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Silver Shadows

Silence is greater than words.


This story happens shortly after season 8. This means that nothing from season 9 will be here and when season 9 airs, none of that would happen in the story (unless it’s a complete coincidence since I’m planning the story before I watch it).

Cozy Glow was locked up in Tartarus and placed next to many dangerous creatures. What was Cozy Glow good at? Manipulation.

Note: Tags will be added throughout the story
(Added gore tab due to descriptions of torture/blood.)

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Why spoiler out that there will be death in this story? Doesn't the death tag give that away?

I’m excited to see where this story will go :twilightsheepish::twilightsmile:

Whoops. Completely forgot about that tag. I’ll delete it. Thanks.

Good start on this.

I like the concept, very unique!

There is just a few issues I would like to raise up; not to be rude, though:
Despite Cozy Glow and Tirek having conspired against Equestria, Tirek is most likely only using Cozy Glow so he can steal all the Equestrian magic she stole. He would almost certainly backstab her when she has gotten a hold of some magic, or do so when she is at her prime. After all, he despises friendships and ponies will a burning vengeance.
Secondly, I thought Fluttershy was the only pony capable of communicating with animals, including Ceberus. Cozy Glow is trying to bribe or manipulate Cerberus, and he apparently understands her?

I just rewatched the Tartarus part of the episode. All along I had thought it was Twilight, but I guess that I was wrong... Thanks for bringing that up.

Will we actually get a motive and backstory for Cozy in this story?

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