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Summer Knight

I like to write about ponies going on adventures. And crying. And kissing. Sometimes all at once.


My response to EQD's Writer's Training Ground prompt #6: "Author, Equestria is in peril! Assemble a team of one Mane Cast member and their foil with attitude!"

It has been two and a half years since the events of Equestria Girls, and the portal to the human world is open again. Twilight receives an urgent letter from Princess Cadence asking her to come to the Crystal Empire immediately. Somepony has come through the portal, somepony who knows Twilight personally and is asking for her help to save Equestria.

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I think this needs a sequel

I agree this book is realy good there needs to have sequel

Yeah this book is phenomenal. But there should DEFINITELY be a sequel.:pinkiehappy:

I agree this needs a sequel this was awesome

That was a pretty okay one-shot. You resolved enough things to make it feel complete but left enough things open so that there's plenty of room for more if you decide to come back to it.

5319265 I second this motion!

Sunset, accepting to be ambassador for the human government after being tortured by them? I don't bellieve so.

I see that the majority of comments right now are asking for a sequel. Do I think there should be a sequel? Yes. Does what I think matter on the subject? No. The only thing that matters is whether you as the author want to make a sequel, 'cause let's face it, if an author doesn't want to wright something and they do it anyway, it usually won't turn out so great. Regardless, I will eagerly read a sequel if/when you decide to wright one.

just wondering, will this story [eventually] be [continued] or have a [sequel], because it feels {alittle incomplete} without one....?

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