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Summer Knight

I like to write about ponies going on adventures. And crying. And kissing. Sometimes all at once.


Princess Cadance has spent years chasing after Rainbow Dash in order to ask her on a date.

Rainbow Dash is not aware of this.

This is the story of an average day for the two of them.

Rated Teen for cartoon violence
Written for Mind Jack for Jinglemas 2023

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Applejack has been asleep for a week, trapped in a strange recurring dream that neither medicine nor magic can wake her from. In desperation, her wife Rainbow Dash takes her to Zecora for help.

With Zecora's help, Rainbow Dash enters Applejack's dream to try to find the cause of it. They find that the farmpony is cursed, trapped in her own mind by a lie⁠—a powerful one. To break the spell and wake her up, Rainbow Dash has to uncover Applejack's lie, and the truth behind it.

But what could Honesty herself be lying about, and why?

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Grogar, remembering his name but little else, awakens on a distant island inhabited by batponies. He quickly learns that the world is quite different from the one he knew, and he will need a guide.

Waxing Gibbous, a young batpony mare, finds him and offers to help. She quickly learns that the world is much larger and stranger than she ever imagined, and she'll need a guardian.

They set out together into a world that's still adapting to the return of magic. They want to find out who Grogar is and where he came from, but they may not like the answers.

Written for Shrink Laureate's Generation 5 Bingo Writing Contest with the prompts Skye Silver, Toots, Grogar, Griffish Isles, and Batpony.

Cover art by Short-Tale

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Flash Magnus fought dragons, spent a thousand years in Limbo, and helped defeat the Pony of Shadows. He's the Pillar of Bravery, and nothing in Equestria scares him anymore.

Nothing, that is, except for some reckless stuntponies and their audacious leader Lightning Dust. It doesn't take Flash and Lightning long to realize that they can't stand one another—so how come they can't stop thinking about each other?

Cover art by Short-tale

Edit 8/31/21: 2nd place in the Pillars Shipping Contest! Somehow! Many thanks to Red Parade and all the judges.

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Discord's magic kept Fluttershy alive for centuries. Yesterday, she decided that it was finally time to go.

Twilight Sparkle goes to Discord's home to say goodbye to her oldest friend. Upon arriving, she learns that—after all this time—she's just a few minutes too late.

Art by Short-tale.

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A strange green cloud blankets the Ponyville Carnival, spiriting everycreature it touches away to an unknown location. Silverstream and Luster Dawn, the only two creatures who escaped the cloud, team up to find out who's behind it and save everyone. Along the way, they discover some surprising things—not least of which is a mutual admiration and attraction for each other.

(Note: This story is set some years after The Last Problem. Luster Dawn is an adult.)

Written for Nailah's Shipping Contest.

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This story is a sequel to At the End of a Tough Day

Yesterday was tough on Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle. Sunset attended a funeral to say goodbye to her uncle Silver Shine, while Twilight gave a very important presentation at a scientific conference; one that might just make her career. It was a trying day for them both, but their mutual love and support got them through, as it always does.

Today is different. Today the loving couple enjoy a nice breakfast, celebrate the things that got them this far, and look forward to the future. Twilight also has something she's been hiding from Sunset, a surprise something that will change everything. For better or for worse.

Today is a good day.

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Sunset Shimmer has just returned home from a short trip to Equestria, where she was attending her uncle's funeral. Her girlfriend, Twilight Sparkle, was giving a nerve-wracking presentation at an important scientific conference. The two have a conversation, offering mutual love and support.

Tagged sad because Sunny is sad. There's nothing super heavy here, just a bit of SunLight.

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It was only the courage of Derpy Hooves and sheer luck, or perhaps the will of Harmony, that saved Princess Twilight Sparkle from Tempest Shadow's attack. If Derpy hadn't been nearby, if she hadn't bravely jumped in the way, if she hadn't been wearing a Princess Twilight costume, or if that costume hadn't fooled Tempest for just long enough, then Twilight Sparkle would have been captured along with the other princesses.

In another world, Derpy was a little farther away and Twilight was not so lucky.

Now it is up to the other Elements of Harmony and Starlight Glimmer to fight back. They find resistance fighters where they can, gathering up royal guards who escaped the attack, desperate townsponies with nothing to lose, and even the Spirit of Chaos himself (when he's in the mood). They strike where they can, disrupting supply lines and targeting weak outposts. It is a desperate battle, and one that they seem destined to lose.

Their greatest hope lies at the heart of Canterlot, with the four captured princesses. If they can free the Storm King's captives, they'll break his power and finally have a chance to free their beloved homeland. Unfortunately, that means getting past the Storm King's army, the King himself, and the one creature who may be even more dangerous than him: The brutal, ruthless, and seemingly unbeatable leader of his forces, Commander Tempest Shadow.

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