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Silver Shadows

Silence is greater than words.


Hearth’s Warming Eve rolls along again, and this time, Twilight decided to ask if her friend, Sunset Shimmer, wants to join.

The other agrees and meets somepony she knew before, a sibling.

This was written for brokenimage321 as a part of Jinglemas 2019 For more information about Jinglemas, check out our group!

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A cute, bittersweet little story! I especially love the backstory between Sunburst and Sunset. Thanks for writing it!! :pinkiehappy:

I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Sad yet cute story. One thing to note is that Sunset would already know Trixie, from Canterlot High, so her not knowing her name here felt odd.

Ah, I forgot that they met :facehoof:
But thank you

Love the mix up with the name.

Wow, imagine having a controlling mother and a sister that abandoned you.

Twilight put a firm hoof on Sunset’s chin and lifted it gently, “Sunset, all of us have flaws and made mistakes before. The best thing we can do is to make for our mistakes and go forward. We learn from them. I know that you don’t want to face Sunburst, and you don’t need to tell me why, but neither of you will ever move on if you never try to move forward.”

She's right, better do it before you miss your chance at doing it.

“S-Sunset…?” Present day Sunburst stammered, “I-What? I haven’t seen you since I was f-four years old.”

Wow, that's longer than I expected. 😦

“Did she?” Sunset raised an eyebrow, “When I was here with Twilight, I saw an interesting article about Stellar disowning me to salvage her own reputation.”

Oh my. 😰

“If you’re so smart, then go to Princess Celestia’s school. Become her personal student,” Stellar shot back with a slight laugh that told Sunset that Stellar did not believe that it was possible.

Who would of thought that would end up happening.

Sunburst frowned, “Why do you still look so young? You look almost exactly like when you left.”

Kinda wish we found out more about it when eqg still aired.

“I don’t think that Twilight would approve anypony to study the magic from the mirror.”

Yeah, that also would make things pretty bad.

Sunset gave a small smile, “I’m sorry, Sunburst, but my choice is already made. I’ll try to visit you when I come around Equestria. I’m afraid that I can’t make more promises than that.”

At least it better than not seeing each other for a long time after this.

“Oh, thank Celestia that she isn’t your mare-I mean, never mind. I’ve got to go.” Starlight teleported away.

Lol, she thought sunset was his girlfriend for a second.

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