ask Silver Spoon out on a date!”

She'd never ask you out on one, Snips. +1

“We go on a panty raid!”

This is the first entry to a book i'm going to call "The Cookbook of Disaster". Recipe for disaster? Anyone? *ducks down, awaits vegetables to be thrown* +1

“Hey! Real men drink out of bendy straws!”

Note to self: order more kid's milkshakes +1

"I’m just gonna go rinse my eyeballs out with mouth wash.”

Best. Fic idea. EVER. +1

The cop with the megaphone sat there, dumbfounded. “Is she seriously trying to outrun us with a bicycle?” His partner said in disbelief.
The first cop nodded darkly. “It appears so. After her.”

Dear Rainbow Dash,

“Why, if it isn’t miss Rainbow Jennifer Dash!”

Jennifer? JENNIFER? +1

Rainbow started to sigh in relief, until one of the female officers started to frisk her. “Whoa, whoa, hey!” She protested. “Hands off the merchandise!”

You do realize they're frisking you because of a jewelry store robbery, right? "Hands off the merchandise"? One-way ticket to jail, Dashie. +1

“This is atrocious and utterly unnecessary!” Adagio shouted.
Pinkie tapped her chin. “That’s how all the other girls do it—but I just fasten it beforehand and pull it over.”

...okay, I lied, Dagi has psychic tingles. +1

“BYE YOU CRAZY LOVE BIRDS!” Pinkie screamed.

The only crazy thing is how many people you have to deal with now. Good luck with that in part 2, Pinkie. +1

She opened the fridge only to find endless cans of whipped cream. “I know I’m not imagining things. Is this seriously all they eat?”

Ladies and gentlemen, the secret to being Pinkie Pie! (WARNING: Don't actually try)+1

Pumpkin scratched at her chin. “I just don’t get why girls always have babies in their stomachs. How do they even get in there?” She looked up at Aria. “Do you know?”
Aria’s eyes widened. She quickly jumped off the couch and ran towards Pinkie’s room. “Nope!” She brushed past Marble who had a large bandage on her head. “You. Margaret.”
“Whatever. Explain to the trolls how you humans get it on.”

Already needing the talk? They grow up so fast! +1

Aria shook her head. “It’s not the Siren way. We only sing songs of disharmony, deception, and power. It’s our culture.”

And you wonder why you're not loved by the good-natured people of Equestria High, where the only disharmony and power (before the whole "mind controlled twice"thing) are for uptight snobs like Diamond Tiara. +1

Do, a Deer, a female Deer
Re, a drop of golden sun!

*mimes a finger sliding across neck* +1

Pinkie whipped out four microphones with a wide grin. “KAREOKEE!

Kareokee? Is that some kind of First Nations tribe? Or do you mean karaoke? +1

A voice suddenly came over his radio. “We have a 401 on Clouds Dale drive, I repeat; we have a 401 on Clouds Dale drive, all units report…”

The first thing I thought when you said this: "Ooh, looky, brand new error numbers for FIMFiction!" +1

“Two hits… me hitting you, you hitting the ground."

And now I feel compelled to use this line in everyday conversation because why the heck not. Why do you have to be so good at writing things? +1

Five O ‘clock on a Tuesday I start and grab a Taco down at the mall
But my sisters say I gotta go sing for some humans and prepare to rule them all
With the voice of an angel and a stomach of steel I guess I really shouldn’t complain
Though I wish I could walk out in public without being hailed in tomato rain!
It’s enough to fry my brain! And drive me insaaaane!
So welcome to my life (As a teenage Siren)
The story of my life (As a teenage Siren)
My teenage Siren…LIFE!

That awkward moment when you hum the tune to yourself as you read this, and people actually hear you +1

Rainbow clenched her fists while she also took liberty in stepping backwards. “Brutes? That’s the best insult you could come up with?”
“This isn’t the best time to criticize Trixie’s vocabulary!”

And when is? +1

Save that brain bleach though, 'cause you'll need it for later :pinkiecrazy:

"No brain bleach for you until the sequel comes out, mister!" +1

Sins: 27
Sentence: All bagged up
(and handed to Aria)

And for the record, I don't dislike the fic in general. This is me trying to nitpick something I think is bordering on perfection at 2 in the morning.[sarcasm]I know, wisest decision you've ever heard[/sarcasm, Because for some reason I was in the mood.
I apologize.
Parody of this.

5460685 Don't we all hope for squeals? :trollestia:

This is great! Now we have opened the door to many more... Code Red... Code Green... Oooh even CODE VIOLET. (Cause it's my favorite color :raritywink:) Sorry about the lack of feedback and slight craziness, I had too much coffee.....

Theyre crazy, crazy I tell you.

Oh, Hi Maud.

By the way, theres a guy with a gold tooth outside that said Boulder was a gabroic schist. I think he might need reeducating. :pinkiecrazy:


“Alright!” Rainbow grinned, happy her wrists were free. “Thanks a lot, officer…” She squinted at his name tag. “…Armor.”
Armor grinned. “Call me Shining.”





Couldn't have said it better myself. But personally I think Phineas and Ferb and Gravity Falls are good and fun shows compared to all the reality shows on Disney Channel.


Ah the few shows that have well, effort and care put into them.

5462271 Well done, sir, laughing the whole time :rainbowlaugh: And don't apologize, I love that series :pinkiehappy:


“I dare you to…drink an entire bottle of hot sauce!”

“You’re on!”

The next day, Aria learned what it was like to poop fire, :raritydespair:

Where's Gummy?

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